Orang Tua Merajuk Sungguh Buruk.

Bye Bye Adek and Mas!

My brother and new wife are now boarding the flight back to Ireland.

Is it ok if I vent a bit here? I know you don't know me, but if you do, hope you don't judge, just take it as a "luahan" ok.

And this is merely a luahan perasaan yang most probably will be over the next time you blink. Biasa lah family... Apa orang kata- tersemput. This time it's me.


Last night my entire family had dinner. Without us. We were supposed to have a family dinner with the bride and groom- to get to know the new addition of the family. I dah tersemput dah sikit before that because after the doa selamat, no one came over or called us to ask whether we are ok, ke, need help ke, hantar carpet etc etc. Terus senyap. Mom and dad pun tak jenguk. Sebok I think.

So I was looking forward to this family dinner. Thursday night tak leh sebab depa pi PD - so Friday night lah. Uncle Sabu kata, jom pi Kelana Jaya. Hello...we are in KL on Friday Night and hari Hujan - sure jam nak mati kalau pi Kelana. So I said tak yah lah makan Kelana Jaya ...We hung about in KL in case they wanted to come for dinner here. I was thinking somewhere nice lah, in Pavillion ke, Changkat Raja Chulan ke , Hilton ke.. You can see what kind of dinner I wanted lah kan... But until 7 my brother still tak tau where to go. Kejap kejap suggest mee mamak lah, sea food lah. Ok gak tu.

Aleh aleh I dengar, his wife tak boleh join sebab kena dinner with her father. Eh? Apa ke point to the dinner then? Tak nak ke dinner with your new family?? Father dia pun kan dah jumpa before they nikah?? So the plan was my brother dinner with his family while the wife dinner with her family. I suggested combined, tak leh ke?? After all, dah berbesan pun...and you are married apahal dinner separate separate ni...But the answer was tak boleh, sebab her father nak her to himself. I terus jadi keciwa dan a litle fedup. Dan amatt lah jauh hati . I ni bab dinner dinner and family ni jangan main...so I pun dah tawar hati lah orang kata...Malas dah nak arrange apa apa. Macam lah kita ni hard up sangat. Woit I dah arrange a kenduri walaupun tak diminta (ungkit ek?? tak baik tol..), takkan lah dinner pun I gak kena kejar orang punya time??

Anyway I said to mom, whats happening. Mom said Adek is sending his wife back then mom and dad had to go pick him up for dinner.I said tak yah lah then , after all, my in laws were home pun, and my husband (a) tak tidor semalam and (b) has a talk to prepare for this Sunday. I spoke to my brother and I said, lepas you all makan, come over lah, or we can go to mapleh or something. If come over I can bring tandurike, satay ke etc. Sebenarnye I tak ingat WHAT exactly I said, sebab I was busy being hurt lah. Adek kata ok. Adek kata they came back too short a time and cannot please everyone. Ok lah I tak leh marah lah dengan adek I ni.


The night passed. We went home. What was happening?? NO one called us pun? I called gak my brother Saiful and his wife. Dua dua did not pick up the phone. Called Dad. Tak Jawab. Last - last found out that they were having dinner nearby. ALL OF THEM. AIK??Cannot call me or what?? So I said come over lah to the house for a drink. Apa ni makan without kaklong? Kalau tak, sikit sikit Kaklong and Epi, tiba tiba bab makan, diaaaaam je. (ok ok dengar je lah ok now you know how mengada ngada I really am.)

Then they called to say that they could not come as too late.


This morning I called them to say bye bye. To find out the entire family is at the airport. Siap Intan, Pol and Yana pun ada etc etc. Tak da siapa lah yang nak beritau.Im not part of the family or what??

Do you think Im being unreasonable? Yah, most probably I am. Takkan nak kena jemput ek? After all, had I wanted to go send him off I could have. Not really as I did not want to leave my mom in law and my dad in law at home alone. Dahlah maid tak da for 2 days.

I spoke to bride and groom at the airport , said bye bye and they all pun apologised .Agaknye risau sebab earlier I called my dad and dah siap nangis nangis- keciknye hati and punye lah sebak..But dengan depa I ok je..Biarle, they were going back and after all they are just children..I sorang je lah bodoh .....orang tak tau pun that I was so excited to have a nice POSH dinner and I would have appreciated it if the bride and bridegroom arranged it themselves and I took it as a major SNUB that the dinner tak jadi..hehehehehe

My husband said that my new SIL is just a baby...she tak tau her kakak ipar (only kakak ipar ok) is so kerek. Primadonna.

And my father pulak merajuk as he said I should have gone over to the house last night . Eh??? How I know where you are??

Phew! Glad I shared that with the PUBLIC secara tak malunya.....


NUR said…
Alaaa...ciannye kak long..don't be sad,u r WONDERFUL!!!doing all the kenduri & stuff..sorry cannot join u laa kak long..kojee..

i think maybe u go to your OWN dinner instead, to mend the broken heart...sometimes bile da bz gaban,ur bro & bride maybe ter... without intended too..i'm sure diaorg x sengaja kannn...

or come to kuantan ok gak hehe!!!jom p mandi laut!!!
DocYana said…

I totally get you, being a Kak Long myself....rantings aside, don't you feel better already after pouring it all out...?
Blogging is totally therapeutical!
Heheheh Noni...ya that is most likely - very the too busy! Yahhh mari kita pergi Kuantan jom!!! Lama tak jumpa you!
Hey Docyana ..long time no hear...! Yah , bestnye dan leganye ranting kan..tapi ada shikit malu lah bila orang baca hehehehehe..

