Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Instant Taugeh (Not For Dahlia's eyes)

I am currently in Dahia's baaad books. She has been asking us since Monday to buy her green beans, kacang hijau, for her science project. You know, we've all done it, plant some greenbeans and be amazed when they turn out to be bean sprouts. So proud I was when we actually ate MY beansprout.

Anyway. Of course, poor Dahlia has a couple of disorganised parents. Who forgot to get the beans. She had to hand it in by Friday. She had to grow it on Monday, and hand it in on Friday, and it would have to be a week old beansprout ie , it would actually need to have sprouted. And if she had actually grown it on Monday , this would be a-okay.

Problem was, we bought her beans on Wednesday. Then I said to her,(when she started crying) ... "Dahlia., don't worry... I have actually planted one for you lahhhh"

"really??""*sob* sob*. Yah lah,Daya.. its in my office. (I so am going to do that, I promise)
So anyway today is Friday and in the morning she actually forgot all about it. She was happily getting ready for school and I could ignore it if I wanted to not upset her. But I can imagine the scene when the teacher asks for it and my darling baby bushuk takda her togeyyyy I told her to tell the teacher that actually her mummy forgot to bring it from the office. She looked me straight in the eye and she said "You're lying mummy." At which point I vehemently said "Mummies NEVAH Lie!!!" ( A trick I learnt from mom where if your mom says the sky is purple with green dots, it is so purple with green dots) And I said "I allready buat lahhhhh!!"

So come Friday evening when husband picked me up, we went looking for beansprouts. That and of course, Princessy stuff as Camarina's birthday is tomorrow and for weeks Zu had been telling us its "Prince and Princess theme" and only yesterday did it hit us that it might involve COSTUMES. Anyway I digress. We went looking for ready grown beansprouts - not your siap taugeh that you can buy one..this one must be as if I had grown it with all my love in my office.

Mana nak carik woit!!!! DadofFive had advised that we go to either Cold Storage or organic shops....Husband degel want to go to ..Giant. Of course lah tarak. Then, we went to..Maxvalue in Ampang. Togey siap pun takda. So last-last balik..but not empty handed lah. We did stop to look for tiaras and swords.

So we will resume our underhanded search tomorrow. Mana lah aku nak cari a 5 day grown taugey ni....

Tomorrow nak pegi beli kain for princess gown.



wanshana said...


All the best in your hunt for the 5- day old taugeh....

Tak dapek la den nak nolong!

Fadzila said...

ada eh jual taugeh yang macam gitu...? if jumpa nanti bgtahu eh kat mana....*wink*

Superwomanwannabe said...

WanShana- moral of the story- jangan tipu anak....

Fadzila- takda ...tapi i tak carik lagi organic shop..Husband tanam yang dah siap, dalam tanah..takut cikgu tau...karang salah temberang, pecah tembelang.

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