Reminiscing..[Not for my Husband...or my MIL]

Tadi naik kereta this one girl, and on the way back from work we all chatted lah. Since she is the pendiam type yang banyak cerita I lah. Ke, dia ni sebenarnye banyak cakap tapi tak sempat cakap?? Hahahaha..No lah, dia takda cerita kata dia. So we got to talking (ie me interviewing her) about her bf. She is 21 and has been having a steady for the last 2 years. Since 19 you. And this was her 3rd serious bf. When did she get her first bf- 14? I tak tanya lak.

Anyway sebab I takda idea nak cerita apa harini jom kita pikir balik bopren bopren lama kita jom. Sebenarnye I takda bopren langsung sebelum hubby . MillsnBoon gave me such high expectations. I don't mean that I went around looking for a guy with "piercing eyes" or "chiselled face" or what rubbish (he he but shok baca) but I did believe 400% on that chemistry thingy. Ok kanak kanak M&B is totally unrealistic,ok. Except for that chemistry thing,lah.

So , takda bopren in the sense of " I lap you you lap me" - nak kena pelangkung with my dad? Tapi member rapat tu ramai lah.

Warning- you may have read this before in which case pls proceed to the end ...

My first member yang close was my (apa lagi) tuition mate. Dia kelakar. We got along v well. So we started corresponding- masa tu mana ada email. Bila I pi UK dia masuk UM. Everytime I cuti dia akan jadi drebar I. And selalu visit my family. My father pulak start buat business with his father. Tapi takda lah rasa apa apa sebab kawan kan. Parents dia pun tak mention apa apa. Strictly friends .We were friends right until the year I balik UK for good and dengan excited nya, memberitau dia ON THE PHONE (hee kejamnya) that I dah ada bopren tau...! Ye lah, macam nak share good news kan. Rupanya dia memendam rasa....he thought he was going to tell me how he felt once I dah habis study. Mak dia frust tonggeng call I at the office (I was chambering then) and said that she thinks the son should not go for KL girls anymore as they want to kawin cepat. My mom kata she tak besalah sebab auntie tu "tak masuk" so how can she act so wounded anyway. My friend teruih tak call I dah. Sampai laaa harini. Sometimes I feel a bit sad, sebab ye lah, macam best friend gitu. Nak carik balik andmintak maaf, tapi don't think its a good idea.

Pas tu there was another mamat. Dia ni dulu masyaalah perasannya dia pandai. Ok lah dia pergi IvyLeague nya batch so memang pandai lah. First year dia kat sana, I was still in KL. Dia hantar I surat enclose daun maple - Hallo, saya anak askar le, pernah gak gi oversea masa kecik2- takat daun maple tu tak jakun ler...

Anyway we all kawan for years tapi towards the end suratnya bertambah lain macam. After a while I persuaded myself to terima lah dia ni, after all I ni single mingle at the time and masa Valentine kita nak gak orang bagi card right (the sole purpose of a bf ) - but tak terucap I love you ke apa apa patah yang jiwang sebab tak rasa apa-apa. Fond of him as a close friend lah. After "accepting" him, tak lama lah tahan.Sebab you are forcing your feelings kan. So last-last I said , tak palah ok. Dia pun senyap terus sampai lah harini. Him, I DON"T want to contact - sebab rupanye ada mutual friends you! Tunggu I lose 40 kilo dulu before jumpa dia.

pas tu ada sorang lagi. He was kind , serious, curly haired. Very intense. Tapi takda chemistry lah how. He sent me a looooooooooong letter mengexplain about how he felt.

Eh - sume pakai surat ek? Husband I start tackle tu pun pakai surat. He was in the UK and I balik for summer. and out of the blue I dapat surat daripada dia. 2 pages kot, mencerita pasal his life over there while orang semua cuti. Budak medic mana cuti panjang kan. I remember telling another friend (male) who knew him that I got aletter from him and his eyebrows naik tinggi! To me, a letter is a letter., apa nak thrill nye..?


So..walk on memory lane. Of course, yang I "admire" tu melambak lambak. Usually mamat nerd yang brainy. Or chinese looking ppl. Most of the time he would be funny, or witty. or just cute. There was one older guy- master of silat. he was neither funny or witty but he was cute. (remember him SIL?)- nothing happened in all these cases - sebab yang kita suka, dont know you exist. Tapi seronoks lah.

Kids nowadays are more sophisticated, kan. I see a lot of couples looking no more than maybe 15- kat Pavillion lah, BB lah...mak bapak bagi lak jalan ek?? I think everytime Nadine /anyone of them- wants to go on dates, mummy and daddy pun date sekali..boleh tak??



Madam Tai Tai said…

Wah..yesterday posting pasal pergi tempat lomantik and today reminiscing pulak..ada apa2 ke? :-)

How can you say you didn't have any boyfriends? Kan ramai tu.. At least you dapat jugak surat2 cinta - I never had, except from Chepul aje. So sad...tak 'laku' dulu!

