Friday, March 21, 2008

Some pics

2002 in Adelaide..Sophia was 4
Sophia was around 6 kot.
My nine year old little lady with her new bracelets and ring and necklace thanks to the very talented Auntie Zu who did it herself!!
Kids having their meal- it was endless Pizza and coke!!

MrsN's muffin and the homemade gooey chocolate cake. Did not actually plan to do it like that but the kitkat won't stick to the icing and had to modify like this. Dad did it. I have not tasted it yet!!


wanshana said...

I think amongst your anak-anak, Sophia takes after you the most, especially her smile.

The party sure looked fun!

I bet you guys were zonked out that night... and the next day got bombarded by the next one in line to have a birthday party with questions like,

"Mommy, can I have my birthday party at such and such place, please???!!!", "Mommy, how many friends can I invite to my birthday do???!!, etc.


Superwomanwannabe said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaa...very the do you do it ye?

Amazingly so far the rest just bug me about their pressies..yang suka plan party would be Sophia and Johan. Yang lain macam tak kesah..or so I think!! Hari tu jumpa in diary anak no 2-mummy and daddy never did anything for tak lah boleh be unfair nampaknye...

Channel 11.5 said...

anak no 2 ada diary nak luahkan perasaan? hahahaha. Sarah tu mmg crybaby, macam I, hehehehe.
Aunty Aida lupa kasi present lah last night, too much crying sampai lupa, nanti will singgah and bagi sophia. It was there in the car, sampai rumah baru noticed. Sori, showed up at ur home very late, but thanks a lot for the comfort.
Dah start buat hantaran, let me know, I come and help. (help2 buat sibuk lah, hehehehe)

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