Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Quickly ok sebab takbanyak time and banyak kerja ...

Another transfer of funds the Tanjung Bungah society lak disbanded in Penang..all the money donated.
Yesterday read that the auditors of Balkis said - " Entah? tak tau? Tak audit pun?Diaorang kata Akaun finalise? eh ye ke? Macam tak buat pun? Kitorang ashik mintak dokument depa buat tak tau je, nak audit macam mana? " or lebih kurang macam tu lah.

Camana ni KhirT..."Entah? Tak Tau? tu semua bini I punya hal ingat bolehke pikir pasal orang miskin kat malaysia ni...mesti go oversea tau...tu pasal kena ada duit banyak tu...for us also orang kata legal, legal lah, apa you ni, semua legal lah!!! Takcaya tanya loyer I- oops loyer I kata tak macamana ah?" (I bayangkan lah)

And Another pLayground sacrificed

The playground near my house now dah boarded make way for a mosque. Walaupun dah ada 3 kot mosques and surau within a 2 ml radius. Playgroundnye tak cukup ..yang you pi board it up apahal..Melawati Kemensah's biggest attraction is it's green. The developers know this that is why they advertise more houses with that tagline "Green living" before they immediately squeeze all the green out of the area. I've actually joined the "" - u rasa what are the chances that this new govt can resist the lure of money from the development?? Sure dapat present frm these companies mah...

And Another Syok Sendiri Post.....

You like tak the song- Sempurna? By Andra and Backbone. I just found out today that its a movie, rupanye....yelah, nak berangan ni kenalah ada accompanying music kan. I so like the lyrics...boleh dedicate pada sapa sapa yang berkenaan. "Kau begitu sempurna...di mata ku kau begitu indah...kau buat diriku akan selalu memujamu...Di setiap langkahku, ku kan selalu memikirkan dirimu..."(yah like where are you ,tak ambik I lagi ni??)

Ahem!! ok where we-

hee hee I sengeh sorang sorang tengah typeni. The feeling macam fresh pulak walhal limaa dah anak kitorang. I remember dia pinjamkan I jacket tweed dia one evening just as we were about to leave his house. Sejuk kot.. This was before Showboat, masa we started to talk more with each other (thanks to DOFPO's lack of telly) - I pakai jacket tu sampai lah busuk kot. Ada lak badge "Austria tyrol" - simpan sampai harini. Jadi harta terus. Pas tu, bila pakai macam sengeh je. Lepas Showboat and after Pizzahut, we borak lagi tau sampai 4 in the morning i kid you not.

Anyways - he was indeed leaving for a month long stint at Derby.

After Showboat, by that time, dah dua minggu dah berusung kiri kanan...jalan sana, jalan sini, visit sana, visit sini, berdua. Pergi rumah orang yang I pun dah lama tak singgah , tak pasal-pasal. Diaorang pun heran. I think in that 2 weeks I jalan more than I've ever done..he loves to walk, kan- whereas I love to take a cab. We'd chat until late night. He'd come to the flat and my flatmates, who adored him, and who would all come out to chat with him, would suddenly, stop joining us! I have no idea what we talked about, but macam interesting giler. Once, we even compared our hands, eh your fingers macam ni, my fingers macam ni..heh heh heh .nak touch kot....MALU aku pikirkan.

So I nekad to do something , Tak tau apa lagi lah. I thought of taking him out and maybe "steer" the topic to the jiwang kind of topics.. Dia kata ok to dinner invite. - The venue was a TGIF kind of place, Baltimore Diner...Our second date lah tu. By now of course I am totally into him! Pikir pasal dia, sengeh sorang sorang, dengar nama dia pun macam miss heart beat (masa muda its no big deal kan, kalau jadi sekarang- call IJN). Makan tak kenyang mandi tak basah like that. Was it lurve??Entah?? How I know, never had the experience what...So fast ek?

The day before the SecondDate, his house had a barbecue. We all went lah. I duduk kat dalam living room, taknak lah macam carik dia sangat kan. He very lah sebok to layan guest. Then he came into the room. Tak terus duduk dengan I. I pun buat macam tak nampak sangat. walhal from the side of the mata man..I seeeeeeeeeee youuuuuu! Last last he sat next to me ....and we chatted.

The next morning while walking to class, I bumped into a mutual friend. She asked me, if I went to the bbq. And then she said how sorry she was that she could not go..and she then went on about how nice he was, and what a good cook, bla bla. Suddenly I said "We're going out tau" and she said "Going out? Going out where??" and I said " out together lah...geddit??" ...walhal takda confirmation pun at this time

That night, we walked to the restaurant. Halfway through dinner, I related to him this story. "Eh you know , tadi I jumpa R tau, and a funny thing, she said bla bla bla and then I said kan to her, We're going out! terperanjat gila dia!" I paused. "Eh, We ARE, kan?"

And that was how I asked him, in other words, you ni boyfren I ke????

He looked at me, reached for my hands on the table (yes!) and said, "Yes, we are" .

And then, he said "Excuse me. " And he left me - for the Gents. For 10 or was it 20?? whole minutes.

Later he said, he was smoking.

heh heh heh!!

So....lepas tu, we did a lot of sengehing from across the table lah. I beam at you you beam at me lah..

We stayed there until the waitress bawak penyapu.

On the way back , dia pun pegang lah tangan I..So excited I - terus tulis surat kat my SIL (my confidant in all these lurve matters at that time) . hehehehehehhe...macam first timekan....tapi kan, kejap je. Lepas tu, when I kononkonoon terlanggar his hand, adaje excuse - , he would scratch his nose lah, betulkan specs lah. Ye lah, tak tactile kan....rupanye segannnnns...

He left for Derby supposedly for a month, but every weekend lepas tu balik...heh heh heh....

So dah kira selesai ke cerita ni?? Boleh lah ye....

Hmm how did we announce it to our friends ye? When did we say I love you ? A vacuum cleaner was involved somehow, if I recall correctly. ..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reminiscing - Almost nak Habis

Eh sorry lahye, bukan nak main acah acah, harini macam tak leh nak tengok blog lak. Tapi this story sudah dihafal oleh semua yang kenal I so sorry lah merepeat kat sini...heh heh..tak kesah kan.. Nanti esok I discuss world affairs ok.

Anyway, yah, BJ was right...Of course lah I bought the tickets !! Entah bila lah dia nak ajak I lagi kalau tak! After pikir punya pikir- tenyehje credit card....50 pound you. 50 quid is like RM300 to me. But for that price, dapat 3 row daripada stagelah. Nak naik nyanyi sekali pun boleh. Showboat was a famous musical yang sebelumnye I tak pernah dengar pun. Dia ajak I pergi tengok apa pun I tak tau. Hehehehhehe.

...So I pun beritaulah dia that I bought the tickets. Tapi I tak beritau dia how much , or which tickets ...Tungguler...

18th October 1990 - The DATE
- So we had a DATE!! Wahooooo!! Suspense gak menanti harinye...
Sementara menanti hari tu (2 weeks to go I think), ada tak jumpa-jumpa? Tak sangat kot..but if jumpa a bit tersipu sipu lah, sebab dah ada *ahem* date kan.....

So the day arrived....I pakai blouse bunga bunga oren and skirt panjang ..I had no sense of style , pada I dah lawa habis tu-(blouse tu I suka sangat but unfortunately I dah terbakar dengan iron so that was the end of that). He arrived in his yellow baggy sweater and chinos (wah aku ingat ni semua?) . Bawak payung and pakai his long coat yang memang I suka sebab macam Sherlock holmes gitu. (Ok i'm weird).

Masa tunggu bus (ehhhh ye lah,he made me take a bus!!) he wanted to pay me the ten pounds. Porah lah ten pounds hahahaha. I told him sheepishly, actually ah, the tickets tu, FIFTY POUNDS ok, sebab kalau nak yang murah, kena tidor kat theatre. Heh heh. The look on his face - you should have seen. Macam smirk pun ada, macam senyum pun ada. Menyampah. Sebab dia kata later, he thought "Yes!" - Eh how you know that I didn't buy the mahal tikets because I really wanted to see the musical?

Must say, husband ada style lah. Masa intermission kitorang pergi the nearby POSH hotel for coffee. Unfortunately the milk yang depa bagi for coffee (the one in little plastik bekas) basi so that spoiled it a bit. We all borak borak masa show sampai kena ssshhhhhhh! by the ppl at the back. Lepas show, dia nak balik. Aik?? So fast ah? So I pretended I was hungry and made him belanja me Pizzahut. Sampai lah kedai tutup...Heh heh heh.

And the rest is history you say?

Not quite....

Best Female Friend ??

After that, he appeared almost daily at my flat. So regularly that Nut my flatmate, dah tak bother nak tanya dia nak jumpa siapa , terus assume its for me . Macam-macamlah excuse dia, ajak I pi supermarket lah, ajak pi beli ayam lah, ajak pi tengok anak abangRosli&KakJah yang birthday tulah, macam-macam (activity yang free je, I notice heh heh). Orang dah start bergossippan. Adakah kami berdating or kawan? Actually, member tukan ramai kawan pompuan, so tak da lah jadi satu kejanggalan to see us walking together. But I guess we were going out too regularly to be just friends- I heard there was a bet going on, about exactly what he was up to, Adakah dia minat pada saya? Aakah saya perasan tahap mega? Maybe I was another Mumsie - best friend mah....

So I pun heran. Is he interested in me or what?? Masa jalan-jalan, tak da talk about benda jiwang pun. Selamba je. Ok lah kalau terusik tangan tu, ada lah crackling electricity sikit. Itu semestinye. Hehehehhehehe - chemistry mah!Tapi takdalah apa-apa hint ke, or what ke-, how long ni..If we bumped into each other at his house ke or other people's houses we all buat selambaje.

