Friday, April 18, 2008

Malam Di TGI*F

Semalam we all went to Pavillion. Husband went home to pick up the kids then brought them over to Pavillion, for dinner. Unfortunately and I did not know this until the food has all arrived, the kids had already HAD their dinner. I left to join them from my office and teruusss pi TG*IF- Dad and the family was by this time at Time*s Bookstore. Dad sent Johan over - he had left the girls to take Jojo to the toilet- eeeeee berani lah dia ni. I forever leter him not to be so brave in leaving the girls alone and unattended as you never know these days but his argument is that (a) the girls are together and (b) the shop assistants are there to look after them. Hmmph ye lah they look after our kids...

Anyways once my noisy brood arrived the serious ordering began. Nadine wanted some sirloin steak and agonised over whether to take the "Cajun creamy dressing" or the "Sundried tomato" thingy. Nisa wanted fish and chips, macaroni pasta and sundae, Sara wanted chicken fingers, Dahlia and Sophia nak Nachos, Dad wanted some steak as well, Mum ordered ribs (honestly , don't lah. Tak sedap and a lot pulak tu. Or was it because i dah makan 50 fries before that?:-))

So when the food came one by one- mak datok nampak so banyak.. My new daughter Nisa periodically went "astaghafirullah...banyaknya!! Ya Rabbi...siapa nak makan eenih semuah??" and then actually admonished me for ordering so much and told me "Mummy patut order satu sajah! "(she meant the fries). I gelak je. Manalah I tau the fries tu banyak nak mati, and that every other order ada fries also, therefore meja jadi BUKIT FRIES.

From time to time I'd be telling the Phillipino waiter to pack it all- sikit sikit. Bila I tak larat habis my ribs he tau sendiri and terus packed it away. When hubby pun tak habis his raw meat (tu lah mintak rare siapa suruh..Nisa pun tak larat nak tengok hehehehe) Erwin the waiter terus whisked it away and packed it. And Nisa was the assistant taruk all the fries, etc into the tupperware. Hehehhehehe. I told her. Relaks lah Nisa...we don't eat like this all the time ourselves...and anyway once you are back in school you don't eat all this Matsalleh type of food anyway. We took back about 3 tupperwares. Today the kids will gorge themselves on leftover fries. I bet its going to be nicer at home.

We had to rush our dinner because the kids wanted to take Nisa to see "GURLZ" - she's looking for a jalan jalan bag - but how to carik when she is clutching her tummy and at every chance she gets, she'd be crouching on the floor in tummy pain? Poor baby...Sakit perut from overeating!! So we took them all home....and maybe tonight I'll take them to JAYA*JUS*CO to look for that slingback. Silap haribulan lah tengok kat Pavillion kan. Benda RM2 pun jadi RM16.90 .

Okay lah better go....Nisa's last week with us sobs sobs....she's asking me to write a report on her being with ah? Shall I show her this blog?? * Shudders*


MrsNordin said...

Just write one for her. I'm sure you'll say all good things about her. She'll appreciate it!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yah. I will. Now burning pictures for her on the CD

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