Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sophia's Do

(cartoon from www.cartoonstock.com- thankyou!)
Am panicking- Sophia's birthday is 2 days to go!! Despite her notice to me of about eight months, and despite her saving in my PC, a document called "Plans for Sophia's birthday"..I have not gotten around to properly plan it!! Bad mummy, bad bad mummy.

First thought that I'd have a party for her at the Lecka2 at my office. The manager Tom said ok lah, if I pay RM300 for food , he'll open the branch for afternoon- apparently it is only open at night. Heh?? Icecream? At night? Anyways yesterday I went and- I was told that they are busy until the end of F1!!

Then I rushed to Ampang's Lecka2- only to find that it's been closed for about a year!! (or so said the Dunkin Donut girl) - and Dunkin Donut said they are not sure if they can have a party for my 20 girls..

This morning, even my husband was infected with my panic- he started suggesting other places like Swensen, Kids Sports (Sophia's parents obviously cap duit) - when I remembered that Sophia had once said "Pizzahut pun TAKPAlah mummy!" in a "Sigh...what to do" kind of tone..heheheheh.

(The wonderful thing about my children I must say, and I must puji diri sendiri...is that they NEVER , not as long as I remember- sulk if they don't get anything. If they want something, and they don't get it, they will accept it, and move on. But of course, they will repeat the request. So their tactic is to wear us down..Usually it works. Because they don't throw tantrums, we are more inclined to want to give them what they want. They are masters at persuading us to get them stuff. They make lists, they circle the picture of what they want..they tell me how nice the things are...etc etc. But if I say NO, then the matter is dropped lah. Like handphones. Its a definite NO. But the requests get repeated once in a while. (tu yang susah pi prebet school ni tau. Sumer orang sana kaya))

So anyways...last-last I have managed to get PIZZAHUT to say they will have a party for her..Sorry ye kalau tak dapat invitation, I have been given a list of ppl to invite..but come anyways if you are around ...It should be at about 1- or 3? (still tak decide).

Now have to organise cake- the vanilla pod guy told me that they can't take my order as they have to make 3000 cupcakes for the F1! The "Piece of me " cake woman is also mega busy as well as mega expensive.... Tulahhhhhh sapa suruh last minute..


MrsNordin said...

How many pieces of cupcakes you want? Maybe I can ask Nadira to make for you, if she's free.

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsN- thanks very much! Hmmm..about 2 dozens larat tak?? Tell her Auntie Shila will of course pay her...and hope to see you there also ok...

thankfulme said...

If you need balloons, you know who to call right?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thankfulme- yes please!! Can I know what kind of baloons you have? Got website ah?? Karang bawak brochure sekali 'k?

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