Anyway.. he was about to start his month stint at Derby hospital (1 hr away) to deliver babies. That meant that we would not see each other after that. He'd be staying there. Alamak. I thought to myself, I must do something. It was about 2 or 3 weeks after Showboat. Haaaa baru 2 minggu dah kecoh yek..

Something must be done!

Ok lah speak of the devil - He has arrived to pick me up from the office..... so I sambung esok ye.

Reminiscing-Slow and Steady

Aisey if you are sure this is not putting you to sleep I will continue with my berangan session..Husband is happy sebab this is all making me see him through rose tinted glasses n therefore forgetting to nag him abt something or other. (oh ya, toilet tu nak kena repair ok) -

....Anyway I remember being rather pleased to see him when he showed up for his tshirts. Tapi tak perasan lah yang I ni macam terhappy lak nak jumpa dia . Dia takda talked to me personally though, we all chatted in the kitchen of the flat, I remember, dah nak balik baru dia tanya I pasal tshirt dia tu (tshirt oh tshirt kau dah lunyai pun dah). Macam excited lak when His RoyalFofularness deigned to talk to me. Tapi dia biasa lah, mat cool so kita pun minah cool lah (er, not really) .

Events were helped along by the fact that DadofFourPlusOne moved out of the girls' flat into Hubby's house. I moved into DadofFourPlusOne's former room.- paling besar, best! DadofFourplusOne ni macam everyone's pet brother lah...semua orang sayang kat dia. Anyway the girls missed him so we all went to visit him at his new house . Of course I think he took the telly - so we went to watch the telly also lah. But they missed you too, really.

Haa...masa pergi tu, kadang-kadang (if I was lucky heh heh) terbump into our doctor lah - his house also, mah- tengah clinical masa tu so kena pakai tie. Usually by the time we all (5 girls) sampai he'd just be coming back from the hospital -compared to orang lain macam smart lah. (er.. you pun mat smart gak DOFPO) . Kalau langkah kanan, it’d either be his or DadofFourPlusOne punye turn to cook. There really should be more of you guys, truly.
I didn't really notice it at first, because he was friendly to all, but he'd eventually end up next to me , chatting . I was of course flattered that this guy whom I thought (was there a doubt) was interesting, could find me the remotest bit interesting too! It was when we started to compare SCARS that it occured to me that I might be ahem- falling in like. Ye lah, engkau kena luka kat kepala pun aku nak tengok ke. Cerita paling biul pun macam interesting ya amat. Contohnye- He was playing football and then rasa squishy then when he pulled his shoe off there was a frog ..dead. Itu pun I was so ter-amazed.Heh heh.

Masa tu…Nampak kelibat pun dah berdebar debar…Cehwah!!! I tell you, my palms were indeed sweating.

One night , as usual we all were there,(yelah, nanti kitorang beli gak tv tu.....) I remember DadofFourplusOne, Nut and me hanging around. Then Hubby came down, bawak newspaper. He started flipping through it.. he was loooking at the shows. I pun tanya "Anything good?" Don't laugh but I had hoped I sounded er..sophisticated. Nak impress dia lah ni. Ye lah, mamat ni masa ni baru je balik Austria skiing ( he promised me later nak bawak tapi ashik terpregnaaaaaaaaaaant je so bilanye nak pergi ni? ) --.Lepas tu, his experiment yang dia handed over so lah the lambat because he went off skiing, tiba tiba dapat keputusan yang amazing and he had to present it to the Royal Society of something something amazing gak. So by now of course lah kita nak appear cool kan. Kalau sekarang agaknye I tanya "apa you tengok tu aaa?" heh heh heh. Masa tu, "Anything good?"

He said "Showboat's in town." "Oh ya? Is it good?" I tanya. "Yah its good, apparently- want to go?".

And that ladies and gentleman, was how my husband asked me out. I didn't see it coming. At all. That was it - His invite. Didn't even think it was personal. I thought he meant for all of us. I said "How much?" Then he said " Five pounds". "Ok! " I said. Then we spoke about something else. Later nak balik he asked very casually if I could go and get the tickets since he'll be away at hospital the entire day. And he said he'll pay me back. I was thinking - eh, just the 2 of us ke ni????? lah orang lain lak nak ikut fuh kiri fuh kanan!! Heh heh heh!

So next day…dengan tak kisah ponteng skolah….I pun pergi lah queue up nak beli ticket...alangkah terperanjat nye when the man said - If you want the 5 pound ticket love, you'd better be bringing your sleeping bag. Maknanye, its for students and you have to really queue for it.- tidor situ lagi bagus. Takda masa lah . The next available tickets were TWENTYFIVE QUID. Which is a lot. So , nak beli ke, tak. Kalau tak , nanti bilalah dia nak ajak I again? Kalau beli , (a) its a lot of money and (b) nanti he will think that I like him!

I left the ticket place and sat at the Market Square , thinking. To buy or not to buy???

Bestnye distracted from work.

Actually kan, I have a TON of work. I'm banking on no sleep.

Tapi kan, macam seronok lak reminiscing ni ye? Walaupun melambarks kerja. And my "boss" reads this blog too!

I was just thinking of what happened when I came back from that summer , armed with 4 teeshirts for Hubby.

I remember feeling just a teeny weeeny bit excited - or rather teruja. I had said that there was no immediate chemistry kan. Actually, it crept on me.

I now realise that, before I went home for the summer, we were increasingly meeting - at friends' place , etc. I was also a nonofficial non paying tenant of my Malaysian friends' flat nearby. I shared with 4 lovely english girls and rarely received visitors- perhaps cause I was forever at my friends' flat? Anyways, these friends knew hubby a bit better as they had been living on campus since the first year (when I stayed at my auntie cousin).

There was one occasion before summer hols, that we all went out for a movie. A couple of female UM medic students had arrived and we all, hubby included, took them out for a movie. Somehow we got to walking together and chatting but you know, I thought he was so annoying, the answers he gave to my questions were so lorat that I thought- hmph what a pratt.

Then after that, he visited me at MY flat. Wah excited nye I to receive visitors! Habis keluar my precious biskut cornflakes yang datang from Malaysia and made by my AuntieDah. He was doing his laundry and decided to while his hours away chatting with me. Alah, I tak perasan pun, as he "singgah" rumah his friends all the time pun... I hoped he realised that every munch of those biscuits were very mahal ok. This time borak lama sikit lah. He finished my supply of coke .God knows what I blabbed about. Some nonsense I'm sure.

So,... by the time I got the letter from him, it was another installment in our interaction with each other session. Sort of a slooooooowwwwwww continuation of hello so what are you like, really , behind your tembam exterior? (I teka lah this must be what he was thinking heh heh)

Fast forward to after summer- three days kot after I moved in with the same Malaysian girls at whose flat I was a non-paying tenant before- he came over. Cehwah..pakai his long coat- he did look dashing. (ye lah kurus kan masa tu). I pun passed him the teeshirts. (Rupanye he said NOT to buy the tshirts from that artist, and to this day I will swear to him that he said to buy only from THAT artist..but on the other hand, my friend did accompany me to buy those tshirts so maybe ada sabotage kot??? :-))

Ok ok sambung later....

Monday, April 28, 2008

It may be legal it ethical????

........To transfer RM9.9 m out of a society to a federal based society just cause the state has now changed govt? What, the ppl who are supposed to benefit from the money - are they suddenly less deserving? And how the heck did you get the RM9.9 m in the first place? Ok you get it from donation- what the heck is it doing in your coffers instead of out there helping the supposedly poor folks? Since you were so obviously bad at distributing money, then why not give the new govt a chance?

It may be legal but it is soooooo unethical!! So unethical that I want to jump up and down now. That money is for the Selangor ppl and was given under the understanding that it is to benefit the citizens and not UMNO (or at least its supposed to lah) . The best thing is the former office bearers are so shameless they can stand there reciting mindlessly that hey, its legal. without any shame, without any urge to explain to those who should have received the money. Are there no more poverty at state level ?? Was the money given to a political party after all??? and the most important question of all- OI !! HAVE YOU NO SHAME?????

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Post Syok Sendiri.

Hubby is unwell and so am I. This weekend is a very malas weekend.... We went to visit my parents as its been a full month since we last saw them. Left the kids there overnight and picked them up just now. As I type, this house has 7 kids, 2 of them my brother's. They are soo noisy upstairs and it sounds like they are fighting but whenever I shout at them they tell me they are NOT fighting.

So what to talk about today? Hmm..I was reminiscing abt old friends of mine, lets talk about old female friends of my husband ok. Baru lah fair...


He insists until today, that he has never had a girlfriend. Never written to any girl while in school. In short, never been interested in girls until he met me. Cheh wah!! You percaya ke? My secret belief is that he had lived his life to the max until he hit final year, and all of his friends had left and then he looked left and right and thought to himself , hmm I better get a girlfriend kalau tak aku mati kutu tahun ni..hehehehehehehhehe. What do you think??

I knew him from first year- Kak N*on kot yang introduce, she dragged me to one CoffeeEvening (we had a lot of those) between Malaysians and Singaporeans and introduced me to this mamat. Ok lah, we chatted tapi tak lama. Then, DadofFourplusOne and I went to visit his house for dinner. Why I remember this was , it took him till close to MIDNIGHT to cook. Ahhhh...first encounter with the famously lepak mamat. Masa first year I stayed with my mom's cousin and my encounter with him was when he asked me to organise some kids' games for the Notts Sports Carnival. I did think he was cute. Yelah, chinese looking, gangly, and budak medic. Tapi that was it lah. Takdalah- "Ohmygod I wuv you!"

