Friday, March 14, 2008

Reports from Home

Just got a call from my daughter no 2, Sara , yawning and telling me she feels soooo lazy.

You and me both babe.

I've been receiving calls every 10 mins (it feels like it) - from the entire gang who now is at home.

Reports- mom in law and family are coming over tonight. Attending a wedding tomorrow in Tg Malim Perak and another one in Selayang. We are going too. My Opah tahlil how? Also same day what...but husband's edict is that - kawin sekali saja. Yaaa but this is my opaaaah...

Anyhoot. The kids have done their passport. In a fit of madness we bought tickets to go to PantaiEmas this June. The tickets are sooooo much cheaper than the M*AS . But as we are slowly finding out...the tickets are only the beginning - there are the passports to be renewed, the visas, the warm clothing - its Winter. And once there- the apartment, the food and car rental, the theme park , etc and etc. Oh well this is a long overdue thing I had wanted to do for them. Whoever scores the highest in their May exam can sit by the window in the plane. Everyone has their seats booked and everyone is getting an international meal- God knows what that is. Let's hope that Airasia won't mess up the flight details or what. .

My daughter Sophia is truly meant to be rich- her birthday plans- either at (a) Sunway Lagoon or (b) Aquaria or (oKAYlah MUmmy!) (c) Petrosains-...Petrosains is the cheapest, at RM700 for the party. Aquaria will set you back about RM1500. Maybe we'll take it to the local party centre ie our HOUSE- hahahaha.

Can't bear to let her down, that's the thing.


Anonymous said...

No need winter clothes. Shorts and t-shirt will do. We were there last winter, we only wore jackets late evening and early morning. I'll email u contact for car rental and apartment


Superwomanwannabe said...

ok, thanks ftm...

MRSHUSiN said...

kakLong, husin+i r also going to PantaiEmas! but in october la... it's spring but i dont think we need overcoats or those tebal thingy jackets. cardigans pun dah sufficient kot! where u staying at? surfers paradise? ambik the Every1CanFly tickets ke? update, update!

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsHusin- u r going too? Ingat nak bawak pi jumpa izreen but I can buy one lowcost house for the price hahaha... dont know yet about accomm as still have not planned properly. Where r YOU staying?

MRSHUSiN said...

hahaha... UK still mahal la kakLong... i had to forego my UK lone trip so tt i can go to pantaiEmas. mebbe next time lah i guess, since izreen pun mcm tak balik this yr je... we'll see...

we r thinking of staying arnd the surfers paradise area. the marriot looks affordable but have to book early cos around oct there's an event there & hotels r predicted to be packed.

we have also decided to take A*irAsiaX 7d6n package which is around rm4100 per pax inclusive of:
-tickets (meals + comfortkit)
-airport transfer
-2 themeparks & 1 catchcrab thingy
-ni pun dah calculate include airporttax & baggage.

Other expenses tak consider yet, but dont think we'll be renting a car unless, nak jalan2 to bris*bane ke...?
better plan cepat2 kakLong, since u guys r going in June :)

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