Lose Weight the Lazy Way

I made my husband late today by taking so long to get ready. I had a top but I wanted to find a skirt - all of my skirts had one common feature- they belong to a twelve year old. No lah, more correct to say they belong to a woman who had just the one kid. Due to my infrequency of clothes shopping - (seriously I don't, not for self. Not in KL . Not wiht kids. But get me near a stationery shop and I go mad) Where was I- ok due to my infrequency of shopping, I am still storing suits, skirts, even blouses darn it - of about 12 years ago- good quality ones hence they have not fallen apart considering how long they have been with me - they were of course bought during my housewife days in the UK- bought I might add, by my husband in anticipation of me returning to working life instead of sponging off him heh heh heh. Anyway today the suits have groaned in protests and the zips not only refused to latch but also refused to zip even halfway up so let me tell you this lah suit ok- I GET THE HINT!!!


~ wan said…
nak lose weight??
jom try Herbalife...

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