Monday, March 03, 2008



Finally after many weeks of postponement due to Hubby's neverfree weekends, we got to go back to Kluang to see MomInLaw and DadinLaw. Left for Kluang after Zu's tahlil for Uncle Taufek- sedar tak sedar it has been a year since he left us. I could not imagine a reality when he would not be around - he was so central a figure to his children, his grandchildren, his wife, - but God loves him more I guess.

Reached Kluang at about Maghrib...after many many junkfood and toilet stops. Kids had not had that much junkfood for a long time so they ended up with tummy aches.

Mak and Abah are well. Later that night Brother in law wanted to go bowling so off we went to the newest Bowling alley in Kluang - and thinking that its just KLUANG, kids did not bother to change from their pajama looking baju. Sekali pergi JENG JENG- tersegan sendiri. Saturday night- orang ramai lah. BIL of course wiped the floor with us, he was so good. Sara cried sebab never got a point pun. So competitive .


Ok I am so used to the fact that as a medical person, hubby is always obliged to answer calls from hospitals . Nowadays, he gets calls from BOTH hospitals even when he is NOT on call. That's still ok although I wonder why he does not let his colleagues who ARE on call, handle the issue.

What I cannot tahan is his patients from entah mana mana, who are neither friends, nor relatives, calling his HANDPHONE at odd times during weekends, when he is neither working nor on call, and ask stupid questions which if they had bothered to go to the CLINIC , they would get the same answer to. Gerram . Is my husband your personal physician or what . And then when hubby refers them to see so and so doctor because that particular complaint of this patient is not surgical, hubby is expected to MAKE THAT CALL to that doctor to arrange for it!! That is too too much I tell you and I am amazed that there are people who would impose on someone's kindness like that. IF he is on call it's not so bad, but he was at a tahlil and he is entertaining this person's distress call who, frankly would get treated better if seen by a GP.

Sorry ye, as a doctor's wife- free time is sacrosanct! I told him to switch off the phone! While driving some more.


Semalam second installment of the tennis lessons. Balik je dari Kluang, buat homework,makan and then off we all went. Sekali..hujan- they moved to the squash court to practise their exercises. We went to the coffee house to minum - although we watched for the first hour. The lessons are interesting- they don't actually get to hit anything yet, but just exercises on how to serve, toss the ball ..tee hee . Hubby took video of the training session so I also can do lah later hahaha . I am SO Not co-ordinated , its scary.

There are a few pictures I was going to put up but internet explorer said there is a problem. Tsk. Try later. Ciou...

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