Monday, April 07, 2008

Manic Weekend

Ever since Nisa stayed with us -you know , the student from Riau?- I have been feeling under pressure to take her around. On Friday night she and Nadine had stayed over at school for their Qiyam- and the next day Nisa had a graduation ceremony in Damansara - turned out it was the graduation ceremony of ADNI kids and the Riau kids were invited to attend. She came back and I heard that her friends have gone to the beach, to KLCC, to Museums (eh?? When were they taken there? This was the first weekend?) - Woah pressure .


Phew that Saturday I had a taste of what life would be like if I was a full time mom - make that full time driver- RESPECT ALL YOU FULLTIME MOMS OUT THERE!! Pagi, masak breakfast. Then jemur kain, then, sapu daun kat luar. Then, get ready and everyone ready . Go get Nadine from school. Nisa to be fetched later as she went to the graduation thingy.

Then, out again to go get maid (she went back to her Agent's house for 2 days - break and ada hal sikit) - thank goodness she was being dropped off at a location I could get to. Everyone came with me as Dad wanted to finish his presentation for Sunday.

Then, I had to send Nadine to her friend's house for a study group discussion thingy. Dah 13 dah ada lah all this study group. Problem was I had NO IDEA where the friend's house was. Bagi alamat- No 123, Kampung Pandan Dalam. Apa kenama bagi alamat cam tu??? I googled the place - nasib baik lah google map ni very the good. However finding it was a different thing. Landed in Taman Cempaka, Taman Dagang, Taman Nirwana etc baruuuu jumpa her house- one of the older houses before the development came about - where the access road is such that, once you go in, good luck to you on reversing out. Almost gave up actually. Called husband and he said - alah ada lah tu!

Then, went to ADNI to get Nisa. She was among the last 3 students left..siannnnn..

Anyways after that, send Maid home. And all the kids too. But not before buying KFC for all of them as Maid has not eaten and neither has Nisa. And bought present for Dahlia's friend's party. Went home.

Then, at 3.30- again go out. Sent Dahlia to a birthday party at KFC in Taman Setiawangsa. Stayed to watch her be very kiasu and competitive and win virtually in every game...Definitely not from me! Discovered that the best friend's / birthday girl's father is also a lawyer (poor sod) . Got calls from Nadine- where are you and all my other friends have gone home - please come get me!! So off we go . From Setiawangsa pulak to Kg Pandan Dalam. Got THOROUGHLY LOST again as coming from another direction.Dapatlah "berkenalan" with districts such as Pandan Jaya, Taman Maluri, Desa Pandan this time around. Sign posts say "Kampung Pandan Dalam" and when you go in, terus disappear.... signs in KL SUCKS BIG TIME. Habih lah 2 senggat minyak. Swore never to let Nadine go to this house again- dah lah mother of the friend appears a bit rude- when I called the handphone number- she answered but when I said I was Nadine's mom- she just passed it over to her daughter without saying anything. pelik kan?

Malam- dragged Dad out - went to Giant and then took Nisa to see KLCC at night. Majestic sight but lost on Dad who asked me to drive as he was sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Age lah.


Took Nisa and family to pick dad up at Hote*l Conco*rde - where Dad's presentation was. Dad was not done so we went to HardR*ockCa*fe for lunch. Wahhh my kids all pandai order 'k- Nisa too - she wanted a TRIO COMBO. Nadine pun. Told them to share.

Tengah shok shok mengkaler at HRC- Dad came and said we were invited to go eat the buffet lunch. He cancelled the HRC's order and dengan penuh embarrassednye, we went out, balloons trailing, and hands clutching crayons and colouring paper given by HardRo*ck.

Sampai buffet- well...gone are the days when my kids would eat a bowl of cereal and be done. They now know how to eat at a buffet. Sophia siap order farfalle bolognaise lagi. And blueberry waffle. Nisa pun terror - I think she ate everything. Dahlia and the rest had to be forced to come away from the colourful desserts and eat proper food. Some guy came to make balloons animals for them. Kids were given bumble bee balloons etc. I pun dapat bunga...hehehe(sebab I mintak -tak malu)


Then went to Karyaneka CraftFair - not bad at all. A LOT OF PEOPLE- But again, no signs to say where to go . Unless you just follow the crowd. Once you stop looking for the signs, they're everywhere. Hehehehe. Very nice kerawang stuff and beads and pearls and batiks and songkets- found one very nice songket- harga rupanye is RM8000 - waduh. Nisa wanted a souvenir but then - semua ni ada kat Indon kan??? Gave her money anyway and she bought some brooches I think. Dah, semua orang pun nak buy something. Rambang mata betul actually.Posing kat depan kereta lembu and rumah kampung. Johan mengengek2 nak air and Dahlia nak pee. Heeee bawak budak macam tulah. Nisa very quiet. She's very proper lah- or shy? But she talks a lot too with the kids and she is not sombong. But she doesn't babble lah. She said she has to wear bajukurung or skirts as where she was, if she pakai seluar they'd cut it up. Tak paham sangat her accent. Bukannya her English improves, my Indonesian has improved!

Again, on the way back Dad fell asleep and mom had to take over the car...Sampai rumah semua orang flat.


Despite my hoping , tennis jalan seperti biasa. Even though it rained, Mr Chow took the kids in the squash courts so that they can practise their moves such as throwing ball in the air and catching it, running sideways, front and back, and juggling. (??) . NIsa pun join gak. Lisa, anak our friend, has also joined us so the original group of 5 yesterday jadi 7.

The end.......


MrsNordin said...

Adoi... banyak nya activities!! Tak penat ke you all?? I baca je pun dah penat!

Hee.. hee... kelakar. Masuk HRC ambil belon free2 saja, lepas tu keluar balik! Tapi tak apa, they belong to the same company anyway.

I had a quiet weekend despite Nizzar's coughing and throwing up all the time. Only went to Pertama Kompleks to repair jam.

It seems that Riau girl is adapting well, ya? Good for her, and you!

Take care.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi MrsN

Macam banyak kan but probably you do more in a normal weekend- sekarang tak tau mana nak bawak bebudak ni...i dengar they are going to genting!

Get well soon Nizzar!!

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