Time flies..

We are finding out slowly that our girls are growing up.

It starts with them asking me about changes in their bodies. Then its the trip to the garment shops. Then they are sharing my toner and cleanser (yes, Auntie Zu, the cleanser that you made are being used occassionally by Nadine and Sophia) and then that stops when I buy them their own cleaning stuff, then they need conditioner for their shampoo and all of a sudden the ol' biasa biasa shampoo ain't good enough and it's got to be the shampoo for "long and black" or something like that . Then, the other day at the pharmacy, what was in my basket- "leave in conditioner". They said they need it as they have no time to wash their hair in the morning but they want their hair to be soft still. Leave in conditioner?? Mummy pun taakda.Now they talk about "facial" . and "spa".

Such divas. Of course, only 3 divas...Dahlia is still my donaldduck cum stitch cum lilo cum adorable baby.

Anyways mummy is now a redhead. Daddy has bought "Medium Auburn" from the local pharmacy and took grrrreat pleasure in torturing mummy by colouring her hair for her. Yes, all that tugging at the hair follicles in the name of getting the colour all over the hair , was most fun for my sadistic husband until I had to tell him that hey I am NOT under general anaesthesia ok!! Sakit tauuu.!!!! Anyway never mind, I love you for wanting to do it for me, although why you want to do it in front of your DAD I don't know and I have no idea what he must have thought about it, but suffice to say today he has gone home.Suspiscious?? Indeed....

(he thinks its nice but mak sure marah...heheheh)

It was not supposed to be so red but then husband forbade me from washing and I fell asleep halfway so when I woke up the thing was on my head for the last 50 minutes so the next time you see me do me a favour-don't laugh.

It's been really nice having father in law with us, he is no trouble at all and I'm not saying that because my cousins read this..heheheheheh. He has made friends with the local masjid guys and got an invite to a wedding on his own merit.

Ok lah this is during working hours although if anyone from the office reads this I have written this post AGES ago ok.


wanshana said…
Tell me about it - the whole set of shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, leave-in conditioner thingies for the hair. Oh ya, two different kinds of comb/brush (?!)

Then, the cleanser, the toner, and the moisturiser for the face - not forgetting two types of pimple gel (just in case?!), and a compact. Oh ya - the facial oil tissue, too!

And that was just for our first born. Belum masuk lagi yang si kecik-kecik tu!

Anonymous said…
My eldest doesn't care much about her appearance but my 2nd daughter does. The other day, we were watching Garnier ad, on the lotion that gets rid of black spots ..and she asked me to buy that for her as she wants to get rid of her moles!!

Shana- they are so much more aware of products available now than I ever was at that age- masa tu bodoh lagi main panjat pokok lagi!
Channel 11.5 said…
hehehehehe :)
MrsNordin said…
Next she's gonna ask you to colour her hair, or straighten it (but I think this is not applicable to you as your kids' hair are straight anyway).
MrsN- already ask me to colour her hair!

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