Reminiscing-Slow and Steady

Aisey if you are sure this is not putting you to sleep I will continue with my berangan session..Husband is happy sebab this is all making me see him through rose tinted glasses n therefore forgetting to nag him abt something or other. (oh ya, toilet tu nak kena repair ok) -

....Anyway I remember being rather pleased to see him when he showed up for his tshirts. Tapi tak perasan lah yang I ni macam terhappy lak nak jumpa dia . Dia takda talked to me personally though, we all chatted in the kitchen of the flat, I remember, dah nak balik baru dia tanya I pasal tshirt dia tu (tshirt oh tshirt kau dah lunyai pun dah). Macam excited lak when His RoyalFofularness deigned to talk to me. Tapi dia biasa lah, mat cool so kita pun minah cool lah (er, not really) .

Events were helped along by the fact that DadofFourPlusOne moved out of the girls' flat into Hubby's house. I moved into DadofFourPlusOne's former room.- paling besar, best! DadofFourplusOne ni macam everyone's pet brother lah...semua orang sayang kat dia. Anyway the girls missed him so we all went to visit him at his new house . Of course I think he took the telly - so we went to watch the telly also lah. But they missed you too, really.

Haa...masa pergi tu, kadang-kadang (if I was lucky heh heh) terbump into our doctor lah - his house also, mah- tengah clinical masa tu so kena pakai tie. Usually by the time we all (5 girls) sampai he'd just be coming back from the hospital -compared to orang lain macam smart lah. (er.. you pun mat smart gak DOFPO) . Kalau langkah kanan, it’d either be his or DadofFourPlusOne punye turn to cook. There really should be more of you guys, truly.
I didn't really notice it at first, because he was friendly to all, but he'd eventually end up next to me , chatting . I was of course flattered that this guy whom I thought (was there a doubt) was interesting, could find me the remotest bit interesting too! It was when we started to compare SCARS that it occured to me that I might be ahem- falling in like. Ye lah, engkau kena luka kat kepala pun aku nak tengok ke. Cerita paling biul pun macam interesting ya amat. Contohnye- He was playing football and then rasa squishy then when he pulled his shoe off there was a frog ..dead. Itu pun I was so ter-amazed.Heh heh.

Masa tu…Nampak kelibat pun dah berdebar debar…Cehwah!!! I tell you, my palms were indeed sweating.

One night , as usual we all were there,(yelah, nanti kitorang beli gak tv tu.....) I remember DadofFourplusOne, Nut and me hanging around. Then Hubby came down, bawak newspaper. He started flipping through it.. he was loooking at the shows. I pun tanya "Anything good?" Don't laugh but I had hoped I sounded er..sophisticated. Nak impress dia lah ni. Ye lah, mamat ni masa ni baru je balik Austria skiing ( he promised me later nak bawak tapi ashik terpregnaaaaaaaaaaant je so bilanye nak pergi ni? ) --.Lepas tu, his experiment yang dia handed over so lah the lambat because he went off skiing, tiba tiba dapat keputusan yang amazing and he had to present it to the Royal Society of something something amazing gak. So by now of course lah kita nak appear cool kan. Kalau sekarang agaknye I tanya "apa you tengok tu aaa?" heh heh heh. Masa tu, "Anything good?"

He said "Showboat's in town." "Oh ya? Is it good?" I tanya. "Yah its good, apparently- want to go?".

And that ladies and gentleman, was how my husband asked me out. I didn't see it coming. At all. That was it - His invite. Didn't even think it was personal. I thought he meant for all of us. I said "How much?" Then he said " Five pounds". "Ok! " I said. Then we spoke about something else. Later nak balik he asked very casually if I could go and get the tickets since he'll be away at hospital the entire day. And he said he'll pay me back. I was thinking - eh, just the 2 of us ke ni????? lah orang lain lak nak ikut fuh kiri fuh kanan!! Heh heh heh!

So next day…dengan tak kisah ponteng skolah….I pun pergi lah queue up nak beli ticket...alangkah terperanjat nye when the man said - If you want the 5 pound ticket love, you'd better be bringing your sleeping bag. Maknanye, its for students and you have to really queue for it.- tidor situ lagi bagus. Takda masa lah . The next available tickets were TWENTYFIVE QUID. Which is a lot. So , nak beli ke, tak. Kalau tak , nanti bilalah dia nak ajak I again? Kalau beli , (a) its a lot of money and (b) nanti he will think that I like him!

I left the ticket place and sat at the Market Square , thinking. To buy or not to buy???


Anonymous said…
makcik!!! potong stim betol la u nih!!! woittt! cepatla sambung!!!

Anonymous said…
Ah...itukah cerita behind Showboat? I remember that one...we were all waiting in suspense.....

The (Garbage) Man of 14 Kenilworth Court

Aisay...ok ok soon soon - ni pun manyak panjang woohhh(actuallynye tak,pendekje, I je drag it heheheheh ok my next post will be something intellectual, I think ...:-)
Garbage Man! (ye ke you garbage man??) Bukannye you nak ikut ke heh heh heh...!
Fadzila said…
ala...apasal tak sambung lagi kak shila...kita jadi suspen la.....
Madam Tai Tai said…
So did you buy?!!

Ala..suspense nya macam drama Hong Kong lak..part suspense aje dia berhenti and sambung the next day!

Don't keep us waiting too long, ok.
wanshana said…

Can I have a sneak preview of what's next, please?! Tolong jangan seksa we all, bule tak? Hahaha!

Hmmmm....To buy or not to buy? That is the question...
MrsNordin said…
If I recalled correctly, I think you bought it!!
HI Fadzilla- blogger ashik meragam today lah
Hi Madam Tai Tai- heh heh its no where as exciting as the HK movie lor....

Jangan gelak dah ok...
MrsN- yalah, Ive told you lah

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