Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Doa Selamat [Narrative first 'k]

(pics from Lana - thanks Lana!! The link is HERE

Firstly....I will definitely put all the pics up. I beg all my cousins to pretty pretty pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase email me any pics you have. The official cameraman tak bagi gambar lagi


Secondly...I am so sorry to the office for playing truant today. After last night, I have a massive headache. And my body is aching. I just took a couple of actifast - not acting fast enough mate! Too much food? Too much talking?? Too excited? The last guests went home about midnight. My brother and wife ie the pengantin had to be shooed out around 1, finish keeping all food and stuff and washingup etc etc about 2.30? Got up again at 6 - slightly bewildered to find self on the sofa in front of the tv- bila pulak I slept there? Malas nye nak banguuuunnnnn..Sakitnye kakiiiii....By 8 asked boss if its ok to not come in and work from home. I had taken day off for yesterday (the event) but did not expect to stay in today. Superwoman lah katakan...hehehehehe. All my kids are also kaput- Semua play truant today. I think they are still sleeping as I write. i will try to do SOME work ok.


Last night my husband and I thought it'd be a good idea for us to celebrate my brother's wedding to the new sister in law (New SIL) by holding a doa selamat at our place. But make it as weddingy as possible lah. Without actually bersanding. . Agenda: Doa Selamat,tahlil, dinner, cake. Got tent and everything. 150 guests. 12 tables. 96 chairs. 4 waiters. buffet station. Karaoke. I cuti konon-konon to cater for any last minute stuff and also so that I can be here when things like the kemah come- tapi I was car-less so tak guna gak. Husband meeting with orang puteh so tak leh balik. Why he refused to let me have the car when all he did was park it and leave it I had no idea.



Orang set up kemah lambat start - about 3? My sister in law and brother pun bayang tak nampak lagi. My mom pun. She was layaning my baby brother who was going to go back to Japan the next day. Up to 3 pm I sorang sorang lah as kids went to school . Spent the time washing toilets, the no 1 thing that must be 100% clean when you have a gathering of ppl right. And rooms. Even rooms you'd think no one would ever go into. Even laundry basket kena cantik (laundry basket? What's that?)

Anyway around 3 something, my auntie N came. She saw how the staff of HASNAH CATERER were setting up the buffet table, coffee table etc etc. The tent dah siap- red and white - nice- They were asking me where to put the buffet station, where to put the meja pengantin etc - hey how do I know - hentam sajalah. She asked me , bunga-bunga dah ada? The caterer said for the main table ada...then she said for each table ada? I said ada....!!! (sebenarnye takda) Confident je kan. Ye lah if takda and I tell her she's just going to leter me right..? If she go and get it for me takpa gak hahahahahaha. Then in the middle of that, my brother and wife came..So glamer my sister in law Intan sebab at half past 5 got date with DIOR, KLCC for a make over! I pun, tau! Oh the plan...so hampa....


Auntie N also commented that we should have something to give guests after the event. My mom said earlier tak yah because this is only doa selamat...but Auntie N supported by the caterer also...so HOW?? Dah pukul 5!! Nak rebus telur dah too late- 2 hours to 7 pm man- tu lah bahaya orang komen komen ni.. Intan and I pun rushed out to buy (a) bunga bunga carnation for the tables and (b) gifts for guests. ..

Apa nak beli?? We went to KK supplies kat tepi Uthant lake tu (do you know it?) and spent time we did not have on choosing jajan - candles, pot pourri or hanky? We almost went with the fork and spoon but that was too weddingy and not enough doa selamat-ish. My brother nak grand reception later. (After last night my cousins said takpayah lah kot- buatje cukur jambul grand grand nanti -hahahaha) - Last last we bought dark red pouches- and then we rushed to GIA*NT to get the sweets to put in them.. but in the end , cancel sweets, bought PUDDING lak, each pouch get one.

Lepas tu kitorang pun collected our bunga carnations (bought from Taman Melawati florist tepi jalan) - Oleh kerana sudah lebih daripada pukul 6, cancel lah plan KLCC and also cancel plan blow rambut..Aisay man...bila can pamper self ni....Some ppl, any event je, blow hair tau!! So we went back... sungguh excitedlah nak letak pudding dalam pouch.

Dah sampai rumah- alamak...pudding was TOO BIG for the pouch!! Now we have hmm..160 too-big puddings ? My husband who just arrived , start lah asking kenapa tak ukur? Kenapa beli pudding? Kenapa tak UKUR?? ( such unreasonable questions kan) Aisay kalah dalam court tau if nak argue with him. I said He Who Stays Away From Home Attending (highly questionable) Meetings, cannot argue with She Who Has Been On Her Knees All Day Cleaning Toilets. Nak gelak pun ada . In the end decided to stuff POT PO*URRI in the pouches. Bila dan how jangan ko tanya. Semuanya boleh.... (In the end my colleagues helped me do it. - sorry ye ). Mom came and yay! The Day is Saved!! Carpets have been picked up. I think maybe with 4 girls I should keep carpets handy in my house eh? Siap auntie Y put flower arrangements on the curtain rail so it looks really nice. Auntie Y also let us borrow some flowers. Mak B came with the very impressive cake - a big round cake on the bottom, with red roses on top, and a smaller round cake , with red roses, like hats.And 2 ayam golek for the meja pengantin. We owe you big time , Mak B.


I was upstairs , putting potpourri in, ok Uncle - Uncle, yang tanya where was I during the doa selamat. Tak tau dah sampai sebenarnye....I turun nak ambik bakul je sekali dah ramai kat bawah- bila pulak diorang sampai? Siap ada orang surau lagi. Ramai jugak. Semua carpet dah bentang. I duduk lah diam diam kat atas sampai habis.


I sort of expected ramai from their side tapi like about 10 kot je...it turned out that NewSIL's relatives had gone back to Kelantan/Singapore so tak ramai. Yang ramai are my relatives and my husband's relatives.Thank you very much for supporting this do , guys, naaaaaaaasib baik you all ada..Pengantin tak sewa baju, but still lacy and nice lah. Color coordinated with the langsir man...So we shepherded them to makan- Hubby and I "mingled"..cheh wah. All I wanted to do was makan and sit down. Can ah.

We had the upacara potong cake as planned.

Then , mingle mingle mingle...ada drama sikit where an Auntie is tersemput..alamak sorry ye.....maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaffff banyak banyak.

Ok lah that is it. Going to rest. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


NUR said...

Have rest kak long!!
Tapi it is grand!
susahnye jd org jauh..selalu x dpt join the crowd..jelessss...

Congrates to the pengantin!!at last kawin gak yek..

Channel 11.5 said...

hari ni cuti, rehat!!! tak yah buat kerja. Cover tido puas2, suruh epi picit kaki lah nanti.

I see you later, if lauk is still available. Hehehehehehe.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks Nur!!memang we all rindu you all....lama tak meet up wiht your side..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Aida- thanks for coming just now ya. Sorry lauk takda...

MrsNordin said...

Pretty, ya, your new SIL? And my God, don't they look soooooo young??

They ARE young, I know...

wanshana said...

Lovely pics!

I think the pengantin ada iras-iras sikit la! Such lovely couple.

Orang kata it's good if husband and wife have similar looks. I tak tau lah elok dari segi apa, and quite worried dulu coz' muka I and Haizal macam langit dan bumi! Hahahaa! Ooops! Sorry I digressed..)

Keep the pics coming, okay?

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