Throughout second year of uni, I was living in campus. Now, I mixed more with Uni mates. I mean, selalu gaklah nampak muka I-kalau tak I lived away from campus kan. Still tak kenal sangat, tapi more encounters lah. He was not associated with any one particular girl, he was friends with everyone . I even heard he was not getting married until he was 40 (so Aida there is still hope) . Some of us said his girlfriend was YOU MUMSIE! heheheheheheheh!! Jangan maraaaaahhhhhh..

Anyways dalam takda girlfriend takda girlfriend tu, ada gak 2 orang yang terpalit dengan dia. Sorang is a minahsalleh nama Aman*da. Quite attractive. Apparently dia close gak dgn minah ni. played tennis together, went to clubs, etc, Why tak jadi ye? He said he did not fancy her that way. And I am 48 kilo right?. Tapi takpa lah all that was before me ..After we dated he took me to meet her, you know. Went for tea at her house lagi.
Tapi one night, he went with her to the pub, sebab ada a couple of friends who came from France that ONLY THE TWO OF THEM KNEW,so they went for dinner with those 2. Balik so the lambat, and the next day, he told me that they stopped to play at the PLAYGROUND - at MIDNIGHT - he walked me to Uni every morning and we've been passing that same playground every morning. Tak pernah pulak main buai and main jongkang jongket tu????????? Grrrr.....SAMPAI HARINI when I mention this, it will be accompanied with a CUBIT!!! Gerrammmmmms. Dah ada girlfriend tu. But of course masa tu I tak marah..sebab tak sure whether to marah or not. Rasa macam nak marah tapi didn't want to come across as a makcik gila.
Then there was this friend of his called R. She was around during the summer when he wrote to me, and I heard they went to barbecues etc. Later he said that she was having problems and was using him as her confidante only. Like I said, tak kesah lah sebab this is all before me right but no confiding-confiding anymore ok. Her masalah was she liked Mr S but Mr S did not return her feelings. or was it that Mr S was non committal? Mr S is now happily married to our mutual friend and now has a restaurant in TTDI. Anyway she wrote to hubby when she heard that we had hooked up and the tone of the letter was a bit sad..basically she regret having to lose her confidant etc. I think she liked him, actually. Especially when he said she told him that he was not very tactile, ie, when she touched him and he backed away (good boy) and she said "you're not very tactile are you?" . Oho..tactile ye...I'll give you tactile. I will. Hubby, that girl was so into you je blur. (Thank goodness for me) - (he just told me that he knew she liked him but pretended not to as it was easier)
Let's not go into the list of girls who liked him- the list would be quite long I think. Not being biased, I thought he was the Mr Allrounder, and not surprising, mesti ada admirer nye... Of course, nowadays my auntie cousin with whom I stayed swears that she knew from the first time that he came to her house asking if I can be the kids' games organiser, that he liked me (!! Ahead of him even!)
When we first got together, he took me round to see all his friends, macam bawak jumpa family tau. Bawak jumpa the Oxbridge group, lah, the Notts group yang dah migrate to London lah, MakB and family (who was maybe the best auntie to see first as she was verrrrrrrrrrrry nice to me and did not scare me at ALL!!My husband's had the highest regard for his aunties and it was almost harder than meeting his parents! Believe me, I was verrry worried woit. If she had any thoughts, she certainly kept them to herself.
Ok ok dah lah..nanti terover...
So itu lah ceritanya. Oop wondering if he will get mad at me for disclosing all this personal stuff.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


What do I do. Maid has asked for a handphone. She is 4 months old only.

Also, we have intercepted her letters between her and her friend. They have boyfriends . They are both married.

This is what I was thinking of doing.


and I'm going to let her have a handphone, shall I.

Cause I'm the kind of groovy let loose majikan, aren't I.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Reminiscing..[Not for my Husband...or my MIL]

Tadi naik kereta this one girl, and on the way back from work we all chatted lah. Since she is the pendiam type yang banyak cerita I lah. Ke, dia ni sebenarnye banyak cakap tapi tak sempat cakap?? Hahahaha..No lah, dia takda cerita kata dia. So we got to talking (ie me interviewing her) about her bf. She is 21 and has been having a steady for the last 2 years. Since 19 you. And this was her 3rd serious bf. When did she get her first bf- 14? I tak tanya lak.

Anyway sebab I takda idea nak cerita apa harini jom kita pikir balik bopren bopren lama kita jom. Sebenarnye I takda bopren langsung sebelum hubby . MillsnBoon gave me such high expectations. I don't mean that I went around looking for a guy with "piercing eyes" or "chiselled face" or what rubbish (he he but shok baca) but I did believe 400% on that chemistry thingy. Ok kanak kanak M&B is totally unrealistic,ok. Except for that chemistry thing,lah.

So , takda bopren in the sense of " I lap you you lap me" - nak kena pelangkung with my dad? Tapi member rapat tu ramai lah.

Warning- you may have read this before in which case pls proceed to the end ...

My first member yang close was my (apa lagi) tuition mate. Dia kelakar. We got along v well. So we started corresponding- masa tu mana ada email. Bila I pi UK dia masuk UM. Everytime I cuti dia akan jadi drebar I. And selalu visit my family. My father pulak start buat business with his father. Tapi takda lah rasa apa apa sebab kawan kan. Parents dia pun tak mention apa apa. Strictly friends .We were friends right until the year I balik UK for good and dengan excited nya, memberitau dia ON THE PHONE (hee kejamnya) that I dah ada bopren tau...! Ye lah, macam nak share good news kan. Rupanya dia memendam rasa....he thought he was going to tell me how he felt once I dah habis study. Mak dia frust tonggeng call I at the office (I was chambering then) and said that she thinks the son should not go for KL girls anymore as they want to kawin cepat. My mom kata she tak besalah sebab auntie tu "tak masuk" so how can she act so wounded anyway. My friend teruih tak call I dah. Sampai laaa harini. Sometimes I feel a bit sad, sebab ye lah, macam best friend gitu. Nak carik balik andmintak maaf, tapi don't think its a good idea.

Pas tu there was another mamat. Dia ni dulu masyaalah perasannya dia pandai. Ok lah dia pergi IvyLeague nya batch so memang pandai lah. First year dia kat sana, I was still in KL. Dia hantar I surat enclose daun maple - Hallo, saya anak askar le, pernah gak gi oversea masa kecik2- takat daun maple tu tak jakun ler...

Anyway we all kawan for years tapi towards the end suratnya bertambah lain macam. After a while I persuaded myself to terima lah dia ni, after all I ni single mingle at the time and masa Valentine kita nak gak orang bagi card right (the sole purpose of a bf ) - but tak terucap I love you ke apa apa patah yang jiwang sebab tak rasa apa-apa. Fond of him as a close friend lah. After "accepting" him, tak lama lah tahan.Sebab you are forcing your feelings kan. So last-last I said , tak palah ok. Dia pun senyap terus sampai lah harini. Him, I DON"T want to contact - sebab rupanye ada mutual friends you! Tunggu I lose 40 kilo dulu before jumpa dia.

pas tu ada sorang lagi. He was kind , serious, curly haired. Very intense. Tapi takda chemistry lah how. He sent me a looooooooooong letter mengexplain about how he felt.

Eh - sume pakai surat ek? Husband I start tackle tu pun pakai surat. He was in the UK and I balik for summer. and out of the blue I dapat surat daripada dia. 2 pages kot, mencerita pasal his life over there while orang semua cuti. Budak medic mana cuti panjang kan. I remember telling another friend (male) who knew him that I got aletter from him and his eyebrows naik tinggi! To me, a letter is a letter., apa nak thrill nye..?


So..walk on memory lane. Of course, yang I "admire" tu melambak lambak. Usually mamat nerd yang brainy. Or chinese looking ppl. Most of the time he would be funny, or witty. or just cute. There was one older guy- master of silat. he was neither funny or witty but he was cute. (remember him SIL?)- nothing happened in all these cases - sebab yang kita suka, dont know you exist. Tapi seronoks lah.

Kids nowadays are more sophisticated, kan. I see a lot of couples looking no more than maybe 15- kat Pavillion lah, BB lah...mak bapak bagi lak jalan ek?? I think everytime Nadine /anyone of them- wants to go on dates, mummy and daddy pun date sekali..boleh tak??


Thursday, April 24, 2008


In the Goondooks
Yesterday and afterwards I won't be having internet connection - ayo now Internet connection is a must lah. Feel very lost without it. That and the handphone. Dah ada 3G bolehlah borak tengok muka husband. Or rather, lubang hidung dia sebab he will most of the time be holding it at his mouth level. A bit pelik to hold your phone up like a mirror , which is what I do but then I'd be in the privacy of my room.

Anyway came home to another request for school. Dahlia nak plasticin. And that must be new plasticin ok not the one that is all over the house and in the laci etc. Heeeeeeeshhhh!
Mummy the Kids' Personal Tuckshop
Hari-hari ada benda lah kena beli or get. The day before Sophia kelamm kabuttt sebab mana her book report- she did one on daddy seahorses hatching the eggs and dah ada drawings. After 15 mins looking I told her to do another one and that made her cry. Last last found it in one of the rooms.

The night before that kena potong potato for their art. So bapak dia yang terlupa arahan sebelum tido, quickly carved out a nanas design 2 seconds before they went.

And I have to get Sophia her own quran. Between them adalah 4 quran. Tak cukup jugak tu and so kedekut cannot rotate also.

