The Hantaran

Mom had put me and sisinlaw Intan in charge of my brother's wedding hantaran. Remember my second brother- senior registrar in Dublin and our heart doctor, drives around in an Audi, living in Ireland and has hooked up with this medstudentgirl who is 7 years his junior- where were all these men when WE were at University hah? Oh I forgot- I did hook up with my doctor but tinggal lagi audi je takda masa tu. heh heh heh. Registrar or no registrar my brother is still the "Adek" , 8 years younger than me.

I was caught unawares with the whole getting engaged dad was soooo excited about it that macam dia pulak nak kawin hehehehe! I and Saiful my first brother had NO clue who this girl was - we all (ok - I je) pun got on my huffy high horse going- who IS this girl who OBVIOUSLY will have such an easy life with a man who has everything allready- ini namanya er...dengki? cemburu? Entahlah. I wanted recognition as the eldest sister? Macam matriach pulak ek?

Anyway the nikah is coming up...and because of a complicated thingy involving her elder sister getting married and therefore my brother cannot do his wedding before that sister's wedding (alahai...buatjelah)...the wedding reception is going to be postponed to December. Why not get married after the elder sister's wedding you say? Because my parents (my dad) wanted them to not fall into the ways of both of them are in Ireland. Alahai dad, you have given him all the education you can, up to him to be a good boy. Nothing we can do to stop them anyway. But you will BURN IN HELL mwahahahahahahahah!!! (Evil laugh)

Ok I merapu - sorry. So anyway back to this hantaran thing- so my mom said no needlah to go get my aunties help- memeningkan and intan can do it. So we all pun dah excited...and starting to think about the theme colour- baru pikir pink or purple, . then, dad said RED! So red and white it is..My brother and his wife terus tempah baju merah.....Then I think mom started to get calls from the wellmeaning aunties to help and when she said her daughter and daughter in law were doing it , she must have received comments like "Pandaike diorang tu Kak Ani??" or "Red is sooo oldfashioned lah Kak Ani nanti tak cantik!" etc etc etc. So she tergugat sikit lah. I started getting calls from mom going ..kaklong sure ke Red is nice? (Mom is always subtle- she never told me she was being harrased hehehehe)

So now instead of the original (might I say, Dad-initiated) red dulang ( I wanted the baldu traditional kain ) and white roses, mom is going for white and red roses. Ok lah kot...Today sis in law is going to Jalan TAR to source for the material. She has gifted hands. Im just going to give ideas and try not to ruin it in my clumsy attempt to be "creative"..I love creeative stuff but cannot put it together to look nice.

Tulah cerita hantaran we all....pening gak ek? Kejap mom wants 7 dulang, kejap mom wants 9..kejap ada cake, pas tu takda...eeeeeeeeee. We shall see how it goes..


Channel 11.5 said…
hehehehe, good luck with the hantaran project. I will help too... help datang time kenduri and makan-makan... kekekekeke.

See you next weekend at tahlil?

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