Bestnye distracted from work.

Actually kan, I have a TON of work. I'm banking on no sleep.

Tapi kan, macam seronok lak reminiscing ni ye? Walaupun melambarks kerja. And my "boss" reads this blog too!

I was just thinking of what happened when I came back from that summer , armed with 4 teeshirts for Hubby.

I remember feeling just a teeny weeeny bit excited - or rather teruja. I had said that there was no immediate chemistry kan. Actually, it crept on me.

I now realise that, before I went home for the summer, we were increasingly meeting - at friends' place , etc. I was also a nonofficial non paying tenant of my Malaysian friends' flat nearby. I shared with 4 lovely english girls and rarely received visitors- perhaps cause I was forever at my friends' flat? Anyways, these friends knew hubby a bit better as they had been living on campus since the first year (when I stayed at my auntie cousin).

There was one occasion before summer hols, that we all went out for a movie. A couple of female UM medic students had arrived and we all, hubby included, took them out for a movie. Somehow we got to walking together and chatting but you know, I thought he was so annoying, the answers he gave to my questions were so lorat that I thought- hmph what a pratt.

Then after that, he visited me at MY flat. Wah excited nye I to receive visitors! Habis keluar my precious biskut cornflakes yang datang from Malaysia and made by my AuntieDah. He was doing his laundry and decided to while his hours away chatting with me. Alah, I tak perasan pun, as he "singgah" rumah his friends all the time pun... I hoped he realised that every munch of those biscuits were very mahal ok. This time borak lama sikit lah. He finished my supply of coke .God knows what I blabbed about. Some nonsense I'm sure.

So,... by the time I got the letter from him, it was another installment in our interaction with each other session. Sort of a slooooooowwwwwww continuation of hello so what are you like, really , behind your tembam exterior? (I teka lah this must be what he was thinking heh heh)

Fast forward to after summer- three days kot after I moved in with the same Malaysian girls at whose flat I was a non-paying tenant before- he came over. Cehwah..pakai his long coat- he did look dashing. (ye lah kurus kan masa tu). I pun passed him the teeshirts. (Rupanye he said NOT to buy the tshirts from that artist, and to this day I will swear to him that he said to buy only from THAT artist..but on the other hand, my friend did accompany me to buy those tshirts so maybe ada sabotage kot??? :-))

Ok ok sambung later....


Dad of 4+1 said…
Wonder which fren accompanied you?
MrsNordin said…
Alah... apa ni!! Cepat lah sambung!
DadofFour plusOne

Tu lah- my good friend yang tersuka kat I tulah....
MrsN- sure tak boring ke ni???
Madam Tai Tai said…
SW, tak boring!! Cepat sambung!
Madre said…
i was blog hopping n found ur 'cerita cinta'... u are really good...bleh tulis buku ala2 M&B :)

can't wait for the next part...
wanshana said…

Cepat! Cepat! I'm holding my breath ni!!!

By the way, I'm working on my sequel, too. Macam full-time job pulak, eh? Hahaha!
Hi Madre!

Thanks for dropping by...I wish it was juicier but its not...heheheheh
Wanshana- I am waiting for yours also lah...apa ni refer to "pusing pusing" and then senyaaaap je?? Heheheheh

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