Johan is still panas and has 2 huge glands biji at the side of his neck. Daddy is not worried at all! He said its just a bug that is taking long to go. I am of course tak puas hati but how? Anyway he has to finish his homework semalam. He holds the pencil really really funnily and I have corrected this many times but masih lagi. He said if he holds the pencil the way I asked him too his handwriting gets all wonky. I've spoken to his teacher and she said she is not going to push this .

Lomantik Geddaway
Ok last report of the day is I've been invited and have actually booked leave to go to :

Not sure what room we willget - probably the cheapest room. Not such a bad thing sebab I penakut. Karang I imagine ada benda will come out of the sea lah etc etc. Verry active imagination.

Husband nak celebrate his 41st birthday (its soon after) and a break for mummy and daddy...Alah..sebenarnye, dia ada seminar laaaah! hehehehehehe..Mulanya I malas nak use my leave sebab while you are attending your kursus what am I going to do with myself? a-ha..I'll bring the lappie toppiee so can work ok. (Boss, are you reading this??)

Big masalah at the moment- This will involve leaving my lovely children overnight - its over schooldays so cannot bawak -and I have yet to ask anyone to babysit. Da- nak spend the night at my place tak????
Ok taaaa

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good Luck Uncle M!!

Good luck Uncle M, on your gallbladder operation today...dont worry I hear the surgeon is EXCELLENT!! Kalau dia kerek, you tell me ok Uncle, ...Dia jayet manyaakk cantek woooh. And dia sudah tidor macam batu semalam so he shoud be fresh for your operation. And dah siap dah and getting ready to go out NOW , punya lah berkobar kobar.

Izreen, Mrshusin, Mak B and Izhar- insyallah ok....

Meh datang rumah kalau nak jumpa MokDa (ie my inlaws).....


I suka meninggal kan komen kat blog orang. Macam makcik sebok kan??

Anyway there was one post about this girl and guy who hit it off when they meet but the girl said takda chemistry. Which got me thinking ...kena adalah chemistry. You must still be able to look at your husband and his paunch (which if u mention it, he will suck in and say innocently "Mana ada??" ) anyway you must still be able to look at this guy, and think - rawrrrr he's hot.

Ok ok Nadine, get off the laptop, obviously this is not for you to read. I was saying, you must do well in chemistry nanti when they teach you ok??

Anwyays. Im up because tomorrow Im going to do something I have not done in ages, ie Due Diligence work and I have to prepare stuff as in what the heck????. But since Im here blogging, maybe I should just save myself the trouble and go to sleep. My inlaws have arrived and Im defrosting ayam for breakfast. I wish I can just go and buy from the gerai illegal that has just set itself up BETOL BETOL DEPAN RUMAH I but my husband suruh boikott in protest. Everyone is parking in front of our gate now. And 4 days ago ada pulak MAMAT BURGER set up his stall. OI!!!

Johan finally went back to school yesterday, came home crying because banyak homework. I called the teacher and she said he slept the entire day..penat kot. But actually he's gone back to being unwell...!!!! Aisay....He's doing ok in school the teacher said, an amazing turnaround from 4 months ago when he could barely write. Eh anak I kannnnnnn.

Ok better go see that HOT man. Hahahahahaha !

Sampai Bila?

You know, Im trying to upload this Youtube vid of Ayu singing Hanya Di Mercu and I really don't know how. I've clicked on upload video and its not happening. Ppl are doing so many changgih thing with their blog these days and I pat myself on the back for getting the clock on hahahahah. Anyway am listening to Ayu One in a Million ..and this is the link:

She is so good to listen to, although in this vid she cracks a bit. the lyrics is meaningful to all those out there waiting for things. Including waiting for your intended/other half to make a move . You want him to propose or make amove or suggest to introduce you to his parents or basically getoff his lazy a&rse and do something, but he is not or rather he is pretending not to realise this . YOU don't want to mention it as it is very malu-fying as a girl to act so desperate. So you get more angry and resentful and everytime you see him you either(a) nag him, or (b) pretend you don't care but snap at him all the time.

So here's my advice. feminist everywhere will lynch me probably. You will definitely disagree with me. But the alternative is to wait, and hangon, and at the same time tension. So, try this:

Push the issue, Get him to commit. Nag him. Abandon all pride. Be very business like. Ask him for timeline. Allow for Buffer Period. And contingency. Approach this like issue? Or rather , war?? Don't pretend you are happy with the way things are. And FOLLLOW UP! Pester him about where you are going with your future until you get a yes, or a no, or, in my case, an "of course" followed by total inactivity Hahahahahah. What is your objective here. Nak kawen ke or nak berkepiiiiitttt..Cukup 3 tahun tak kawin, nak continue lagi or not?

Sampai bila as Ayu said? Sampai Bila , or until when , are you going to hang on, di bawak kiri dan kanan as his girlfriend , seriously menurunkan saham you di market ...but no commitment?? Unless lah he seriously don't want you in which case, just walk off lah. (ehwah senang kata ek?) . You got to have a resolution, right??Can't just wait forever right....?

I'd love to hear some lovestory of our fellow bloggers- maybe I should create a tag of "How did you meet your partner"? and direct this to Wanshana and Mrs Hart and Izreen (I allready know that) Madam Tai Tai etc !!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bye Bye Nisa

Nisa should be back in Pekanbaru today.

We attended a farewell dinner and show last Sunday night at the School's compound. Nisa and the other 22 children with the 3 children were to leave for Malacca that night , spent a couple of days in Malacca, and then go back to Pekanbaru.

So last Sunday night everyone (except for Johan and Sara who were too tired (or wanted to play the internet/ps2) we all went to the school. Earlier that day was Johan's sports day, so we could not go out anywhere until petang. Johan pun pergi dengan Dahlia and Daddy dia je...semua orang penat and tidooooorrr..Sorry Johan and Congratulations for winning so many events.

Nisa wanted a bag so off we went to *Jusco - she found a nice Lulubelle bag . Then I wanted to take her to see EYEOFMALAYSIA but hujan and tak sempat and husband ngantuk and then sepuluh kali dia tanya I - nak pergi mana lepas ni?? Even though I dah kata, EyeofMalaysia. After the 10th time I PAHAM PAHAM je lah yang dia taknak pergi so we all went home,.....

Actually at the moment I tulis post ni ada gak rasa sebaknyeee..ya lah sedeh gaklah...towards the end it felt very natural for her to call me mummy and for me to tell her off or tell her to cepat sikit dalam bathroom tu! Etc etc. Masa nak balik dia TAK menunjukkan perasaan sedeh langsung-cis ini lah anak ek??? Excited nak jalan melaka jumpa dengan all her friends, and also she was in the show that they put on- there were speeches,songs,nashids and also a cultural show ala ala dikir barat. So macam nak balik tu selamba je lah. I je lah kirim pesan macam macam. A couple of parents from Indon came over. Rupanye each parent had to cough up RM2500 each for this attachment programme and give the kids spending money of RM300 - woit banyak nye duiiiiittttt!!! Tu yang diaorang can go to Genting, Putrajaya, Petrosains etc agaknye kalau tak sapa sponsor.

At about 11 something at night, Dahlia dah lelap dah pun, it was time to go home...Budak budak sekolah Agama ni hantu gak ek? The boys ada yang boo performance which husband was so mad at. And it was so noisy.
Masa nak say bye bye tu, rasa macam hantar anak sendiri to sekolah asrama pulak...

Ok lah Nisa...hope you keep in touch. I hope you are well and sampai dengan selamat. Belajar rajin rajin ok and ingat kat we all...!

Sophia tengah tidor dalam kereta - this is in Putrajaya the night of Camarina's birthday.

One of the days nak pergi sekolah. Last Friday kot.
Pakcik Rosliiii ..yang selallllu tunggu puteri puteri raja naik van.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Please!! No pictures!! - Hahahaha!
Just look at the two dara sunti posing kat belakang tu..
Camarina the princess birthday girl flanked by the Dayangs.
Semalam Project Runway kat our house- and by that I meant there was Dad and me, on the floor, with yards of material, dressing up Sara (him) and Sophia(me)

Yalah, they found out that SIL Zu was giving out prizes for best dress Prince, best dressed Princess and Best dressed King and Queen for her daughter Camarina's 8th birthday, and all started to nag me for costumes. Being the anak lord that they are, semua mintak either we go to (a) Pavillion to get their Princesses dresses or (b) Costume shop to rent one.

Being the cheapskate parents that we are, we went to Nagoya instead. And got 14 yards of shiny satinny material. Pink for Sophia, Lilac for Daya, Blue for Sara etc etc. Also bought readimade ruffles. Balik tidur kejap- stress woh pergi CarrefourNagoya on weekends, orang macam ulat. at 2 pm started menjahit. Party was at 4. For me, I just jahit tepi like sarung, get sophia to step into it, gather the waist with a ribbon , and bunch up left and right shoulders into ribbons. Jahit ribbonflowers on the belt. Ok lah takdalah macam baju beli tapi boleh lah.

Sophia's comments while I was doing her baju- "Ohmygosh I look like a cave girl". Dahlia came , looked her up and down with an expression of trying hard not to laugh, and told me" Ermm no offence mummy, but ...." whatever she wanted to say was stopped as I turned to look at her with eyebrows raised. "Why? Nice you want one like this?"


In the meantime, Daddy being the methodical systematic surgeon that he is, did the sleeves first. Very cantik very teratur. But once he attached the sleeves he did not know what to do. Now he had a kimono for Sara. So he tied the waist with a big ribbon and voila ! Sara was a Japanese princess.

Sophia also wanted sleeves - In fact she nagged me endlessly for them- I took the excess material after I had bunched them up at the shoulders, and tied with ribbons, I took the excess material and draped it down her upper arm- ala ala sleeve lah...

