Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I suka meninggal kan komen kat blog orang. Macam makcik sebok kan??

Anyway there was one post about this girl and guy who hit it off when they meet but the girl said takda chemistry. Which got me thinking ...kena adalah chemistry. You must still be able to look at your husband and his paunch (which if u mention it, he will suck in and say innocently "Mana ada??" ) anyway you must still be able to look at this guy, and think - rawrrrr he's hot.

Ok ok Nadine, get off the laptop, obviously this is not for you to read. I was saying, you must do well in chemistry nanti when they teach you ok??

Anwyays. Im up because tomorrow Im going to do something I have not done in ages, ie Due Diligence work and I have to prepare stuff as in what the heck????. But since Im here blogging, maybe I should just save myself the trouble and go to sleep. My inlaws have arrived and Im defrosting ayam for breakfast. I wish I can just go and buy from the gerai illegal that has just set itself up BETOL BETOL DEPAN RUMAH I but my husband suruh boikott in protest. Everyone is parking in front of our gate now. And 4 days ago ada pulak MAMAT BURGER set up his stall. OI!!!

Johan finally went back to school yesterday, came home crying because banyak homework. I called the teacher and she said he slept the entire day..penat kot. But actually he's gone back to being unwell...!!!! Aisay....He's doing ok in school the teacher said, an amazing turnaround from 4 months ago when he could barely write. Eh anak I kannnnnnn.

Ok better go see that HOT man. Hahahahahaha !


MrsNordin said...

Chemistry is very important. If you don't have it, there's no spark in the relationship!

Tapi betul lah you cakap, Shila. Despite his paunch (not your husband, ok? Mine.) and bald head, I still think MrNordin is HOT! We definitely don't have any problem in the Chemistry and Physics Depts!! Hee.. hee..!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Chemistry tu I paham...but Physics camana tu?? hahahaahhahahaha- boring lah I harini J- no internet connection where I cannot blog or check email

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