Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well, we finally left at around 10a.m...picked up mom and dad as well who had sportingly agreed to come along. Constant supply of dvd kept the trip pleasant although after a while the kids found their own games more entertaining than the choice of dvd we had - Sound of Music, Ratatouille etc. We took the long and winding road - never again!!

The resort is very beautiful - macam the brochure lah. They gave us the semisea view. - each room pandang sea, and ada balcony (very useful to sangkut the wet swimming suits)- we went to the beach at about 5 and the waves were so strong- mom came along and tried not to have a heart attack at the sight of my kids happily being tossed and tumbled by the waves. I was right next to mom yelling at them to get away from the sea - while dad swore that he was indeed looking after them even when he fell asleep on the rock.

I saw Rahim Razali and family. All I could do NOT to say "Eh datuk!!! Eh Apakabar datuk... I memang SUUUUUKA kat you laa!!" - hehehehehe. Instead I senyum and buat tak nampak sangat. I told dad and he said "so?"


Dinner was at Lumut- what a coincidence, my cousin Apit was also in Lumut for work for that week. We told him to wait for us to get him for dinner. Of course, the road out to town was dark and winding, and of course, we got lost. We took a left instead of right and we ended up past something cemetery like and signs going "Please let the lorries pass " or some such stuff and then we came across a kampung!! There were people sembahyang in a bangsal with no walls- and cement floor! We stopped to ask directions (from a man who came out of his house without a shirt) and turned out we should have turned right! Of course, we had to get lost on an almost empty tank of fuel all the time we prayed that the car would not judder to a halt!!. It was pitch dark !! We did get to Lumut in the end, where we picked up my ravenous cousin, and ordered 6 types of dishes and wallaped them all.... I stayed in the car at first as by the time we arrived at the restaurant Sophia Sara and Dahlia were asleep. Takpalah they already ate at the hotel ie the mushroom soup, the milo, and the nuggets which we packed from home. My mom was soo impressed at our foresight. We have five kids do NOT want them to get hungry.


First thing the next morning hubby and I walked by the beach. Kids were snoring in room- we left them one handphone and told mom and dad. What romantic topics of conversation did we share eh.....We talked about the shameful amount of rubbish that we saw along the beach!! The people of the hotel only cleared the rubbish around the hotel je, but all along the beach it was terrible- tupperware, coke tins, mineral bottles. We rescued one "Belangkas" and watched it move to the sea - I tried jogging - after about 5 steps,I almost died and stopped.Then there was a hammock which I went on- hubby thought it was very funny to swing me very high causing me to shriek - Yee-essss. i remember our courtship- our "romantic" walks were always full of him trying to poke me with a sharp holly leaf lah, or trying to scare me with a freshly plucked chicken laaaa...kuat menyakat betol! I remember crying when he gave me a gift of a red hat with a string (yeah, he liked unusual gifts) , and once I put it on, he pulled on the string and it really stung when it hit my chin!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. But now we have 5 kids and occassionally it's nice to be "sakat"ed again. Moral of the story- SAKAT MENYAKAT can lead to five children...hahahahahahaha

Hubby and I should NOT go to the sea with the kids.. I always forget how stressful I find it , as he is soo relaxed and I only think of drowning, undercurrents and dangerous jelly fish. Hubby took the free canoe and rowed almost half way to Pangkor, until the lifeguard blew on his whistle to bring him back. He did that with Johan who cried and with Sophia who said to the sisters "I should never have trusted daddy". Hahahahahaha

Verdict of holiday- resort is nice,very friendly indeed. Good for company trips as have a lot of activities. Got free archery and free canoe/kayaking. Got karaoke room. Got loads of restaurant. Got golf. If you want a short break its quite ideal . However if you really want to swim, go to the East coast lah. The water was murky, we can see Pangkor from where we were, and there was a huge drain emptying into the sea, just where we were swimming!! That was a bit odd...I smelt something really off.


Channel 11.5 said...

sakat-menyakat can lead to 5 kids??? oh dear me. I hope my dear penpal is reading this. Hahahahahaa.

MrsNordin said...

Yes, I remember the darkness leading out of the resort when we wanted to go to Lumut for dinner. Quite scary, huh? I've been there twice, actually. One setback is, the sea is not too conducive for swimming. Otherwise, it's a nice place. Glad you enjoyed the short break!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Aida...haaa penpal you ada tokoh nak jadi dad of five...hahahahaha

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi J!

Nice to hear from you on theway back- it broke the monotony of the travel! We went home via Ipoh - much better!

Channel 11.5 said...

Hehehe, tapi nak wait umur 40 tahun. Sempat ke? One year one baby project??? hahahahaha. Nasib dia lah.

Superwomanwannabe said...

hey aida- kalau nak boleh...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...