Sunday, March 09, 2008


Who can sleep lah? Nail biting suspense!! Will BN get 2/3rd majority or not??? What the heck – 60 opposition seats in parliament????? Wow!!! It’s the most riveting election ever !


So Election process is corrupted eh??? Not corrupted enough then, with so many defeats!! Boy I bet that guy who splashed paint on the chairman of SPR feels a right plonker eh. Buang cat je.

I voted today! Well, it was between an apple and an apple what… just in BN and in PKR. I had said before that I feel tempted to just vote the opposition just for the heck of it- after all, everyday I pass this big banner outside my house’s compound that says “Dah lama dah, cuba ubah!” cajoling us to vote for the other side for ONCE- that must have sunk in ! (THEY WANT TO BE HERE)


BUT !! At the end of it, I remembered under whose ruling was I raised until I am who I am today, under whose policies was I, my family, my children fed and kept safe and rather comfortable. The policies which gave us consistently good economy , the policies that consistently earned us respect from international observers, the decisions that gave us the KLCC , a national landmark (a “waste” as heralded by the alternative party then and yet can you imagine Malaysia without that now??) and the party which gave us excellent infrastructure and NOT resembling say, Bangladesh.

So I am grateful, and like a bersyukur person I am, I voted for BN. Also on the basis of “Better the Devil You Know”, really. How do I know that the PKR is going to work? Any alternative govt formed to defeat current govt cannot be anything but motivated by pure politics rather than motivated by sheer concern for the wellbeing of the nation. You sell your soul to the devil because you want more seats in Parliament.


Of COURSE lah BN had corrupted politicians. Of course the politicians and civil servants made money from say, projects etc. Are you telling me that you would not?? Most of you damn well WOULD , and you’d call it “commission”. Which government is whiter than white, tell me? I suppose, the Barisan Alternative! Let’s see how they cope once they are actually given power. People take cuts! That is a given! It’s not right but it happens. Everywhere and with every party, in the world. And cronyism? People help out their friends! People choose to work with people they are comfortable with ! Cronyism, corruption- It’s not peculiar to race, it’s not peculiar to region, or culture. It is HUMAN NATURE.! Betul tak??


Hubby and I discussed this once. I said that as long as the economy was good and people were happy, no one would revolt. At least we are not like some African country where the politicians are corrupt AND the country’s running to pot. At least, whatever happens with the politicians, the ship is sailing smoothly. Are you telling me that you are not proud to have the first Malaysian astronaut??

Economy rules…From the times of the French revolution to now….is it a coincidence that as soon as petrol price goes up, people want a change in government?? Also…the touch with the common folks- to reassure them that they still matter. I guess, with the state of the government now, a lot of people feel the complacency…and the feeling of powerlessness. And listening to the analysts talk, they say that it’s the personal touch that matters. The AhBeng, Mak Lang, Ravi, etc don’t care about ECER or NCER or what have yous…we know, whether we have someone who cares for us or not.


Believe it or not, earlier today I had said that while I did not want BN to lose- I wish they’d get a goooood scare, so that little Napoleons building mansions in Klang, or corrupted politicians would learn that the people do have the power to oust you babeh!!

I guess, tonight, I got my wish!

Shah Alam? PAS!!! Bkt Antarabangsa?? PKR!! (Tak sesia kau membebel haritu ye Azmin) Samy Vellu out?? Wow!!! Izzah now in Lembah Pantai?? Sebenarnye kan Izzah, I don't like sangat lah your dad...I feel he is willing to sacrifice his principles for power....aisay, sorry ah. I seriously cannot get over the image of him dancing (remember?) and I don't like the personal attacks that's been launched by the opposition lah....And I feel that their promises are unrealistic.....and rash!! They promise to stop projects which are wasteful. But these may well be necessary projects . (Nadine wants me to vote them based on the manifesto that they gave out to every house). Sophia too. So , if my CHILDREN pun can be roused away from their cartoonnetwork to feel sympathetic to them- apa tah lagi voters!
personal approach, personal attacks, agressive, more savvy- that's what won them the seats.
Sigh...however....It's got to be taken positively, this huge win by the opposition. There is no other choice BUT to take it positively, and for GOD's sake...let all those elected to Parliament remember their promises , work together for the national good- don't stir up trouble - and stop behaving like monkeys the minute they step in there!!! Otherwise we'll be shaking our heads again and asking - we elected THEM????

Now praying to Allah SWT to give this country what is best for it - which only He knows.



Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi SW,

Oh..kutuk Bangladesh ya! :-)

I wish those who kutuk our government for corruption, for increase in fuel and food prices,and for many other things - could come and live in Bangladesh so that they would really know what all that actually meant.

Here the fuel price is RM4/litre, babe. Food prices increase sesuka hati. The poor are definitely marginalised and the politicians are definitely corrupted.

What issues we have in Malaysia is NOTHING compared to the issues in Bangladesh.

When hubby and I went back to KL recently, we kept marvelling at how beautiful our country is, at how peaceful and harmonious the people are and at how wonderful to be back home again.

So to these people who complained a helluva lot about the political and the socio-economic situations in our great country - OH..PLEASE DO COME AND LIVE IN BANGLADESH - and then you would understand how bloody lucky you are!

It is only after I have lived in a poor underdeveloped country I realise how lucky I am to be a Malaysian.

MrsNordin said...

Yes, we shall wait and see how Selangor will change under the new government. I'd like to see it in a positive light ie. PKR will bring positive changes to the state, and NOT become one of them. If they can stop the rampant property development projects that are looming on the hills of Taman TAR and Melawati, I'll salute them and shall vote for them in the next round. Otherwise, it's better the devil you know!

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's not "it's better the devil" but rather "choosing the lesser of two evils."

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...