Congratulations Raja Nazrin! (and your wife, of course) husband tak jadik, dah dapat anak... Tahniah lah Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and your impossibly accomplished queen- Zara. At 52, first time father of a son- when he finally married, he married a beautiful and smart woman, who promptly gave him an heir! How disgustingly perfect is that..hehehehehe

Anyways, was telling hubby that Zara ni age dia, macam dia second wife lah. I mean, had Raja Dr N married at 20 plus, his wife would probably be around his age now too and a wife of 35 years of age would probably be his second wife.... And his first wife would probably get soo pissed off..the first wife to be ni, probably could foresee this and decided early on to leave and marry someone else. Hahahahah ...hope you have gotten over your ordeal with the kidnappers, Kak WZ!

Hubby said something that cracked me up..he said, anak Raja Nazrin can marry anyone of OUR daughters..But ooops, our daughters would be older..So , let's make another one. Hahahahahah! The thought of having a baby in the hope of marrying her off to anak Raja Nazrin is funneeee...tak dapat bapak dia, dapat anak pun takpe hahahahahah...

You guys DO know that this is all gurauan right.....I already have myprince charming...and he does not need to worry about who is MB of Perak......nasib baik tak kawen dia , kalau tak kan dah menyusahkan hidup...hahahahahahah


Lan0stZz said…
yeah heard zara delivered her baby at dsh. my friend was admitted at the same time and saw like 6 ppl sebok painting the 2nd floor wall just for the VIP's arrival.
Yaa kah? No joke eh...Nanti karang baby tak suka bau wondering why dia bersalin kat kl ..takda royal hospital ke kat ipoh tu ek? Or..paling koman- kat PRINCECOURT Ka!!! Boleh I jumpa hehehehehehe
MrsNordin said…
Yeah, I think she should have given birth in Ipoh, she being the Perak Regent's wife. Or, kalau dia rasa hospital kat Ipoh tu kureng bagus, maybe she could have given birth at the royal palace in Kuala Kangsar (with all the medical team in tow lah). Wah... baru grand! And I'm sure all the rakyat in Perak would be very, very happy!

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