Thursday, April 17, 2008

Carpooling Hazards

You know the thing about car pooling, you have to depend on the driver a lot.

I do have other alternatives than to car pool with my husband. A couple of ppl in my office live around my way and I'm sure I can tumpang them for a fee. However I like going to work with my husband sebab can chit chat and also remind each other of the one hundred and one things that we need to do/pay/pick up etc etc. Which is probably why he is promoting the idea of another car. Heheheheheh. No lah. We take turns mentioning that we have to go get another car. If I'm the one delaying him, he'll say, "We have to get another car lah, you're always making me late". If he makes me wait a couple of hours before he gets me from work, I'd be saying "Hey I think I'll get another car lah!!!! Senang!!!" But in the end, I think neither one of us want to move from the comfort zone of carpooling.

Most morning, our routine is like this-

8.15- Depending siapa yang tak habis kerja, either I or him will still be at the PC. The one yang dah siap will nag the other. I start work at 9 ok by the way. the logic of leaving so late is that the traffic is clearer. It does not always work. Sometimes nak pengsan when you leave so late, only to see the loooong traffic due to some stupid accident or lorry terbalik. Which happens a lot on MRR2.

8.25- Hubby will run upstairs all dressed up and in his shoes (I hate that) to go to the loo. Always. So Always that I can bet on it 100%.

8.30 - I will be nagging (by this time I am happily in the car and saying I'm not the one who is laaaate")

8.35 - Hubby pakai kasut. Why can't he pakai kasut after he sends princess wife??

8.45- We hit the MRR2. 8.45 you!!! and I start telling him, take the fastest lane lah. Tengok that lane, macam kosong je. He buat tak dengar. I put on my make up. I always do this in the car. I may have a lot of time at home, but still kena pakai makeup in the car. Which explains my uneven eyeliner Heheheheh (eh tak lah teruk na, expert dah)

8.45 until we reach the turning to go to the elevated highway - I'll be fretting. Why doesn't he take the faster lane?? Husband is very principled when it comes to driving. He will not take the most left lane because the most right lane is supposed to be the fast one, and the most left lane is supposed to be the slowest - so he will stick to the right lane while I have a heart attack seing about 2000 cars pass us. he will not weave. He will not over take any car tanpa sebab. He will keep telling me to have faith, soon we will potong /over take all 2000 of them..I think he enjoys seing me nearly pass out from frustration.

9.00 that lorry behind us have gone to the most left lane and over taken us. Waarghhhh!!

I will be wringing my hands etc etc. Hubby, do you deliberately WANT to make us BOTH late?? So these days...I just bring a book, and whenever I frust to see that small kancil action (why is it all small cars esp driven by young chinese ladies, must be so action??) - I will read my book.

But kejap je lah..sampai office taklah lambat sangat. considering I leave nearly nine, I arrived today at 9.10. Not so bad. Tapi kena punch card gak...

Tulah cerita I pagi pagi....maybe I SHOULD get a car. And miss all that agro?? Never! Hahahahahaha....!


wanshana said...


My advice to you - continue car-pooling even if it will make your blood go upstairs. Hehehe!

Sometimes I missed those days when I didn't drive. I think I spent MORE time with Haizal then.

Everywhere I/we wanted to go, mesti together-gether... Nak bayar bills, nak beli groceries, nak pergi kerja, etc... Sekarang - tak boleh nak mengada-ngada. Dah boleh drive, dah ada kereta sendiri - pergilah ke mana-mana sendiri... SOBS :(

Weekends aje I make a point NOT to drive. Problem pulak - weekends pun kekadang Mamat tu kerja!! Sigh...

MrsNordin said...

I took the MRR2 this morning after sending Nadira. Eh, tell Mr Doctor, the left lane is the fastest lah!

I tak sabar if I stayed on the right lane. But I suppose, being a doctor and all, HE IS A VERY PATIENT MAN!!! Nasib u lah, Shila... hee.. hee..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hee hee! Shana- believe me, sometimes you really really wish you have 2 cars - esp time weekend and he works- and you are left at home spending quality nagging time with the kiddoes..!But I think I'll take your advice- and try to keep blood pressure on ground floor....

Superwomanwannabe said...

Oh my god BJ memang lah I pun macam nak nangis tengok how fast the left lane is! :-) Half the time macam gaduh hehe

aida yurani said...


tell epi to take left lane up to exit to ur kids's school, then only take either the middle lane or right lane before coming back to left at exit ampang. That is faster.

hehehehe. I do that every morning. Tapi I will go middle lane, right lane nanti leceh nak pegi kiri balik.

Jgn beli keta baru. Not yet.... suruh dia beli cincin diamond baru... itu okay lah...

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