Post Syok Sendiri.

Hubby is unwell and so am I. This weekend is a very malas weekend.... We went to visit my parents as its been a full month since we last saw them. Left the kids there overnight and picked them up just now. As I type, this house has 7 kids, 2 of them my brother's. They are soo noisy upstairs and it sounds like they are fighting but whenever I shout at them they tell me they are NOT fighting.

So what to talk about today? Hmm..I was reminiscing abt old friends of mine, lets talk about old female friends of my husband ok. Baru lah fair...


He insists until today, that he has never had a girlfriend. Never written to any girl while in school. In short, never been interested in girls until he met me. Cheh wah!! You percaya ke? My secret belief is that he had lived his life to the max until he hit final year, and all of his friends had left and then he looked left and right and thought to himself , hmm I better get a girlfriend kalau tak aku mati kutu tahun ni..hehehehehehehhehe. What do you think??

I knew him from first year- Kak N*on kot yang introduce, she dragged me to one CoffeeEvening (we had a lot of those) between Malaysians and Singaporeans and introduced me to this mamat. Ok lah, we chatted tapi tak lama. Then, DadofFourplusOne and I went to visit his house for dinner. Why I remember this was , it took him till close to MIDNIGHT to cook. Ahhhh...first encounter with the famously lepak mamat. Masa first year I stayed with my mom's cousin and my encounter with him was when he asked me to organise some kids' games for the Notts Sports Carnival. I did think he was cute. Yelah, chinese looking, gangly, and budak medic. Tapi that was it lah. Takdalah- "Ohmygod I wuv you!"

Throughout second year of uni, I was living in campus. Now, I mixed more with Uni mates. I mean, selalu gaklah nampak muka I-kalau tak I lived away from campus kan. Still tak kenal sangat, tapi more encounters lah. He was not associated with any one particular girl, he was friends with everyone . I even heard he was not getting married until he was 40 (so Aida there is still hope) . Some of us said his girlfriend was YOU MUMSIE! heheheheheheheh!! Jangan maraaaaahhhhhh..

Anyways dalam takda girlfriend takda girlfriend tu, ada gak 2 orang yang terpalit dengan dia. Sorang is a minahsalleh nama Aman*da. Quite attractive. Apparently dia close gak dgn minah ni. played tennis together, went to clubs, etc, Why tak jadi ye? He said he did not fancy her that way. And I am 48 kilo right?. Tapi takpa lah all that was before me ..After we dated he took me to meet her, you know. Went for tea at her house lagi.
Tapi one night, he went with her to the pub, sebab ada a couple of friends who came from France that ONLY THE TWO OF THEM KNEW,so they went for dinner with those 2. Balik so the lambat, and the next day, he told me that they stopped to play at the PLAYGROUND - at MIDNIGHT - he walked me to Uni every morning and we've been passing that same playground every morning. Tak pernah pulak main buai and main jongkang jongket tu????????? Grrrr.....SAMPAI HARINI when I mention this, it will be accompanied with a CUBIT!!! Gerrammmmmms. Dah ada girlfriend tu. But of course masa tu I tak marah..sebab tak sure whether to marah or not. Rasa macam nak marah tapi didn't want to come across as a makcik gila.
Then there was this friend of his called R. She was around during the summer when he wrote to me, and I heard they went to barbecues etc. Later he said that she was having problems and was using him as her confidante only. Like I said, tak kesah lah sebab this is all before me right but no confiding-confiding anymore ok. Her masalah was she liked Mr S but Mr S did not return her feelings. or was it that Mr S was non committal? Mr S is now happily married to our mutual friend and now has a restaurant in TTDI. Anyway she wrote to hubby when she heard that we had hooked up and the tone of the letter was a bit sad..basically she regret having to lose her confidant etc. I think she liked him, actually. Especially when he said she told him that he was not very tactile, ie, when she touched him and he backed away (good boy) and she said "you're not very tactile are you?" . Oho..tactile ye...I'll give you tactile. I will. Hubby, that girl was so into you je blur. (Thank goodness for me) - (he just told me that he knew she liked him but pretended not to as it was easier)
Let's not go into the list of girls who liked him- the list would be quite long I think. Not being biased, I thought he was the Mr Allrounder, and not surprising, mesti ada admirer nye... Of course, nowadays my auntie cousin with whom I stayed swears that she knew from the first time that he came to her house asking if I can be the kids' games organiser, that he liked me (!! Ahead of him even!)
When we first got together, he took me round to see all his friends, macam bawak jumpa family tau. Bawak jumpa the Oxbridge group, lah, the Notts group yang dah migrate to London lah, MakB and family (who was maybe the best auntie to see first as she was verrrrrrrrrrrry nice to me and did not scare me at ALL!!My husband's had the highest regard for his aunties and it was almost harder than meeting his parents! Believe me, I was verrry worried woit. If she had any thoughts, she certainly kept them to herself.
Ok ok dah lah..nanti terover...
So itu lah ceritanya. Oop wondering if he will get mad at me for disclosing all this personal stuff.


