Please!! No pictures!! - Hahahaha!
Just look at the two dara sunti posing kat belakang tu..
Camarina the princess birthday girl flanked by the Dayangs.
Semalam Project Runway kat our house- and by that I meant there was Dad and me, on the floor, with yards of material, dressing up Sara (him) and Sophia(me)

Yalah, they found out that SIL Zu was giving out prizes for best dress Prince, best dressed Princess and Best dressed King and Queen for her daughter Camarina's 8th birthday, and all started to nag me for costumes. Being the anak lord that they are, semua mintak either we go to (a) Pavillion to get their Princesses dresses or (b) Costume shop to rent one.

Being the cheapskate parents that we are, we went to Nagoya instead. And got 14 yards of shiny satinny material. Pink for Sophia, Lilac for Daya, Blue for Sara etc etc. Also bought readimade ruffles. Balik tidur kejap- stress woh pergi CarrefourNagoya on weekends, orang macam ulat. at 2 pm started menjahit. Party was at 4. For me, I just jahit tepi like sarung, get sophia to step into it, gather the waist with a ribbon , and bunch up left and right shoulders into ribbons. Jahit ribbonflowers on the belt. Ok lah takdalah macam baju beli tapi boleh lah.

Sophia's comments while I was doing her baju- "Ohmygosh I look like a cave girl". Dahlia came , looked her up and down with an expression of trying hard not to laugh, and told me" Ermm no offence mummy, but ...." whatever she wanted to say was stopped as I turned to look at her with eyebrows raised. "Why? Nice you want one like this?"


In the meantime, Daddy being the methodical systematic surgeon that he is, did the sleeves first. Very cantik very teratur. But once he attached the sleeves he did not know what to do. Now he had a kimono for Sara. So he tied the waist with a big ribbon and voila ! Sara was a Japanese princess.

Sophia also wanted sleeves - In fact she nagged me endlessly for them- I took the excess material after I had bunched them up at the shoulders, and tied with ribbons, I took the excess material and draped it down her upper arm- ala ala sleeve lah...

Anyway Dahlia, after seing the (no) talents of her parents , decided that she should just drape her material around her neck, like a cape. Hence she went as a Queen with the lilac cape.

Of course, each of them including Nisa , had a tiara- and everyone except Nisa got a wand (I wasn't sure if she'd like to go the whole hog)

Johan had a sword that continually made noises the minute you move it. So it was verrry irritating. Until it died. He was a bit upset that he did not have any costume. But his idea of a costume is a proper baju. You want a sash Johan?No. You want a cape? Prince don't wear capes mummy. So in the end Johan pakai baju biasa. With the sword.

Thanks Zu for the lovely party- you really put in a lot of effort and looking forward to seing the pics on your BLOG . Your cake , the castle cake and your pinata, the castle pinata, were really pretty. Boleh lah take orders.


MrsNordin said…
I'd love to see those Project Runaway outfits!!
wanshana said…
Yes!!! Where are the pics, dear?!!!

I tabik spring kat you and Jab...If Haizal one day volunteers to sew for the kids (or anything at all for that matter), I buat khenduri you! Hahaha!

That was really sweet of Mommy and Daddy to burn the midnight oil - siapkan costumes for anak-anak. I'm sure they really appreciate it.

Again - I'll be waiting for the pics...:)
Hi Mrs N- pics enclosed- dah ranap dah sekarang the baju as they took them off dengan penuh careless nye....sigh...
Shana- wat to do...I think next time I BELI je lah!!!
Madam Tai Tai said…
Hi Shila,

Great team effort! Kids looked good in the pic.

Next time bila dah retire boleh la bukak fancy costume shop.
MrsNordin said…
Eh, why lah you didn't stitch up the edges of Dahlia's cape? Berjuntai-juntai benang dia... :)
wanshana said…

Tabik spring.

You all ambik order tak? Just in case we need your expert service in the future ;)

The only costume we've ever made was when Hanna had to come up with an Ancient Greek costume for her Greek Week when she was schooling in Newcastle. We just bought a cream single flat sheet and wrapped it around her, and sembat aje mana-mana yang perlu...

She was only 9 then, and didn't have much fashion sense anyway. So, no complaints. Hahaha!
Fadzila said…
so sapa menang? apa2 pun seronok nengok both of you..parent mithali
Madam TaiTai -not bad, if you look beyond the sleeves senget hahahaha
Aiyah MrsN-start at 2 to go to party at 4 where got time to hem sides one...semua tu jahit tangan - sebab tak tau mana letak machine...
Wanshana- yalah that is greek kan? Nak macam mana lagi ek?? But kan, wish that I took more time to do it padans muka..sebab Some of the kids at the birthday party seriously princess -!Never mind lah!! The girls dah besar punn...
Fadzila- insyallah....memang niat nak jadi ibu bapa mithali.....tapi sekarang macam ibubapak menyesali...he he he !! (get it? menyesaaali tak sudah sudah - menyesal tak start buat baju awal, menyesal tak tanam togey awal) - oh by the way, tanam togey yang dah siap beli tu jadi macam real lah!! Siap tumbuh shoots lagi!
Fadzila said…
Minahsongeh said…
Thank you for the lovely cupcakes shila!! Yes I will post the pics.
Zu- you are welcome and thanks for having us over...!

Fadzila- alahai tak monang pon...I think hehehehe

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