Anyway Dahlia, after seing the (no) talents of her parents , decided that she should just drape her material around her neck, like a cape. Hence she went as a Queen with the lilac cape.

Of course, each of them including Nisa , had a tiara- and everyone except Nisa got a wand (I wasn't sure if she'd like to go the whole hog)

Johan had a sword that continually made noises the minute you move it. So it was verrry irritating. Until it died. He was a bit upset that he did not have any costume. But his idea of a costume is a proper baju. You want a sash Johan?No. You want a cape? Prince don't wear capes mummy. So in the end Johan pakai baju biasa. With the sword.

Thanks Zu for the lovely party- you really put in a lot of effort and looking forward to seing the pics on your BLOG . Your cake , the castle cake and your pinata, the castle pinata, were really pretty. Boleh lah take orders.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Instant Taugeh (Not For Dahlia's eyes)

I am currently in Dahia's baaad books. She has been asking us since Monday to buy her green beans, kacang hijau, for her science project. You know, we've all done it, plant some greenbeans and be amazed when they turn out to be bean sprouts. So proud I was when we actually ate MY beansprout.

Anyway. Of course, poor Dahlia has a couple of disorganised parents. Who forgot to get the beans. She had to hand it in by Friday. She had to grow it on Monday, and hand it in on Friday, and it would have to be a week old beansprout ie , it would actually need to have sprouted. And if she had actually grown it on Monday , this would be a-okay.

Problem was, we bought her beans on Wednesday. Then I said to her,(when she started crying) ... "Dahlia., don't worry... I have actually planted one for you lahhhh"

"really??""*sob* sob*. Yah lah,Daya.. its in my office. (I so am going to do that, I promise)
So anyway today is Friday and in the morning she actually forgot all about it. She was happily getting ready for school and I could ignore it if I wanted to not upset her. But I can imagine the scene when the teacher asks for it and my darling baby bushuk takda her togeyyyy I told her to tell the teacher that actually her mummy forgot to bring it from the office. She looked me straight in the eye and she said "You're lying mummy." At which point I vehemently said "Mummies NEVAH Lie!!!" ( A trick I learnt from mom where if your mom says the sky is purple with green dots, it is so purple with green dots) And I said "I allready buat lahhhhh!!"

So come Friday evening when husband picked me up, we went looking for beansprouts. That and of course, Princessy stuff as Camarina's birthday is tomorrow and for weeks Zu had been telling us its "Prince and Princess theme" and only yesterday did it hit us that it might involve COSTUMES. Anyway I digress. We went looking for ready grown beansprouts - not your siap taugeh that you can buy one..this one must be as if I had grown it with all my love in my office.

Mana nak carik woit!!!! DadofFive had advised that we go to either Cold Storage or organic shops....Husband degel want to go to ..Giant. Of course lah tarak. Then, we went to..Maxvalue in Ampang. Togey siap pun takda. So last-last balik..but not empty handed lah. We did stop to look for tiaras and swords.

So we will resume our underhanded search tomorrow. Mana lah aku nak cari a 5 day grown taugey ni....

Tomorrow nak pegi beli kain for princess gown.


Friday, April 18, 2008

An Alternative Personality

Some one remarked semalam that I was funny. I liked that. I like being funny, although I don't actively try to be funny. In another life I'd be a stand up comedienne. I am also funny peculiar. I have a funnypeculiar brand of wit. Not that many ppl will actually get it. With the right person, we can egg each other on until both of us would be rolling about on the floor laughing. One person I can do that with is TR, a friend from Uni. Update your blog dear!!!! (Ooops -sorry- She hates being called dear) Another is NAB- who left the firm to join the UN (can I say that?) - she was a full decade younger than me but when we get going, we had to shut the door, we'd be that noisy. We both love to put ourselves down. And if you don't get us, we'd come across as bimbos. But we so hate it when ppl treat us as one. But with the wrong ppl, the wrong kind of thngs will sprout of our mouths and we will indeed sound very Paris Hiltonish. Why do we do that???? We are actually creverrer than we look. Heh heh..

Anyway I have this secret dream - to be cool, elegant. Aloof. Masa kat A-levels this guy my classmate, (he's now CEO of CYber something or other) once said I was tigasuku. Sebab one day I happy the next I'd be quiet. Ok now I tell you why. Sebab, at the end of that day I'd be thinking ...eee kenapa lah aku ni cakap banyak sangat..and the next I'll try to cut down. I'd be diam je....Which of course lead to this perception that I was 3 suku. Kesian kan I...Apart from that, A Levels was indeed a happy time for me. Although I did hate being called GOLDFISH by this other guy (the guy would not STOP! And he called me Lady D - Lady Debab) . Loads of crushes everywhere. One of my main crush I am happy to note , dah gemok - that's you Azman - Hahahahahaha...See there I go again. Talking a lot. I tumpang orang punya lunch date (as in my friend had a lunch date with HER friend and I tumpang) pun I yang talked a lot! Arggghhhh..Today I will keep quiet.

I want to be someone who does not talk a lot. Goes around observing quietly the scenario unfolding before her, perhaps sighing occassionally at the frailty of human nature..Reading a very deep thinking book ...maybe I should do that. I was reading Orhan Pamuk's SNOW and I feel like strangling myself halfway. A Suitable Boy pun I tak larat nak habis. Harry Porter - 6 books in a week- straight. Bill*Bryson- ditto. Tapi buku intellectual ni....macam my brain cannot processlerrrrrr....

Therefore maybe I should resign myself to being who I am. A nonintellectual, funny person who wants to be cool but fails miserably..who is so Makcik Kiah these days. Whose icon is Sapphire from Sapphire and Steel. Cool kan?

We have to accept who we are..for who else is going to love us if not ourselves?

(but today I will keep quiet a bit. Tiga suku strikes again!)

Coincidentally, husband is as wacky as I am.

Malam Di TGI*F

Semalam we all went to Pavillion. Husband went home to pick up the kids then brought them over to Pavillion, for dinner. Unfortunately and I did not know this until the food has all arrived, the kids had already HAD their dinner. I left to join them from my office and teruusss pi TG*IF- Dad and the family was by this time at Time*s Bookstore. Dad sent Johan over - he had left the girls to take Jojo to the toilet- eeeeee berani lah dia ni. I forever leter him not to be so brave in leaving the girls alone and unattended as you never know these days but his argument is that (a) the girls are together and (b) the shop assistants are there to look after them. Hmmph ye lah they look after our kids...

Anyways once my noisy brood arrived the serious ordering began. Nadine wanted some sirloin steak and agonised over whether to take the "Cajun creamy dressing" or the "Sundried tomato" thingy. Nisa wanted fish and chips, macaroni pasta and sundae, Sara wanted chicken fingers, Dahlia and Sophia nak Nachos, Dad wanted some steak as well, Mum ordered ribs (honestly , don't lah. Tak sedap and a lot pulak tu. Or was it because i dah makan 50 fries before that?:-))

So when the food came one by one- mak datok nampak so banyak.. My new daughter Nisa periodically went "astaghafirullah...banyaknya!! Ya Rabbi...siapa nak makan eenih semuah??" and then actually admonished me for ordering so much and told me "Mummy patut order satu sajah! "(she meant the fries). I gelak je. Manalah I tau the fries tu banyak nak mati, and that every other order ada fries also, therefore meja jadi BUKIT FRIES.

From time to time I'd be telling the Phillipino waiter to pack it all- sikit sikit. Bila I tak larat habis my ribs he tau sendiri and terus packed it away. When hubby pun tak habis his raw meat (tu lah mintak rare siapa suruh..Nisa pun tak larat nak tengok hehehehe) Erwin the waiter terus whisked it away and packed it. And Nisa was the assistant taruk all the fries, etc into the tupperware. Hehehhehehe. I told her. Relaks lah Nisa...we don't eat like this all the time ourselves...and anyway once you are back in school you don't eat all this Matsalleh type of food anyway. We took back about 3 tupperwares. Today the kids will gorge themselves on leftover fries. I bet its going to be nicer at home.

We had to rush our dinner because the kids wanted to take Nisa to see "GURLZ" - she's looking for a jalan jalan bag - but how to carik when she is clutching her tummy and at every chance she gets, she'd be crouching on the floor in tummy pain? Poor baby...Sakit perut from overeating!! So we took them all home....and maybe tonight I'll take them to JAYA*JUS*CO to look for that slingback. Silap haribulan lah tengok kat Pavillion kan. Benda RM2 pun jadi RM16.90 .

Okay lah better go....Nisa's last week with us sobs sobs....she's asking me to write a report on her being with ah? Shall I show her this blog?? * Shudders*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Carpooling Hazards

You know the thing about car pooling, you have to depend on the driver a lot.

I do have other alternatives than to car pool with my husband. A couple of ppl in my office live around my way and I'm sure I can tumpang them for a fee. However I like going to work with my husband sebab can chit chat and also remind each other of the one hundred and one things that we need to do/pay/pick up etc etc. Which is probably why he is promoting the idea of another car. Heheheheheh. No lah. We take turns mentioning that we have to go get another car. If I'm the one delaying him, he'll say, "We have to get another car lah, you're always making me late". If he makes me wait a couple of hours before he gets me from work, I'd be saying "Hey I think I'll get another car lah!!!! Senang!!!" But in the end, I think neither one of us want to move from the comfort zone of carpooling.

Most morning, our routine is like this-

8.15- Depending siapa yang tak habis kerja, either I or him will still be at the PC. The one yang dah siap will nag the other. I start work at 9 ok by the way. the logic of leaving so late is that the traffic is clearer. It does not always work. Sometimes nak pengsan when you leave so late, only to see the loooong traffic due to some stupid accident or lorry terbalik. Which happens a lot on MRR2.

