Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The NightOut

I have some serious making up to do to the kids. I have not gone to see them do their co-co- swimming ke or what- today Sophia, Dahlia and Yana have swimming until half past 5. Semalam Nadine has Shabbab (marching thingy). I have not seen their books for absolutely ages. I have not read to them or what at ALL. Semalam Hubby and I came home very very late....Takpalah ok this weekend is quality time weekend ok.


A group of friends and us went out last night - in honour of our 2 friends Madam TaiTai and MrS her hubby -who are home for a ridiculously brief stint from their post in Dhaka. Madam TaiTai had mentioned she liked local food and the restaurantknowledge-challenged me was tasked to organise the venue so when someone suggested Bijan I jumped on it. and Bijan looked very nice indeedy. Although very pricey- VERY pricey.RM40 for some masak lemak.. Ok ok you can say that Thai restaurant and Indian restaurant pun charge the same for the same type of food but somehow when its Malay food it's different. So, at the last minute,we decided to go to Jake's at Starhill. Also mampuih punya mahal type of place but at least you don't eat food you can cook at home. (I mean "You" as in not me) . BUT Madam Tai Tai I have to let you know that I did do a bit of work on it yah...I was on the verge of ordering the set menu in Bijan - I had made them fax to me the set menu! Well, guys we know where to go for 4 sets of malay dishes, lauk pauk, 2 appetisers, dessert at RM60 per pax, don't we. ...However, not too bad-I do have it on good authority that you love steak and you did not mind. kan kan kan hee hee hee.


Sampai kat Starhill we had to pass "Shoo*k!" and it was buzzing -with a live band etc. So we decided to go there, not knowing that our guests of honour were allready sitting at Jakes and had to leave the place again. We left her the horrible job of telling Jakes the reservation for a LOT of people was cancelled. Hee heee. Teruknyeee your friends.

Anyways...Shook was quite ok - except they put us sooo hujung that if you wanted "ambience" of an "ambang" rumah you got it lah hahahaha...moving was the theme last night - at first we were at a long table for 12, then a friend came saying apologetically that her son had fallen in the toilet and she had to go home - heard that the son had to have stitches put in- very sorry to hear that Y and hope he gets better soon, ok. So with smaller numbers we moved to the round table -location was private and no distraction like music or singers to bother us. Hee hee.

Did you know that at Sho*ok! you get to order from other restaurants too? Some of us ordered from Jake's . Some of us ordered fish and did not even offer to the wife , *sniff*! Heh heh..

Anyway - it was really lovely catching up with them, Memang lama tak jumpa... Chat punye the end have to go back....I was yawning but hati nak borak lagi...

So 'k guys...must do it again when you are next in KL- and have a good breakfast tomorrow and stop showing off to those of us who have to work hee hee. I love your blingbling by the way MTT and thanks for making my husband say "Diamonds are forever" heh heh heh...

Tonight I am going over the kids' books and rota.


MrsNordin said...


You are so funny! Moving was the theme last night... tee.. hee... :D

I was scolded by MrN on the way last night. "Why lah they go and change the venue again..?" (He wanted to eat at Jake's). I said, "Tak tau lah, maybe Jab thinks it's a better place.." He kept quiet. I had to use Jab's name to soothen his anger, and it worked!

Anyway, he got his steak from Jake's & everyone went home happy. That was quite a night, huh? I really had a good time. Wish we could do that more often.

I love you SW! (and everyone else at the table last night, for that matter!)

Superwomanwannabe said...

sorry lah j...but i had such a good and stuffed time !

Loveyou too- bff ! (as my kids would say) hehehhehe

MrsNordin said...

What is bff? Is it best female friend??

Superwomanwannabe said...

Best friend forever! :-)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Dear SW and MrsNordin,

Thank you, thank you for the wonderful get-together last Tuesday.

SW, your organisation skills ada sikit kena polish, ek? :-) You should see the waiter's face at Jake's after MrS and I told him that we were actually not going to have dinner there, despite meja dah tersusun cantik. Oh..btw, thanks for leaving the honours to us to break the news to this guy..

NONETHELESS..MrS and I were sooooo thrilled to see all of you again - MrsNordin and MrNordin, Mimi & Kadok, you and Dr. Jab, and also for a brief moment Yatt. Kalau boleh we didn't want the night to last.

I'm missing both of you already now. But I'm glad we had another chance to meet for lunch at Pavillion. Dua kali jumpa terubat la rindu sikit.

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