Thursday, April 24, 2008


In the Goondooks
Yesterday and afterwards I won't be having internet connection - ayo now Internet connection is a must lah. Feel very lost without it. That and the handphone. Dah ada 3G bolehlah borak tengok muka husband. Or rather, lubang hidung dia sebab he will most of the time be holding it at his mouth level. A bit pelik to hold your phone up like a mirror , which is what I do but then I'd be in the privacy of my room.

Anyway came home to another request for school. Dahlia nak plasticin. And that must be new plasticin ok not the one that is all over the house and in the laci etc. Heeeeeeeshhhh!
Mummy the Kids' Personal Tuckshop
Hari-hari ada benda lah kena beli or get. The day before Sophia kelamm kabuttt sebab mana her book report- she did one on daddy seahorses hatching the eggs and dah ada drawings. After 15 mins looking I told her to do another one and that made her cry. Last last found it in one of the rooms.

The night before that kena potong potato for their art. So bapak dia yang terlupa arahan sebelum tido, quickly carved out a nanas design 2 seconds before they went.

And I have to get Sophia her own quran. Between them adalah 4 quran. Tak cukup jugak tu and so kedekut cannot rotate also.

Johan is still panas and has 2 huge glands biji at the side of his neck. Daddy is not worried at all! He said its just a bug that is taking long to go. I am of course tak puas hati but how? Anyway he has to finish his homework semalam. He holds the pencil really really funnily and I have corrected this many times but masih lagi. He said if he holds the pencil the way I asked him too his handwriting gets all wonky. I've spoken to his teacher and she said she is not going to push this .

Lomantik Geddaway
Ok last report of the day is I've been invited and have actually booked leave to go to :

Not sure what room we willget - probably the cheapest room. Not such a bad thing sebab I penakut. Karang I imagine ada benda will come out of the sea lah etc etc. Verry active imagination.

Husband nak celebrate his 41st birthday (its soon after) and a break for mummy and daddy...Alah..sebenarnye, dia ada seminar laaaah! hehehehehehe..Mulanya I malas nak use my leave sebab while you are attending your kursus what am I going to do with myself? a-ha..I'll bring the lappie toppiee so can work ok. (Boss, are you reading this??)

Big masalah at the moment- This will involve leaving my lovely children overnight - its over schooldays so cannot bawak -and I have yet to ask anyone to babysit. Da- nak spend the night at my place tak????
Ok taaaa


MAMAMIA said...

Reading your N3, baru teringat, I forgot to give my daughter her piece of string for her art class today. She's been reminding me, & me with my 'kejap lagi', langsung terlupa. Mengamok lah dia nanti..

The getaway looks inviting, tapi my dear hubby, tak gemar rumah atas air ni. After the TSunami, his imagination has been running wild.

Madam Tai Tai said...


Kat mana tempat lomantik ni? Is it that nice resort in PD? If yes..lamanya tak pergi.

Hv fun and good luck in getting someone to stay over!

ms hart said...

SW, been to this place before for what lah! But then the first night we were there, couldn't sleep well because we were too conscious of the sounds of that 'ombak menghempas pantai' below our rooms and i really mean meng-hem-pAAASSSS, ok?! But since you'll be there with yr honey-pie, am sure you'll be woccay-doccay! Have fun. Sometimes it's good to be away. Yeah, easier said than done, eh? Asyik ingat kat budak2 je kan?

MrsNordin said...

Woo hoo... Avillion! This weekend ke, next weekend? You're still coming to Nizzar's party, right?

Anonymous said...

Bring a book, and chill.... Nice place.

fulltime mom

Madam Tai Tai said...

BJ..thanks for recalling the name for me! Yes, Avillion. Ingat lagi tak kisah Avillion kita dulu - or rather kisah Avillion you??? ;-)

wanshana said...


Stayed there late last year. Biasalah - tumpang sekaki when Haizal has meetings, etc. Hehehee! Very nice place indeed. I like their semi-outdoor shower place ;)

Hmmmmm...memang sah le Jab and Haizal are twins separated at birth. Whenever anak-anak sakit, macam tak kisah or not worried langsung! I guess because they're so used to seeing worse cases at work... Sigh...

Anyway, enjoy your Avillion stay, and good luck with the babysitter! Hope you'll sort something out :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Mamamia- how do you keep track ek? Kekadang penat gak melayan kan. Tadi zip baju Sara taekwondo pulak rosak...kena repair.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Madam Tai Tai and Mrs N

What cerita Avillion???? Tell!! Tell! Is it the same pocong story as the one in your post, Mrs N????

Superwomanwannabe said...

ye ke? camana nak lelap, sure I'll be thinking that the rumah will roboh anytime. Maybe we go and get the gardenfacing thing, then. Honeypie korjo lah though..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Mrs N

We can still come to Nizzar's party...donchaworry

Superwomanwannabe said...

Wanshana- Thanks- I think my trustee cousin will help me byspending the night there...

Oh ye? Youve been there? So what did you do while he was away?

Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM- any book to recommend?

MrsNordin said...


Don't start, ok...... :)


The Avillion story is not a ghost story. It's a love story.

But I don't think I can write that story now that my husband reads my blog. Nanti ada pulak yang tersenget!

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsNordin- now you have made me verrrry curious.....

Anonymous said...

depends on what your heart desires. at the moment, i'm reading the forsythe saga, which is a trilogy about olden english life. also, two coffee table books, faith and power: women in islam, and neither east nor west: the lafayette collection (written by a dear friend's husband), also an agatha christie comic book... hahaha... so many books, so little time.

fulltime mom

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...