8.25- Hubby will run upstairs all dressed up and in his shoes (I hate that) to go to the loo. Always. So Always that I can bet on it 100%.

8.30 - I will be nagging (by this time I am happily in the car and saying I'm not the one who is laaaate")

8.35 - Hubby pakai kasut. Why can't he pakai kasut after he sends princess wife??

8.45- We hit the MRR2. 8.45 you!!! and I start telling him, take the fastest lane lah. Tengok that lane, macam kosong je. He buat tak dengar. I put on my make up. I always do this in the car. I may have a lot of time at home, but still kena pakai makeup in the car. Which explains my uneven eyeliner Heheheheh (eh tak lah teruk na, expert dah)

8.45 until we reach the turning to go to the elevated highway - I'll be fretting. Why doesn't he take the faster lane?? Husband is very principled when it comes to driving. He will not take the most left lane because the most right lane is supposed to be the fast one, and the most left lane is supposed to be the slowest - so he will stick to the right lane while I have a heart attack seing about 2000 cars pass us. he will not weave. He will not over take any car tanpa sebab. He will keep telling me to have faith, soon we will potong /over take all 2000 of them..I think he enjoys seing me nearly pass out from frustration.

9.00 that lorry behind us have gone to the most left lane and over taken us. Waarghhhh!!

I will be wringing my hands etc etc. Hubby, do you deliberately WANT to make us BOTH late?? So these days...I just bring a book, and whenever I frust to see that small kancil action (why is it all small cars esp driven by young chinese ladies, must be so action??) - I will read my book.

But kejap je lah..sampai office taklah lambat sangat. considering I leave nearly nine, I arrived today at 9.10. Not so bad. Tapi kena punch card gak...

Tulah cerita I pagi pagi....maybe I SHOULD get a car. And miss all that agro?? Never! Hahahahahaha....!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Morning Reminder

Normally, I don't forward things I get through email - mainly malas.

But Uncle M sent this which I thought we all could do with, so instead of forwarding , I'm posting this. 10 to 1 you have read it somewhere.

Semalam I dreamt that my brother Saiful dropped dead! I terjaga and it was subuh! It was so sad. I can't imagine losing any of my family members suddenly like that...Saiful masa kecik-kecik was my "sparring partner"..I'm always fighting with him..there is a picture of him licking my birthday cake at the age of 2- so cute - mana lah gambar tu now. There was no peace for my parents until he went to MRSM Terendak -barulaaaah aman sikit. But the end of the dream was my own creation I think - because I went back to bed after subuh (much to the annoyance of my children who actually brought the phone near to our ears for us to listen to the horribly chirpy alarm) and dreamt he was actually faking it. Anyway because of that, let's all read this LONG poem and be reminded that we have somewhere else to go after this life and have we packed our bags for it??

" It was early in the morning at four,When death knocked upon a bedroom door,
Who is there? The sleeping one cried.
I'm Malkul Mawt, let me inside.
At once, the man began to shiver,
As one sweating in deadly fever,
He shouted to his sleeping wife,
Don't let him take away my life.
Please go away, O Angel of Death!
Leave me alone; I'm not ready yet.
My family on me depends,
Give me a chance, O please prepense!
The angel knocked again and again,Friend!
I'll take your life without a pain,
Tis your soul Allah requires,
I come not with my own desire.
Bewildered, the man began to cry,
O Angel I'm so afraid to die,
I'll give you gold and be your slave,
Don't send me to the unlit grave.
Let me in, O Friend!
The Angel said,Open the door;
get up from your bed,
If you do not allow me in,
I will walk through it, like a Jinn.
The man held a gun in his right hand,
Ready to defy the Angel's stand.
I'll point my gun, towards your head,
You dare come in; I'll shoot you dead.
By now the Angel was in the room,
Saying, O Friend! Prepare for you doom.
Foolish man, Angels never die,
Put down your gun and do not sigh.Why are you afraid!
Tell me O man,To die according to Allah's plan?
Come smile at me, do not be grim,
Be Happy to return to Him.
O Angel! I bow my head in shame,I had no time to take Allah's Name.
From morning till dusk, I made my wealth,
Not even caring for my health.Allah's command I never obeyed,
Nor five times a day I ever prayed.
A Ramadan came and a Ramadan went,
But no time had I to repent.
The Hajj was already FARD on me,
But I would not part with my money.
All charities I did ignore,
Taking usury more and more.
Sometimes I sipped my favorite wine,
With flirting women I sat to dine
.O Angel! I appeal to you,
Spare my life for a year or two.
The Laws of Quran I will obey,
I'll begin SALAT this very day.
My Fast and Hajj, I will complete,
And keep away from self-conceit.
I will refrain from usury,
And give all my wealth to charity,
Wine and wenches I will detest,
Allah's oneness I will attest.
We Angels do what Allah demands,
We cannot go against His commands.
Death is ordained for everyone,
Father, mother, daughter or son.
I'm afraid this moment is your last,
Now be reminded, of your past,
I do understand your fears,
But it is now too late for tears.
You lived in this world, two score and more,
Never did you, your people adore.
Your parents, you did not obey,
Hungry beggars, you turned away.
Your two ill-gotten, female offspring,
In nightclubs, for livelihood they sing.I
nstead of making more Muslims,
You made your children non-Muslims.
You ignored the Mua'dhin Adhaan,
Nor did you read the Holy Quran.
Breaking promises all your life,
Backbiting friends, and causing strife.
From hoarded goods, great profits you made,
And your poor workers, you underpaid.
Horses and cards were your leisure,
Moneymaking was your pleasure.
You ate vitamins and grew more fat,
With the very sick, you never sat.
A pint of blood you never gave,
Which could a little baby save?
O Human, you have done enough wrong,
You bought good properties for a song.
When the farmers appealed to you,
\You did not have mercy, tis true.
Paradise for you? I cannot tell,
Undoubtedly you will dwell in hell.
There is no time for you to repent,
I'll take your soul for which I am sent.
The ending however, is very sad,
Eventually the man became mad
With a cry, he jumped out of bed,
And suddenly, he fell down dead.
O Reader! Take moral from here,
You never know, your end may be near
Change your living and make amends
For heaven, on your deeds depends.
If this poem inspires you,It can help someone too"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Story of the Ball

Invitation to a Ball

One morning after I sent Johan to school, Hubby suddenly asked me if I wanted to go to a Ball. To be precise, the Ox*ford Camb*ridge B*oat R*ace Gala Ball. He said his good friend Ms DY invited us and let's go , as a birthday celebration kekononlah. The fact that later Ms DY said it was gratis lagi lah kena pergikan! The Ball was held on the 12th April, at the Carcosa Seri Negara. Forgot that there was Carcossa and then there was Seri Negara. - the invite is HERE.

Thank you to Ms DY- my husband's ox*bridge batch. (she actually went to Ox*ford)

Nothing to Wear and No Fairy GodMother in Sight.

So dapat invitation to the Ball tapi what to do dah tak ingat. What happens at a Ball ah? Lupa nak baca Tatler lah. Last time we went to anything resembling a ball, was ages ago- kat Notts kot!. Ada gown gown kan? Or baju shiny shiny? And girls always do their hair up kan? And wear fancy jewelry? (or was that the Rafflesia launch I'm thinking of?) So we all pun terus pergi beli kain dari Euromoda, shiny shiny lacy thing konon nak buat top. Mak oit harga.

Kena hantar tailor la.

Tapi you know lah kan..from the date of the invite to the actual ball, loads of things happened and I forgot my panic, till the v last minute. Why are you not surprised, I hear you say.


Terlupa nak hantar tailor the kain. Bukan Lupa, tapi tak sempat..On Thursday before the Ball my husband tanya- nak I hantar tailor tak? Yelah tu, 2 days to go, hantar tailor amende. Karang kain elok jadi rosak. Baik Takyah. Pakai je lah apa yang ada. I have this kebaya thingy yang ada sequin that could pass kot...

Unfortunately dah tak have to go shopping lah (yay!) - Unfortunately TU pun tak sempat!! Sia sia je duduk depan Pavillion. On Friday , panic. Thanks to My Fairy Godmother, (thanks MrsN!) , last2 pakai this lovely dress yang panjang dan menutup perut dan menutup aurat (except for the bare arms) which I covered (takut orang terperanjat how fat my arms are) with a lovely shawl.

Hair?? Coming from MakB's birthday do for Mak Z- Happy Birthday Mak Z!! Still menawan and rupawan! - we terus pergi salon... The salon pi put in loads of curls in my hair . I ingat soft curls tapi last- last jadi Shirley Temple you! I think they panicked when my husband showed up next to me and kept asking - dah pukul 7 ni, tak siap lagi ke??? I combed my hair supaya tak curly na.

Makeup- of course tak sempat - just bernasib baik tak make up dalam kereta seperti biasa. Husband panicked sekejap sebab terlupa macam mana pakai bowtie. But he sorted it out in the end. Of course.

Arriving at the Ball

Next time nak sewa kereta lah..tak sama lah impact nye datang bawak Serena..nak suruh Valet parking pun macam kesian. Karang valet tu nampak all the CD berterabur and sweet wrappers and my eyeliner. So husband went to park- jauh gaklah. It was raining. He came back holding a bright flourescent green umbrella. Bantai lah..

Up we both went on the red carpeted stairs to the marquee. We were told to tell the registration counter that we were with the Ds. We repeated that confidently but we had no clue who they were except they were DY's friends. . But we managed to find our seats, and found DY. Who looked ravishing, of course. And her husband Z, who looked rather dashing. And we sat in boygirl sequence. the table was for DY's friends. There was the headmaster of an international school, an insurance adjuster, a specialist insurance broker whose new nephew I hope will one day marry one of my daughters (provided the nephew does not mind older women lah), and their wives...All dressed up and looking very Oxf*ord Ca*mbridge. Swear to myself that I will send my children to Oxford OR cambridge walaupun buat course cooking or sewing or even gardening! The prestige that comes with it wahhh last years after the actual degree.


