Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Eee this office is reallllllllllly cold. I ngantuk lah...and I allready had my coffee. Yah still having fullcaffeinated coffee and still having those missed beats but degil so what to do. Not easy to skip coffee you know!

Not easy to stop doing/eating/seing the things you love, full stop. Whether its coffee, chocolate, food or men.

Especially if the coffee, chocolate or men, refuses to leave your sight or side.

It's worse if the man is the one not leaving. A friend of mine who is in a longterm "pretend" relationship, wants to end things. Why stick around when the other party has unequivocally told you that he is not ready for the next step?? All relationships have to progress and if you dont think the girl is marriage material, what the heck are you doing with her still? It ruins her marriage prospects and yes I have been watching too many Korean dramas. So she has decided to end it.

However, much like the JCO Donuts in Pavillion in front of me, or the GoldBlend Coffee in my larder, this man still hangs around. He calls her, and he acts very attentive and caring about her welfare. He calls her without being asked to call her. He wakes her up. He checks if she has eaten. He calls her family by their family name. He is mega familiar with the circle of friends. He totally acts like he is 100% part of her family and her friends and her life. . All the while reciting that he is not ready to settle down. Bila tang commitment , taknak. What then is your basis to act so familiar?? I don't see any ring on my finger. Nyampah tak??

If you don't want to pursue matters, mamat....please leave my friend alone. She will call you and she will keep on calling you because she is not the one resisting the commitment- you are. She is totally into you . You know that. But by calling her, by being nice to her, by acting like her boyfriend, while at the same time telling her you are not into marriage, is just plain mean. Plain rude. You are leading her on. You are enjoying her attention under false pretenses. You are not giving her the respect she deserves. You are , in short, asking for a beating or a slap. Which will come very soon if you don't stop contacting her. Please. Ignore her, help her forget you. Please.

And the same goes to Donuts.

Please. Leave me alone. I cannot resist you if you are here. I will, gobble you up. Maybe one, maybe two. No need for you to look so delicious.

It won't be my fault if I succumb....


Fadzila said...

Mana sedap? J Co atau Big Apple?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Believe it or not I have not tasted Big Apple! Must rectify this mistake so that I can answer you! :-)

MrsNordin said...

Hey, tell this guy to go and fly kite elsewhere lah. Why hang around some more like a loser?!

This is the thing with men. They want the best of both worlds. He's not the marrying kind? I bet you he has set his eyes on someone else. Why still call her? He wants to look good in her black book.

Tell your friend to stop entertaining his calls. Whenever she sees his no, don't pick up! He's just playing with your feelings lah... babe. Unless she enjoys being part of this non-committal relationship, she should stop hoping for him.

I'm serious. Been in this situation many times before. Pull the plug now and leave with honour. Otherwise, you'll just be another victim of this love gone bad story... sigh...

(but of course, she won't listen to our advise, Shila..)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi MrsN-the thing yang frustrating is, we all like him, this guy. If he did commit we'd all be happy for her. And if he did leave her pun my friend will seriously be very depressed- having said all this, I rasa better cut off all losses and he has to help her lah.- thanks for your comment darling!!..

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