The Nikah!

Well the Deed is Done. My brother is married off. Tiga kali sebutan - on the kadhi's insistence. First time, to calm the kadhi's nerves, second time, to practise, third time , was the real thing. (I am in last night's make up, blogging by the way- yayay, tak yah gi keje today)

And we are pooooooooped! Kids are forced by the tyrant that suddenly possesed daddy, to go to school this morning, despite the fact that they slept at 12 midnight. We came back from the girl's house at about 11.40 pm.

Oh sorry- Masliyana's house- erm my new sister in law.

The hantaran was finally done the night before, and we brought it over to mom's. By the time got over to mom's there were allready ppl in the house,penuh sedara etc. (Yes lepas ni turn you all ye....saya sedia tawarkan perkhidmatan..hehehehe. Cousin on the right is getting married this year.)

Brother ok lah, tak gabrah sangat. Last minute change to the dulang holding the ring, to accommodate the baby blue box it came in. And the baby blue pouch which held the charm bracelet - the langkah bendul present. Baby blue box tu mahal wor.(your sister and sister in law no 1 wondering if kakak-kakak orang yang langkah bendul boleh tak dapat babyblue box tu hehehehehe)

Anyways. Cousins Uncles aunties all berkumpul at my parents' place. Punyelah riuh, dengan makan kuehnye, dengan nak make up nye, sampai by the time we all go out nak pergi rumah perempuan, dah lambat! My baby brother "bang" before we left. Chaotic a bit when we tried to assemble who is holding what- barulah nak pikir.

Got there at 9.15pm.The girls' side had a black and white theme. Reminded me of office je. The bride's sister and brother in law (to be) are lawyers (litigators) maybe that's why its black and white. They did a little pelamin- ada white backdrop and a black chaiselounge. Very nice.
(My mom hugging Masliyana's sister after putting on the charm bracelet on)

Nikah went ok - different a bit lah. The Singaporean cousins of Masliyana commented that in Singapore it is very simple. (yes but I also cannot find the kiblat in Singapore uncle) Everyone mispronounced the poor girl's name. Takpa , lightened the mood. Kadi said he won't give a sermon and went ahead and did it anyway. My foot died several times. Bride and groom had to be there in front of kadhi . Then when we thought we could all go and eat, the kadhi asked (with mic) where the surat jawi was. And spent the next 10 mins on administrative matters. Aiyah man can't you sort that out later ah.

Oklah..I sat at the hightable (takcukup orang) with my baby brother. Lepas ni you lak ok Shah!

My very eligible brother working in Japan- please contact me if interested.


MrsNordin said…
I see that the hantaran turned out to be quite nice... terror, you! Tonight's the night at your house, right? Good luck!

p/s Btw, this is the first time I hear orang kawin/nikah buat theme "black & white". Strange...
Hi Mrs N

Yah the girls's side gave my brother boxes while we gave roses- nice concept. kalau ikut my mom - she wanted to give a tray of cili, bawang , serai etc as well to "test" the girl haha.

Thanks for saying its nice.....worth all the stress.

Yah, black and white tak pernah I tengok as well but they made it batik style so taklah funny sangat
Channel 11.5 said…
kaklong : yang belah kiri tu pun soon.... soon.... soon..... tapi after yang belah kanan punya kenduri lah, nanti makngah tak cukup budget pulak. Semalam petang kan future mother in-law to be datang mengziarah....

mamat, you ada baca tak ni??? kuang-kuang-kuang-kuang...

I pun nak cicin kotak biru tau!!!

ini said…
Mana gambar dua2 pengantin??? Apasal groom ja?? :P
Madam Tai Tai said…

I second BJ's comments on the hantaran. Very nice, esp, the hantaran with the baby blue box!

I think besides translation I think you should consider 'mengubah hantaran' as another income-earning potential.
wanshana said…
Syukur alhamdulillah semua sempurna and selesai...Now, can breathe normally balik :)

Special request, bule? Nak tengok gambar dua-dua pengantin, please. Can or not? And another request - post le gambar all the hantaran you and your sis-in-law gubah tu, please :)
wanshana said…
Sorry...just to add - Itu gamba yang ada tu, manyak kicik maaa...My eyesight is failing me. I dah tue. Hehehe!
Channel 11.5 said…
kaklong saje dengki tu tak nak letak gambar adik ipar baru, hahahahahahahahaha....

jgn marah eh kaklong... I am so tired today, letih makan and letih posing, asyik posing sakan ja mlm tadi!

Well done to you and kak intan!!! I tabik kat both of you... both of you looked very good and lawa last nite, the supposed trip to KLCC was not really necessary.:)
Hi WShana..

Yeah I pun tengah tunggu gambar dari camera phone kan, so quality not so good - plus cameraphoneman was more interested in recording the event than taking pics!

Coming coming- promise!

soon - after lastnite , got melambak lambak. Had to breathe in though next to her as she is so thin...
Channel11point5- aisay man, you too lah...glamer there any particular reason for your glowing ness hehehehehehe..nanti I sekeh dia ok.

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