We ate tiny tiny portions of food which looked very nice and actually WAS very nice but sorry DY, a bit tak kenyang lah...balik cari roti. There was a puff pastry mushroom and chicken pie in cream broth served with asparagus and salad (it sounds more than it actually was), followed by a rich tomato soup , The main dish was poached fresh cod on a bed of lunyai spinach (i'm sure the proper description is not lunyai) . Before I could figure out which fork to use (selalu tau, but today macam tak confident- keliling mat saleh oik) - my husband had finished the fish! It was that tiny. Hahahahah. Tapi sedap lah .

(OK hubby ada theatre at 9 so have to rush this post )

Then, ada speech by an Ox*ford Rep and a Ca*mbridge Rep. they are both lawyers. The Oxf*ord guy was a pain in the arse to be honest. He was trying to be funny in his put down of Cam*bridge but honestly he was just painful to hear. The Ca*mbridge guy, MR SOCKS from K*adir A*ndre (already I'm impressed although can I say that Andre was from MY University sniff! (tercabar gak ek?) ) was better much better - his put down of the Ox*ford lads were humorous and funny. And what to say, Ox*ford DID produce Sufiah Yusuf....

Background to the Ball

The Ball was held to celebrate the famous Oxf*ord Cam*bridge Boat Race that has been taking place for nearly 2 centuries in the UK. The Ox*bridge alumni of Malaysia has been having their own Boat Race since 2003 (I think) and for 2 years running, Oxford had been winning. DY rowed for Oxf*ord. They had their boatrace at Putrajaya (awat tak beritau) and it was sponsored by TM and Deloitte, so they had a race between Ox*ford and Cam*bridge , TM vs Del*oitte, and O*xford, Cam*bridge and Har*vard. Oxf*ord menang semua .They did look the better more organised team. What do I know, I've never rowed!

The Quiz

There was a quiz organised - each table had to complete a quiz, in 20 minutes. One part was to give answers to questions, which answers must contain the letters "OX" or "CAM". That was not too bad. The second part was to guess which film a particular picture is from - the pix would show the scene, with the heads removed. Rather clever editing of pics I was thinking. The ppl at my table were very good (that headmaster particularly) and we emerged the winner. The prize was 2 bottles of wine (it was that kind of Ball) .

So ada dancing sikit- of course lah my husband akan tarik I nye..Dia bab-bab joget ni, selalu I yang turn him down or tell him we have to go back lah sayang! Bukan apa...macam segan. Plus I can't dance. he can't either but he enjoys saja.hehehehe (takpa bagi chance....) . After a couple of songs we decided to take our leave. My earrings were killing me by then anyway.

All in all, had a good time. Must do it again, if invited. I love meeting new ppl anyways. It was fun !

39 today.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to mee-eee..Happy Birthday to meeee!!

Thanks to my friends who reminded me and wished me this morning!!

At 4 am my husband got up to give me my gift - nooo nothing like that- he cooked 6 dishes of lasagna for me to bring to the office - to me that is enough effort to qualify as a birthday gift tak?

Kenapa bawak ke office you ask me? Biasa lah... I kan suka keramaian (hajat di hati nak jadi diplomat dulu :-)) so last week I sort of mentioned that wouldn't it be a good idea if we eat together this coming Tuesday? Semua orang pot luck lah! (ee tak malu kan, siap paksa orang lagi- but laaa kena gak makan kan)- I memang suka parti parti ni. Boss pun bagi green light. Colleagues pun kata ok they'll cook something/bring something, although takdalah if tak bring something cannot come right. The idea is just to kecoh kecoh. Lantaklah kau if you think I ni perasan ..if they found out it was my birthday sure ingat I ni soo perasan, birthday sendiri nak celebrate...(heheheheh I did not tell them btw -not after the first 20 ppl, I mean) I suka what...and memang perasan pun hehehehehe

Anyway looking forward to this lunchtime! Aside from our lasagna and chicken curry, someone brought spaghetti, chicken tomato, little hors d'oeuvres ( ye ke spelling), fruits, cake, icecream, snacks drinks. Terharu you! Everyone came through - that's the spirit! Someone else buying nasi goreng cina. (Sebab dah ada dua lauk) .

Now thinking maybe should get KFC as well?


Awwww..thank you Sophia

news from Home- Nisa demam. Johan dapat rashes all over the body. Sara nangis sebab masa takwondo someone fell on her toe and stubbed it. Shian.....

Takpa ,malam ni kita ke Pavilion jom.


Very good groaning and clutching tummy as too full. Macam-macam betul food. Masa kemas ada orang yang pergi balik tempat tapi masa time nak tapau..wahhhh ramai datang heh heh heh!! It was really good - must do this again.

Ok ada sing sing lah gak...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Brother's nikah&DoaSelamat

The bride and groom and the bride's aunt who happens to be friends with my husband's aunt. Small world eh.
The bride and groom
These are from our side- lawa tak.. alas handstitched by Intan- dulang made by us and roses also.. ok tak . And by the way I discovered my sisterinlaw and I share the same shoe size hehehehehe
That's the hantaran- sirih junjung courtesy of MakYot

The bride and groom with some of the guests(my cousins from dad's side - (their father did not come as did not get personal invitation from us- alah so sorry lah Uncle ye, oversight from ourside..) at our doaselamat.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nisa's Day Out and Birthday

This is at Karyaneka. Guess which one is Nisa? Heh heh
Dah nak balik and who the heck is that FAT makcik??
Sorrylah Nisa , celebrate kat HaagenDas je. (First time for us too!)
Birthday icecreams - siap nyanyi nyanyi.. Some pics of the kids enjoyssss. Yaaaah !!! Enak Sekarli!!

PS I did manage to call the father on her birthday. He was at an "ACARA" - Acara Maulid. So I did not tie him up too long , enough to tell him that we were taking his daughter out for ESKRIM. He said thank you very much (for corrupting my daughter you evil fosterparents@!! Heehee) Anyways I said ok , call us if you worry about us. He said thank you again. I bagi salam and he said "Waalaikummussalamhiwabarakatuh"...

Semalam borak panjang gak about her family with her.. The kesimpulan is., the father is a pious and very busy man. I told her next time if you want anything or any attention from your parents, you must tell them, cry and throw tantrum if you need to as sometimes parents can be thoughtless thatway and be completely engrossed in their mega work and their mega important calls on their handphones (oops - which parent ni??) hehehehehe


You and Your Five Minutes

Hi there- yes I've managed to wrestle the PC back. We HAVE to get another laptop . (Can we make it a Pink Dell and tell Sophia it's her birthday present?)

So yes, the posting above is about some people's perception of FIVE MINUTES. Someone I know and love dearly and who is perfect in every other way, seem to think that FIVE MINUTES is a concept rather than a fixed time. That and "COMING". or "IN A SHORT WHILE". Hence many a times, I would be waiting for this otherwise perfect someone, who tells me in no uncertain terms that I was not to move from my spot as he would be coming in FIVE MINUTES to fetch me from work (we car pool) , only to find that the five minutes is anything from half an hour to maybe 2 hours.

Yesterday the five minutes stretched to two hours. The poor (otherwise perfect and lovely) guy was stuck in a meeting and could not get out. And could not sms me. Because his hand was also stuck in a meeting. Of course I was a bit peeved. Not because I was unnecessarily having to do extra hours in the office - but because to me it is a problem that can be very easily solved - by letting the person who is waiting for you, know of any variation to the agreed time.

It's like any contract. One party cannot be changing the terms unilaterally. Any variation must be mutually agreed. If you think there will be any event that will render keeping to the original terms impossible, then you must let the other party know. Ek? Just let the other party know, then the other party is free to decide on the next course of action.

This (otherwise perfect and lovely) person, finds it very perplexing that I see it that way. He can't let me know because there is no point as he was going to get me any time now. Hehehehehehe...

Now, after a calm and rational discussion, (hahahahaha) we have decided that even if a party gives a time for the other party to adhere to - it is only a concept and if the other party feels that he / she wants to vary or not depend on that time, he/she is free to not stick to it. Ie , if I don't want to wait, just go home.

I can't do that you see. Because I'd be thinking- If I take a cab NOW, what if, in FIVE MINUTES, he'd really be here?? Then I'd be wasting the cabfare! So I pun tungguuuuulah

So why not buy a car then? No one will have to wait for the other.

Well.. I kind of like being in a car together in the morning...Because other than this problem, that someone is otherwise lovely and perfect!


Yes SIL- they are brothers and I know you know what I'm talking about.


I've been trying to be very good and not blog during office hours. As a result the entire day stuff would happen and I'd be thinking- I'll talk about THAT! There is a cartoon in the St*r about a teenage boy who lives with his parents and one day his father was telling them about what happened at work and his son stopped him and said "Dad! You can BLOG about that!"- punye lah.

Anyway now my husband is hovering over my shoulder as he wants to look at naughty pictures (he insists its surgically related but all I see is a lot of bums) - so my plan to blog kena lah shelve kejap...byee

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Corruption of Nisa

Today is my foster daughter, Nisa's 13th Birthday

happy birthday Nisa!

Some points since she came all the way from SMA Babussalam Riau, dragging her POLO luggage behind her into my buruk van. Apalah agaknya dalam kepala otak dia when she first arrived 9 days ago ek? and so fast time flies!!

