Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hantaran Adek

My house looks like a florist's place at the moment.

This hantaran business is no joke, eh?


There are white roses, cream roses, peach roses, twiny viny stuff, the baby's breath thingy, the ribbon, the pins, the glue gun!! (We mean business). The theme is red gold and white. Well, white roses anyways. My mom wants us to re-use the very expensive bekas/tray that she had bought for the engagement but its got a lot of akar akar kayu and anyways the other side has allready seen it what - to accommodate mom sister in law and I had to modify the said "bekas". Boy jenuh gak ek?


You know, before this year I would not say I was very close to my sister in law, we know each other as sisters in laws do lah, we see each other at my mom's place, at family dos etc. We did "accidentally" go on holiday together once in Frasers' Hill (as in we went and then bumped into them) . She is the quiet type- where things would be "tersirat" rather than "tersurat" . Secretly I think she bullies my brother hahahahaha!

But this year since she sent her daughter (my lookalike in temperament apparently god forbid) - we see her more often. And now we are involved in this hantaran business I finally feel comfortable with her. Eee I come across as such a dragon sister in law ek? After hmm 10 years kot of their getting married I FINALLY feel comfortable??


So back to the hantaran business- we've got all this stuff on the dining table waiting to be formed into something that can be sent as a gift without embarrassing my entire family. Yesterday Auntie A came over from her clinic and she saw our work and was commenting this way and that way- she is anxious to help as the thingy is like- 3 days away and there is no sign of life from the family. Totally understand- but we are Mrs Last Minute!! We thrive on challenges!! Heheheheheh- don't worry , insyallah we will be allright. Today have to go get gold cloth.

I am panicking about the doa selamat. Hubby does not want to "sweat the small stuff" but there are a 10000 things I am thinking of. Bila discuss with my husband he goes "apa apa lah" which is is man's talk meaning- dont bother me!

Things to do include- get the carpets, get the chairs, move the dining table, get the wedding cake (thanks Mak B!! Love youuuu mwahhh!) invite the surau people (really honey we are in FRONT of the surau, how not to invite lar) , get the hantaran ready, get the house ready, get the clothes ready, get the kids ready, get rid of the cat smell from the kitchen, where do the catering lady think she is going to put the high table, and yah do I need extra flowers- what is the agenda, what happens if the girls's side is early, what happens if they are late etc etc etc

And of course, go to work in the meantime.

Ok will keep this updated.


MAMAMIA said...

A good practice for you when the time comes for you to terima menantu..

Buat kerja last minute ni memang thrilling kan???

MrsNordin said...

This is your brother's nikah, right? You're doing it at your house? Oooo... bestnya! Don't forget kuih2 for guests who come in to help. And kopi panas!

Enjoy it, Shila.. lepas ni boleh jadi wedding planner!

NAT said...

Picture please ;)

Sure chantek...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...