Marah ler..

Okay...BN did not get 2/3rds. Good Luck on sharing power , guys. Parliament should be better now as there are more women so less likely to think with the "other" head hahahaahah

Honestly- am worried - hope there will not be any May 13th 1969 incident- unless waiting for May 13th 2009??

Read in international website, a comment about nonbumis feeling like outsiders or guests rather than citizens..

I guess that must be what "minority" ethnicities everywhere must feel , not just in Malaysia . In our neighbouring state recently, I so felt that I was a minority. I could not even find the kiblat in my 7 star hotel!!! (Ok that's Intercontinental ok) . I only saw Malays in stalls and dressed as students or makcik- where were the power suits oi?? In the UK there were racial riots and they only just started to get Indians etc in the government, We have had power sharing for 50 years ok.The USA is just considering having a black President.

What are they talking about - guests and outsiders indeed. No "guests" or "outsiders" get treated this well anywhere in the world, I believe. Benefits such as education, health, economy are shared by all, tak ke? Whatever privileges given to each race has been negotiated - see the "Social Contract". Do Malays gripe about not getting ever to handle Ministry of say, Works? Bargains have been made- promises also made and kept! Now will the Social Contract be amended?

Now that 5 states have gone to the opposition and Penang to a one race party- I am anxious that there will not be any discriminations by the ruling party. For all the rhetoric- show us that you do not favour your own race to others. Let me tell you that in any environment where one race outnumbers the other, it is HUMAN NATURE that that race favours its "own". There are discriminations done to Bumis too, I have heard. It happens ok. We cannot avoid it, just live with it lah. Take these incidents as isolated evidence of bigotry and try not to let it mar your otherwise good life.

To the foreign correspondents- Do you have any other idea on how to run a govt on such a tight rope - ethnic tension my foot- of course lah ada bodoh@! Show us in your country how "non natives" are treated- even though they are given citizenship? Say, inthe UK? Or, in the USA? And somemore can comment on "ethnic tension". PUHLEEEZ. Kan? Kan?

My point being, I think we live in a good country and I think every race has been given a slice of the pie. OF course things can only improve but to say that any race has been marginalised when there has been so much prosperity- is like so not fair.

Sigh....where is Malaysia going. How are we ever going to resolve this. The discontent is the loudest tu yang masalah nye. If I were Malaysia I'd take everyperson who makes that "guests" comment and shake them by the shoulder and tell them to just get it together and stop focusing on the negativity.


Channel 11.5 said…
apa nak buat kaklong, rakyat dah bersuara. Mari kita tgk diorang yg menang itu dpt buat kerja ke tidak, they had next 4 years to work it out. And definately KL tidak akan bersih, and minyak idak akan turun.
Share your sentiments, don't bite the hands that feed us. Kalau bukan pasal BN, tak merasa lah kita ke Notts agaknya..

Skrng ni, kita tunggu & lihat...

4 tahun tu lama, macam2 boleh jadi...
Hi Aida

Memanglah rakyat dah bersuara- kalau bn tak dengar lagi , saja lah. Hope for the best kan!
Hi Mamamia!

Betoooolllll...bau pun tak dapat agaknye....I rasa kita ni lemak sebenarnye...kalau nak compared to other countries...
wanshana said…
Yes...God help us.

Hope those who voted for the opps will have realized by now the *%&! they've put us into! And let's pray that those who are in power (BN and BA alike) will not put us in deeper *%&!!

4+ more years - that's a long time. Sigh...

(Excuse my french, please...)
Anonymous said…
Have we done the right thing?
Anonymous said…
Is is my feeling or do I feel like the non-Malays are all laughing at me?

We wanted change, we got it. We wanted to deny BN 2/3 majority. We did it. But somehow deepdown I feel sad, unsettled and very uneasy. I am quite sure why I am feeling this way. I feel sad for the non-united Malays.

'Marah nyamuk bakar kelambu' somehows cross my mind.

Melayu Mudah Lupa rings in ears constantly.

God forbids Anwar from selling out the Malays for his own personal revenge.

I am confused.
Anonymous said…
Superwoman... actually ah... for some one like me.... like the social contract, it was done so long ago, it should be ammended. you know, my dad paid for all ouf us to study overseas, not that we weren't qualified, you know. my sister was a receipient of 1st class honours lagi. but we were bypassed for not having the right name. and it's true that the other races have to work harded to get where they are compared to some who get an easier path. "we" will forever be "guests" and "outsiders" if policies dont change.

fulltime mom
Anonymous said…
I really nak tengok betul ke the opposition boleh turunkan harga minyak. Heh heh heh. It's really comedy gold I tell ya. I think whoever drafted that manifesto were HIGH on some REALLY STRONG, ILLEGAL substances to come up with the notion that they can reduce oil prices without bankrupting the states in return. Then, I heard they were comparing oil prices of Brunei and Malaysia. Hallo!? Berapa banyak population M'sia & Brunei, the level of development between the two & the resulting domestic oil demand? Come on la, budak sekolah pun boleh deduce benda ni.

So, as per their promise, lower fuel prices. It ALSO mean more subsidies pumped by the governments. In this case, the state governments. Federal govt. nak intervene? Jgn. harap. What for? It's not THEIR promise...right? So, if anyone voted on this oil price basis, padan muka ko org la. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Wanshana- Amiiiiinnnnnnn....They have a lot to prove...

I guess the level of menyampahness at the allegations of corruption and incidences of tempe improved lives helped reduce the majority- yah for once that level of menyampahness transgressed race- Malays pun abandoned the ship!! Siannn BN Even now ada gaduh internally kan- I read that MB T'ganu may not be re-appointed. And apparently ALL the parties have internal strife too.
Hi there FTM- haaa...mai I shake your shoulders sat he he. Dont lah feel like outsider..maybe then, but can't say now more and more steps taken to level the playing field. For all of our "special position", Malays jugaaak lah among the hardcore poor, and some of us still suffer as it is a who you know rather than what you know. My point was, everything said and done, we are still, I think, fairer in the sense of representation in politics, in govt, in private sector, in entertainment, than other countries. No one should feel like a guest , on the basis of not getting certain privilges which was given out of economic necessity...which of course can be reviewed to see if still relevant. if there is still that need. Malaysia has gone a long way towards giving opp to chinese indian and other races, and that must be credited lah...We need to be transparent and make sure that social contract benefits the people and NOT individuals....I pun benci dengar orang kaya dapat scholarship woit..but if not for the NEP., there wont be a lawywer me and there wont be a doctor Jab.sebab takleh we are grateful. But, on fairness to all races...I think we are further on the way than other countries. And things, can only get better. And Malays!! Lets reach a status where we too can do without any help.
Hi Bwahahahaha

(Are you who I think you are??!!!! How is Sudan????!! )
Anonymous said…
Boleh, shake me the next time we meet. But what I'm actually saying is that for as long as we got 3 parties and no one multi-racial party, we will always have problems.... and some will always have to work harder than others. Until the playing field is level.....

Hi Ftm

True...true....will that day ever come...

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