1. Week 1- she did not talk much . Kept in her room most of the time. She also was a student contoh, being early etc. Cover up even when husband is not around. Not wearing anything but her jubah.

2. She has a (red) handphone - when I asked her about her parents and whether they are worried about her, she said she has smsed them that she is fine. I think today we will call them lah. Her father's name is Dokter J.E.G. I googled her school and her dad's name etc. She was next to me when I was doing this, and she said "click google, then click on "image"" - HaLLO! Who is from Indon and who is from KL nih??

3.She is still very punctual. I think this is due to the life of routine in her school - This morning I came out of the room to wake the kids at half past 6 , she was ready. And in front of the telly. When I turned it on, she changed the channel to Cartoon Network. good girl. you are learning the ways of my corrupt children. hee hee.

4. She is also playing PS 2 now. Welcome to childhood Nissa!!

5. I have started to begin my sentences wiht her with "yah." As in "Yaaah! KLCC memang canteek sekarli kan Nisa??" - Ni lah, tengok banyak sangat Indon show.

So today I was thinking of ordering Pizza for them but Nadine told me they don't do that lah mummy , diorang bukan budak sekolah rendah tonight I will take her out lah. But hubby lak balik lewat.. never mind lah we'll sort it out. Maybe Swensen ke?

Yaahhhh!!!! tentu SERONOK Malam inih!!!

Real Life

Someone forwarded this to me today - among many pics- this tickled my funnybone the most!
Sigh...this is what turning 40 (oooopps 39 baru , next week.....jangan marahhhh) means to me.

100 day report

This year:

1. Husband started at new private place

2. Kids started Adni.

3. We have a new maid

100 days into 2008:

1. Sophia and Dahlia answers the phone with "Assalamualaikum....!" - sounding very much like Kak Ningseh.
2. Instead of singing "Ella Ella Ella etc" in the car they sing Asmaul Husna.
3. Husband's patients from new hospital give a different type of gfts - kalau dulu he gets chocs and flowers (which he will pass to me and pretend its from him) - now he gets ties from Raoul (which is wasted on him as he says it looks like Giant ties so might as well get tie from Giant hahahahaha)
4. Kak Ningseh is ok with us- we've given her a bit more gaji now since she has to take care of a lot more than she thought- ie 5 kids, 5 cats, clean garden etc.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Eee this office is reallllllllllly cold. I ngantuk lah...and I allready had my coffee. Yah still having fullcaffeinated coffee and still having those missed beats but degil so what to do. Not easy to skip coffee you know!

Not easy to stop doing/eating/seing the things you love, full stop. Whether its coffee, chocolate, food or men.

Especially if the coffee, chocolate or men, refuses to leave your sight or side.

It's worse if the man is the one not leaving. A friend of mine who is in a longterm "pretend" relationship, wants to end things. Why stick around when the other party has unequivocally told you that he is not ready for the next step?? All relationships have to progress and if you dont think the girl is marriage material, what the heck are you doing with her still? It ruins her marriage prospects and yes I have been watching too many Korean dramas. So she has decided to end it.

However, much like the JCO Donuts in Pavillion in front of me, or the GoldBlend Coffee in my larder, this man still hangs around. He calls her, and he acts very attentive and caring about her welfare. He calls her without being asked to call her. He wakes her up. He checks if she has eaten. He calls her family by their family name. He is mega familiar with the circle of friends. He totally acts like he is 100% part of her family and her friends and her life. . All the while reciting that he is not ready to settle down. Bila tang commitment , taknak. What then is your basis to act so familiar?? I don't see any ring on my finger. Nyampah tak??

If you don't want to pursue matters, mamat....please leave my friend alone. She will call you and she will keep on calling you because she is not the one resisting the commitment- you are. She is totally into you . You know that. But by calling her, by being nice to her, by acting like her boyfriend, while at the same time telling her you are not into marriage, is just plain mean. Plain rude. You are leading her on. You are enjoying her attention under false pretenses. You are not giving her the respect she deserves. You are , in short, asking for a beating or a slap. Which will come very soon if you don't stop contacting her. Please. Ignore her, help her forget you. Please.

And the same goes to Donuts.

Please. Leave me alone. I cannot resist you if you are here. I will, gobble you up. Maybe one, maybe two. No need for you to look so delicious.

It won't be my fault if I succumb....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Manic Weekend

Ever since Nisa stayed with us -you know , the student from Riau?- I have been feeling under pressure to take her around. On Friday night she and Nadine had stayed over at school for their Qiyam- and the next day Nisa had a graduation ceremony in Damansara - turned out it was the graduation ceremony of ADNI kids and the Riau kids were invited to attend. She came back and I heard that her friends have gone to the beach, to KLCC, to Museums (eh?? When were they taken there? This was the first weekend?) - Woah pressure .


Phew that Saturday I had a taste of what life would be like if I was a full time mom - make that full time driver- RESPECT ALL YOU FULLTIME MOMS OUT THERE!! Pagi, masak breakfast. Then jemur kain, then, sapu daun kat luar. Then, get ready and everyone ready . Go get Nadine from school. Nisa to be fetched later as she went to the graduation thingy.

Then, out again to go get maid (she went back to her Agent's house for 2 days - break and ada hal sikit) - thank goodness she was being dropped off at a location I could get to. Everyone came with me as Dad wanted to finish his presentation for Sunday.

Then, I had to send Nadine to her friend's house for a study group discussion thingy. Dah 13 dah ada lah all this study group. Problem was I had NO IDEA where the friend's house was. Bagi alamat- No 123, Kampung Pandan Dalam. Apa kenama bagi alamat cam tu??? I googled the place - nasib baik lah google map ni very the good. However finding it was a different thing. Landed in Taman Cempaka, Taman Dagang, Taman Nirwana etc baruuuu jumpa her house- one of the older houses before the development came about - where the access road is such that, once you go in, good luck to you on reversing out. Almost gave up actually. Called husband and he said - alah ada lah tu!

Then, went to ADNI to get Nisa. She was among the last 3 students left..siannnnn..

Anyways after that, send Maid home. And all the kids too. But not before buying KFC for all of them as Maid has not eaten and neither has Nisa. And bought present for Dahlia's friend's party. Went home.

Then, at 3.30- again go out. Sent Dahlia to a birthday party at KFC in Taman Setiawangsa. Stayed to watch her be very kiasu and competitive and win virtually in every game...Definitely not from me! Discovered that the best friend's / birthday girl's father is also a lawyer (poor sod) . Got calls from Nadine- where are you and all my other friends have gone home - please come get me!! So off we go . From Setiawangsa pulak to Kg Pandan Dalam. Got THOROUGHLY LOST again as coming from another direction.Dapatlah "berkenalan" with districts such as Pandan Jaya, Taman Maluri, Desa Pandan this time around. Sign posts say "Kampung Pandan Dalam" and when you go in, terus disappear.... signs in KL SUCKS BIG TIME. Habih lah 2 senggat minyak. Swore never to let Nadine go to this house again- dah lah mother of the friend appears a bit rude- when I called the handphone number- she answered but when I said I was Nadine's mom- she just passed it over to her daughter without saying anything. pelik kan?

Malam- dragged Dad out - went to Giant and then took Nisa to see KLCC at night. Majestic sight but lost on Dad who asked me to drive as he was sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Age lah.


Took Nisa and family to pick dad up at Hote*l Conco*rde - where Dad's presentation was. Dad was not done so we went to HardR*ockCa*fe for lunch. Wahhh my kids all pandai order 'k- Nisa too - she wanted a TRIO COMBO. Nadine pun. Told them to share.

Tengah shok shok mengkaler at HRC- Dad came and said we were invited to go eat the buffet lunch. He cancelled the HRC's order and dengan penuh embarrassednye, we went out, balloons trailing, and hands clutching crayons and colouring paper given by HardRo*ck.

Sampai buffet- well...gone are the days when my kids would eat a bowl of cereal and be done. They now know how to eat at a buffet. Sophia siap order farfalle bolognaise lagi. And blueberry waffle. Nisa pun terror - I think she ate everything. Dahlia and the rest had to be forced to come away from the colourful desserts and eat proper food. Some guy came to make balloons animals for them. Kids were given bumble bee balloons etc. I pun dapat bunga...hehehe(sebab I mintak -tak malu)


Then went to Karyaneka CraftFair - not bad at all. A LOT OF PEOPLE- But again, no signs to say where to go . Unless you just follow the crowd. Once you stop looking for the signs, they're everywhere. Hehehehe. Very nice kerawang stuff and beads and pearls and batiks and songkets- found one very nice songket- harga rupanye is RM8000 - waduh. Nisa wanted a souvenir but then - semua ni ada kat Indon kan??? Gave her money anyway and she bought some brooches I think. Dah, semua orang pun nak buy something. Rambang mata betul actually.Posing kat depan kereta lembu and rumah kampung. Johan mengengek2 nak air and Dahlia nak pee. Heeee bawak budak macam tulah. Nisa very quiet. She's very proper lah- or shy? But she talks a lot too with the kids and she is not sombong. But she doesn't babble lah. She said she has to wear bajukurung or skirts as where she was, if she pakai seluar they'd cut it up. Tak paham sangat her accent. Bukannya her English improves, my Indonesian has improved!

Again, on the way back Dad fell asleep and mom had to take over the car...Sampai rumah semua orang flat.


Despite my hoping , tennis jalan seperti biasa. Even though it rained, Mr Chow took the kids in the squash courts so that they can practise their moves such as throwing ball in the air and catching it, running sideways, front and back, and juggling. (??) . NIsa pun join gak. Lisa, anak our friend, has also joined us so the original group of 5 yesterday jadi 7.

The end.......

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...