It may be legal it ethical????

........To transfer RM9.9 m out of a society to a federal based society just cause the state has now changed govt? What, the ppl who are supposed to benefit from the money - are they suddenly less deserving? And how the heck did you get the RM9.9 m in the first place? Ok you get it from donation- what the heck is it doing in your coffers instead of out there helping the supposedly poor folks? Since you were so obviously bad at distributing money, then why not give the new govt a chance?

It may be legal but it is soooooo unethical!! So unethical that I want to jump up and down now. That money is for the Selangor ppl and was given under the understanding that it is to benefit the citizens and not UMNO (or at least its supposed to lah) . The best thing is the former office bearers are so shameless they can stand there reciting mindlessly that hey, its legal. without any shame, without any urge to explain to those who should have received the money. Are there no more poverty at state level ?? Was the money given to a political party after all??? and the most important question of all- OI !! HAVE YOU NO SHAME?????


ms hart said…
Madame - memang what? These people MEMANG have no shame. Expected. Some people can be that l*w what? urrrgghhh...
Urgghhhhh is right.

No wonder lah ppl say they are arrogant. Buat benda macam ni,....lepas tu buat muka selamba lak tu....iiiishhhhhh

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