Tapi ini lah realiti jadik kaklong....
Lan0stZz said…
sabar kak sheila. i guess we can't really run from 'tersemput' moment.. and yet u still have those cheery smile of yours :):) virtual hug meh~
ms hart said…
SW, no need to feel shy. I like honest writing because I believe I'm plain honest myself! Tersemput? Biasa lah tu SW...at our age nih, jom lah kita makan ubat semput sendiri2!! I know, cause I think I pun macam you jugak. Verrrry particular entah apa2 entah!!! ha ha ha..Really, at this age, I pun pikir macam yr hubby - diorang tu baby lagi. And as for the orang2 tua...I would normally tell myself, 'orang tua...sabar je. Nanti kita tua entah macam mana la 'diva'nya kita...we never know..' he he he..Anyway, kita dok semput, orang dok suka2...tak yah la kan? You take care, eh?
Hi Lana! Hee hee sorry ye I was really on a roll - I guess memang biasa lah semputs ni kan. Sat lagi ok lah tu..
Hi Mrs Hart
Thanks for your reply..yah I guess the semputness come from miscommunication and expectations yang orang tak tau...next time be clearer tol tak
MRSHUSiN said…
awwwww.... kesian kakLong! dont worry, i totally empathise!
what's important is that u did a GREAT job at organising the kenduri-kendara even on a working day nite!
like noni said, maybe it wasnt done on purpose... so jgn kecik hati sgt ok? i'm sure they appreciate what you've done!

come! virtual sandwich hug with lana + U! chin up ok?
thankfulme said…
Will dinner at Max make you happy? Tapi just the two of just lar...hahahahah..You belanja I, I belanja you...
Hi Izan! Hey You! How are you - thanks v much for coming that nite ! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee malunye mengkonfess ek but all your virtual hugs are soo nice..Hugs hugs too!
Hi Thankfulme- boleyyyyy- I can belanja you all the time like that laah! Hehehehhe
Ablen Eusoff said…
salam...sabar banyak2. may be niat diaorang baik yelah dgn mok da and pok da ada kat rumah so tak nak ganggu kot.
Channel 11.5 said…
ala ciannya....

mmg bangteh tu, nanti dia I sekeh.

Okay, hari ni I hantar chocs untuk you kat kek seng ok??

MrsNordin said…

Firstly, it's not tersemput ~ it's ter"senget" (that's how I normally call it).

I think you were just being overtly sensitive. Your were tired, a lot if things happened during the week, and you just wanted your family to acknowledge that you've done a great job for your brother... some sort of appreciation lah, kan. Alih2 lepas tu, they seemed to have forgotten about you. Mana tak hot, kan?

Tak apa lah, Shila... I think your parents didn't call you that night becoz your in-laws were around. And maybe they thought you were busy (or mungkin gak you sounded "merajuk" on the phone with your bro / dad that they decided to leave you alone...). A lot of maybes.

Different people would take this differently. If I were you, I wouldn't be so hard-hit becoz it;s no big deal. I did the kenduri out of my own goodwill and becoz I wanted to. Not for anything else. So if my new sister in law couldn't make it for the dinner on their last night here, so be it. I would just go and have dinner with my family & brother alone. Habis cerita.

The thing is, you wanted to please so many people but at the end of the day, you don't please yourself. Don;t let this bother you. I'm sure your bro, SIL and parents are ever so thankful for your great effort and hospitality in organizing the kenduri at your house.

You are a very nice person Shila, everyone appreciates that. You'll go out of your way to please a friend/family/colleague and that's what makes you special. Keep on throwing all these big parties/kenduri becoz you & Jab love doing it. And when it comes to family, you have to learn not to take everything seriously because what matters most are your own family (ie husband & children). The rest are secondary.

Hope you're feeling much better today. Cheers!
Hi Bj

Yahlah..that day was a hectic day to start off with . Pagi pagi marah kat Jab sebab made me late for work - then, lepas lunch rushed to PJ mosque for L's sembahyang jenazah only to find takda orang dah, then rushed to the Kiara Cemetery only to find orang dah balik, and hujan pulak lebat sangat - so it was not going to be a good day - and I guess I was more EMO than normal.

Yah- we love having parties and dos and just jumped at the chance of doing something. I know they are grateful - bad of me to want to hear it kan?? Human , but Baaad.

Sebenarnye small matter lah!!! they're coming back again in August - we'll arrange it properly then.
Fadzila said…
ala..siannya...i rasa i tahu how u felt..i am a kak long too...insyaAllah..Allah bagi ganjaran lain...

take care-i love to read ur Blog tau...so jangan sedey2...nanti effect kat Blog lak..
Hi Fadzila

Thanks v much for coming over- and for your nice words...

have allready made peace w everyone..
jabishah said…
Hahaha! Sorry for laughing but I fell in love with this entry. This is my 1st visit & will def come again. You sound exactly like me. The over-excited, happy-go-lucky yet emo kak long. So geram kan? Kita je kecoh about almost everything but they can be very insensitive! But I hv to respect you though putting it in words & let the world know... I prefer doing it verbally to HB. Of course he wld simply murmur something like "biasalah tu.." but the point of letting it out LOUD succeeds..;-) U take care!

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