An Alternative Personality

Some one remarked semalam that I was funny. I liked that. I like being funny, although I don't actively try to be funny. In another life I'd be a stand up comedienne. I am also funny peculiar. I have a funnypeculiar brand of wit. Not that many ppl will actually get it. With the right person, we can egg each other on until both of us would be rolling about on the floor laughing. One person I can do that with is TR, a friend from Uni. Update your blog dear!!!! (Ooops -sorry- She hates being called dear) Another is NAB- who left the firm to join the UN (can I say that?) - she was a full decade younger than me but when we get going, we had to shut the door, we'd be that noisy. We both love to put ourselves down. And if you don't get us, we'd come across as bimbos. But we so hate it when ppl treat us as one. But with the wrong ppl, the wrong kind of thngs will sprout of our mouths and we will indeed sound very Paris Hiltonish. Why do we do that???? We are actually creverrer than we look. Heh heh..

Anyway I have this secret dream - to be cool, elegant. Aloof. Masa kat A-levels this guy my classmate, (he's now CEO of CYber something or other) once said I was tigasuku. Sebab one day I happy the next I'd be quiet. Ok now I tell you why. Sebab, at the end of that day I'd be thinking ...eee kenapa lah aku ni cakap banyak sangat..and the next I'll try to cut down. I'd be diam je....Which of course lead to this perception that I was 3 suku. Kesian kan I...Apart from that, A Levels was indeed a happy time for me. Although I did hate being called GOLDFISH by this other guy (the guy would not STOP! And he called me Lady D - Lady Debab) . Loads of crushes everywhere. One of my main crush I am happy to note , dah gemok - that's you Azman - Hahahahahaha...See there I go again. Talking a lot. I tumpang orang punya lunch date (as in my friend had a lunch date with HER friend and I tumpang) pun I yang talked a lot! Arggghhhh..Today I will keep quiet.

I want to be someone who does not talk a lot. Goes around observing quietly the scenario unfolding before her, perhaps sighing occassionally at the frailty of human nature..Reading a very deep thinking book ...maybe I should do that. I was reading Orhan Pamuk's SNOW and I feel like strangling myself halfway. A Suitable Boy pun I tak larat nak habis. Harry Porter - 6 books in a week- straight. Bill*Bryson- ditto. Tapi buku intellectual ni....macam my brain cannot processlerrrrrr....

Therefore maybe I should resign myself to being who I am. A nonintellectual, funny person who wants to be cool but fails miserably..who is so Makcik Kiah these days. Whose icon is Sapphire from Sapphire and Steel. Cool kan?

We have to accept who we are..for who else is going to love us if not ourselves?

(but today I will keep quiet a bit. Tiga suku strikes again!)

Coincidentally, husband is as wacky as I am.


MrsNordin said…
You know what's my secret dream? To speak softly and gently.

You know, how some people can be very gentle when they speak to their kids and other people? Not menjerit-jerit like I do! One person that I idolise is our friend Sharinaz. She has such gentle persona! I tak pernah dengar she raised her voice. Always speak very softly. I'm sure kalau dia marah anak dia pun, she'd go, "Yasmin.... sudah lah tu.... ok sayang....?"


Hee... hee...!
Hee hee BJ you and me both! Yalah Sharinaz so elegant...

But dengan you pun I envy lah J- I envy your straighttalking ness- whereas I want to be such a diplomat I cant bear to say anything that remotely offends so in the end macam wishy washy!

So you are wonderful and dont change ok
Fadzila said…
be urself..peduli apa orang nak kata..yg pentg org sayang kita for what we are....itu lagi gempak......
Madam Tai Tai said…
Hi my tiga suku friend,

Don't ever change Shila because you are truly unique...delightfully unique.
NUR said…
kak long..
please don't change!!!
you r so interesting person..even to read ur blog make my day!!
Hi Fadzila - ye the end of the day you can't really change yourself- tapi tu lah , kekadang nakgak tukar personaliti heh heh
MadamTaiTai- I think you fall under the cool elegant ladies i so wish I can emulate heh heh heh! Never mind lah nasib badannnnnnn hee hee
NONI YOU RAWKS THANK YOU!!!Ni bukan blog mintak puji tapi nye tauuuuuu...salam to syed and baby!!!
wanshana said…

I have to agree - you ARE funny in a very delightful way. It's a rare trait you know...

No need to change maaaa. As long as everybody around you and close to you accepts and loves you as you are - everybody else does not matter.

And BJ,

For as long as I could remember, I have ALWAYS seen you as someone who is very patient, gentle and ever-smiling. Cannot imagine you as the jerit-jerit type maaa!!! Hehehe!
ms hart said…
SW, that's my azam tahunan those days, y'know - to be a quiet and well-behaved girl!! But I failed miserably year in year out!!! So I gave up lor! he he
MRSHUSiN said…
kakLong, epi is a cuckoo!
so basically u + epi are a perfect match!

hahaha... i pun kekadang org kata 3suku gak!
WanShana- you too! Im forever smiling at your description of your family!Tak jauh kecohnye with my family..and Im amazed how alike our husbands are....
And WanShana - BJ was once my boss. So I always feel she is a little bit garang hahahahahahaha!!!
Izansss- your cousin is very the cuckoo. His humour can make orang nangis one betol tak..I still remember him chasing me with the kepala ayam tu..funny lah tu! Heheheheh
Mrs Hart- when can that be, ye, that we become cool and yah, "better behaved"
MrsNordin said…
Shana, SW,

Patient? Gentle? I don't know if I still have those traits. Maybe dulu lain kut, sekarang lain...

As for you Shana, i think you are quite a gentlewoman. I baca dalam blog you, like so lembut talking to your kids. "Yes, dear... no, dear... ". I wish I have the same patience.

SW, I think you are gentler than me. Cakap dengan your maid pun so softly, I can melt! But I am definitely less kelam kabut than you lah! :)

jdehhhsjskm hkiii1 thidn knn'
m hhdzggggff xZ (that's Nizzar for you!)

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