Saturday, April 26, 2008


What do I do. Maid has asked for a handphone. She is 4 months old only.

Also, we have intercepted her letters between her and her friend. They have boyfriends . They are both married.

This is what I was thinking of doing.


and I'm going to let her have a handphone, shall I.

Cause I'm the kind of groovy let loose majikan, aren't I.



wanshana said...


Bahaya when they have handphones ni. Especially when she has only been with you all for 4 months!

You don't really know what kind of friends she has out there, dear. Macam-macam they can coordinate, synchronize and strategize using mobile ni... Nak lari lah, nak bergayut bercengkerama lah, or paling takut - nak pecah rumah or samun!

Kita tak patut sangka buruk, but, when it comes to maid, WE HAVE TO!

You just have to be firm and tell her it was never part of the contract.

Anonymous said...

Yup u SHOULDN'T GIVE HER HP!!!! Married but got bf? U need to be extra careful with her. Especially when she's alone with the kids.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi SW,

This is based on experience I had with my 7-year long maid dulu.

Despite I tak beri her hp to use and told her if she wanted to call Indonesia she could use our housephone provided that she informed us la.

Dalam senyap2 and dalam percaya gila kat dia, she still bought her own hp. My kids, who loved her, of course knew about it la but didn't tell me because her 'kakak' said not to tell.

The hp was used to menackle Bangla la, Indon la, or all sort of guys. It seems that she would call or text to a number and if she is lucky a gatal guy would be on the other line. So that is how the relationship is developed.

But in my maid's case it was an external factor that influenced her bad behaviour. There was another maid nearby whose employer was too flexible with her, as she is deemed as valuable to the family. So the employer ikut aje la apa si maid ni nak.

Ever since my maid got to know this woman she changed a lot. Apparently so did the other maids in the neighbourhood. The naughty maid ni la yg mengajar how to tackle lelaki with the phone to the other maids in the area. There was a huge sigh of relief amongst the employers when this maid moved away.

Ater moving here, I actually have given my current maid a hp to use. This is because the fixed line is quite terrible in Bangladesh, byk sangat static and always faulty (esp nak dekat raya or other major festivals - bila repair dapat bokshis, i.e tips!). I have no problem with her using it so far. I find that she doesn't use it in front of me or while doing her work. So if she uses it at night during her leisure time I tak kisah la.

To be honest I don't know what advice to give to you. But because you know that she has a boyfriend so most likely the hp is going to be used to call or text him.

The fear is that one thing will lead to another. Mula-mula rindu nak dengar suara and lama-lama rindu nak jumpa. So the latter part tu la yg kita tak nak tu. Because kalau nak jumpa kat mana lagi kalau tak kat rumah kita bila kita tak de. Betul tak?

So because of this, perhaps you should re-consider giving her the hp. But believe me you..sooner or later without your knowledge she will be owning one somehow. Percaya la..

Superwomanwannabe said...


Yah , I allready told her that the reason I dont want to give her a hp is because she will bemore free and she can call boys and she swears that she wont.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yah Gina- how ah? If only we can trust them ..on the one hand I dont want her to memberontak dalam diam...but your point abt them rindu and later jumpa kat rumah tu is very valid...horrors!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Anon

Im watching her. Actually we got a phone that can record the ins and the outs and then there are numbers i dont recognise allready coming in and I asked her yesterday who called and she said no one! Sigh..the phone is telling me one thing the girl is saying another.

So, we'll let that pass, because she works ok, but I certainly will not let my guard down missy.

Noticed that since I asked her that , she is working harder

Anonymous said...

Hi Shila!

I think if u don't get her a h/phone, she'll get one herself. About infedility, it's common amongst them. My previous maid pun like that, even worse, suka pergi dating kat taman depan my house, then bila my youngest started kindy, she pergi apt the boyfren (he's a guard at my place). One thing lead to another until terpregnant. Pandai pula buat D&C..

We cannot control themlah, hormon tgh naiklah at that age, but maybe kena warn them not to bring men, problems or diseases into your house.


MrsNordin said...

Tough question, huh?

My maid uses a handphone. But so far, alhamdulillah lah... belum ada perkara2 yang tidak diingini berlaku.

Sometimes, I do see her immersed with her phone, texting sms, senyum sorang2. No need to guess lah, kan? Sure boys tu. But when that happens and she slacks, we'll tell her off. Then dia okay balik.

Hard to say lah. Tapi kalau dah ada pacaran ni, no need to give lah, kut?

Or, if you still want to give, give her postpaid, under your name. That way, you can track her calls. Bil ~ tolak from her salary bulan-bulan. Tell her that, and surely she won't use the phone.

(Eh, tapi they can still get a prepaid card on their own, kan? Hmm... susah jugak ni..)

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