My Brother's nikah&DoaSelamat

The bride and groom and the bride's aunt who happens to be friends with my husband's aunt. Small world eh.
The bride and groom
These are from our side- lawa tak.. alas handstitched by Intan- dulang made by us and roses also.. ok tak . And by the way I discovered my sisterinlaw and I share the same shoe size hehehehehe
That's the hantaran- sirih junjung courtesy of MakYot

The bride and groom with some of the guests(my cousins from dad's side - (their father did not come as did not get personal invitation from us- alah so sorry lah Uncle ye, oversight from ourside..) at our doaselamat.


wanshana said…
They make such a lovely couple!

Errr...kasut sama size with your SIL? Was that a hint for her to share her shoes with you?! Haahaha! Well, apa salahnyer, kan?

Will be staying tuned for more pics.
They do indeed.

Sharing shoes - tak kot :-) sebab my style style "ongtua" hahahaha
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! Many Happy Returns!

ftm and family

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