wanshana said…

Tersenyum I baca posting you ni :)

I bet not just those 1 or 2 aje yang fancied him kot. Cuba korek and selongkar lagi secrets from him - sure there'll be a few more names coming out. Hehehehe!

Tapi, tak per lah...As you said - semua tu masa zaman Pre-Shila. Lepas sangkut dengan you, dah tak corner kiri kanan dah tu!
Hi shana- hehheh, that is why when I look at him I dont see the paunch- I see that guy who was so fofular at school hahahahahaha...Im sure you are like that with Haizal- although it sounds like you are his first and only as well.!
Anonymous said…
Yes Shila...that's the Jab that I know, memang everyone likes him. There are a few girls who admired him too and you really should feel special as you're his first and only special girl! Well, now ada 4 more lovely girls besides you...your daughters..

aida said…
kaklong : men are okay kawin at 40, tapi takkan kita perempuan pun nak kawin at 40 jugak? Hehehehe.
Hi Jah, Jab will surely love to read your comment- and he will remind me how special I am really. hehehehehehe
Aida- tak salah kawin 40 yrs old...tak kawin pun tak salah...daripada kawin dengan mamat haprak..betol tak...
aida said…
hehehe. point taken. hehehehe. Nanti lah, I kasi memo kat mamat yg nak kawin umur 40 tahun tu.

take care kaklong
MrsNordin said…
This is my memoir of your husband, from those days when he used to lepak in Canterbury along with our dear friend, Roc. That time, I was in my first year.

At that time, I really didn't understand why this people suka sangat datang Canterbury. Sometimes weekends, sometimes Easter Break. Ada je muka diaorang kalau cuti.

But your husband was our "Mr Nice Guy". Always a gentleman, but never went overboard. And he loves cooking. Bila boring2 je, we'll ask him to make his famous Apple Strudel. Sedaaaaap!! I still remember his Apple Strudle to this day!

Was there anyone in Canterbury? No, I don't think so. We liked him as a friend and that's about it. After the first year tu, I never saw him anymore. I guess, he had found you by that time, and had forgotten about all of us down in Canterbury (as what usually happens when you're in love..).

The next thing I heard, "Jab got married to Shila!" Haa?? Jab? Shila? I immediately recalled that one night we chatted in London, and Jab's Apple Strudel. I thought to myself... "She's a lucky girl!"
Hi J- yalah...tupasal tembam..masakan suami...(eh terbalik lak )-

Yah I pun dengar - all the time kat Kent kan? Jab, Roc etc- happening betol Kent tu, I imagine !

J- the reason you didnt see him after first year is he went off gallivanting here there everywhere, not that he was with me! Dia dgn I masa dia dah 4th year- ye lah, member degree kan 3 years so semua dah balik...
Anonymous said…
hello sheila its annonny !! back from 6 weeks of msia and managed a short break in hanoi. kite diver sekarang tau !!! the bad type yg tak leh abmik arahan bawah air !

anywas i love this i semnum kambing all the way reading it during my lunch break !!!! MORE MORE
HI there anonny! How could you not let us know you were back lar. Could at least arrange a meeting! :-) Anyway post lah on your hanoi trip.
mumsie said…
yeap...i memang girlfriend dia! well as I*wan's..Fairus'...Reza's..tapi sorang pun tak nak kawen ngan I!!hahahaaaa...
but seriously, i loved them was a weird kind of friendship we had back then. We defined platonic friendship..proved that pompuan and lelaki can be best friends. Betul tak Jab???
Yaah..that was nice...and i think you gave them as good as they dish out too hehheheheheheh..

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