We are also getting worried with 'pembesaran' Alya and Haris kat sini. Kat sekolah dia orang...ish bukan main lagi high-schoolers (HS) kissy kissy huggie huggie in public. About 2 weeks ago, a HS couple was caught doing naughty things in the school's lift. Terus lift sekarang ni is banned from usage!
Hi MadamTaiTai- actually thinking that I am very lucky tt we met when we did . Can't imagine life with anyone else. Can you imagine life without chepul? As forletter, nvm, I never got a proper proposal as in "Will u marry me". Did you? (its probably cause I assume its "when will we get married") so macam takyah tanya.
thankfulme said…
My 1st love letter was when I'm in form 3, from a Maxwellian. Got burung berkicauan, bunga berkembangan.. ahaks! Gelak guling guling bila baca.
Anonymous said…
Shila, I really enjoy your postings u know. I think u and Jab are made for each other, he's a phlegmatic and you're a sanguine. Have u read that book , Personality Plus? Hubby already said that he'll follow our daughters on their dates!! Such double standard..

MrsNordin said…
I think this is a good posting!

I remember the first time I met you, we were in someone's house in London, lepas tengok concert Rick Astley. You were telling me about this guy that you really liked. Which one is he in this story?

I never knew you like nerd & brainy guys. Hee.. hee... You married one brainy guy, alright. But not nerdy, that's for sure!

On your question to Mdm TT, did I get a proposal? I did, from MrNordin, but this was like 1-month into the relationship ~ very early. It was at Grappa's Bangsar.

After that, there was no more proposal other than me nagging him, "You nak kawin dengan I ke tak?" He finally said yes at Man's Cafe, on fine Saturday afternoon. That's why Man's Cafe holds a special place in my heart... :)
Madam Tai Tai said…
I actually can't recall whether Chepul proposed or not. After 4 years of relationship macam it's a natural course of action, I guess.

Nanti I will ask him if he had popped that question 16 years ago. Honestly, I don't think he can remember pun!

But then again he may surprise me..LoL.
wanshana said…
Waaaa...very fofular you...Also heart-breaker you!!! Hehehe!

Hey, you'll never know - all your exes may be silent readers of your blog kot?!!!

Hmmmm...tomorrow is Haizal and I punye 24th Anniversary of First-Knowing-Each-Other. I might just blog on that, but, so pusing-pusing laaa... :)
MrsNordin said…

24 years of knowing each other?? My God! Lama nya! Had you married then, anak you dah boleh kawin dah. Hee.. hee..! That means you knew him since Form 4? Wow... memang cinta sejati!
Thankful me- wahh creative jugak admirer you kan? My first love letter was when I was in FORM ONE!! It's from my cousin's cousin and semerbak bau perfume mak dia -dia letak sebotol kot!!! Now I found out he married my officemate's cousin! I still have a soft spot for him hahahahah-kira first "relationship" lah tu..of course, tak jadi apa-apa hahahahahaha...haritu terjumpa , malu lah kejap..

CONGRATULATIONS IN ADVANCE!!How do you calculate though? From the first day you met or from the first time you got together ? He said to me one time, "I've known you for a LOOOONGG TIME " (which made me felt instantly old he he ) but since the time I told him we are going out and we are dating, its been 18 years.
Jah- Ive heard of that book! Belum baca lagi.Nanti I pinjam from DADOFFIVE . One of our daughters is a "melancholic" or something. Sanguine tu macam tak kesah ke??
MrsN-aaahhhh...tu I did not list down. I really really liked that guy. -Nama dia Iz**u*din...loyer gak. I know where he works hahaha! Hope he's very fat now. I was attracted to him sebab he was very chinese looking(mak dia cina) and plus he was a "naughty" boy - ikut standard I yang boring ni lah, He drank, and had a girlfriend before etc. And he was attracted to me because I kan muslimah tulin it was opposites case betol. Tapi tak declare feeling or even had a single date.

Then there was another guy I really clicked with , unfortumately he chose the matsalleh campur friend of mine, which is no loss really as I was attracted to him because he appeared smart. Itu pun stage attraction lagi takda date or feeling although I remember the halfmatsalleh girl tu marah betol kat I sebab masa tu they had "something" but blom jadik bf-gf lagi. Hai heartbroken gak but hey!! even they broke up later. Wonder what happen to him eh?

None yang approach "relationship" proper lah, and am very proud to say that I ever said I lap you to the one and only...Mr J!
Mrs N- macam you pulak propose to him hahahaha- macam I lah

MadamTai Tai- yalah..same here, xcept in my case its after 4 weeks that marriage felt like a natural progression hahahahahahaha!!

Poor poor Jab
MrsNordin said…
That's just you, Shila. Straight forward and no-nonsense when it comes to matters of the heart. You're just meant for each other lah!
Anonymous said…
Shila, sanguine is a happy person, full of sunshine..phlegmatic is tak kesah, that explains why Jab is always late. Z is powerful choleric, lucky him I'm melancholic phlegmatic, if not world war 3 sentiasa. My eldest is a choleric, 2nd..hmm phlegmatic kot, 3rd exactly like me and my youngest is a sanguine. Everyone is attracted to sanguine. There's Personality Plus and Personality Plus for children..A must read

Dad of 4+1 said…
Is that halfmatsalleh the halfmatsalleh I know from JB?
Jah, I certainly will! Melancholic organised kan? Choleric is a good leader kan? Well bagus lah tu!
DadofFive- yahhhhhh that is the one...the half matsalleh is very pretty kan? Kalau jalan sebelah dia seriously tercabar ego...
Madam Tai Tai said…

Did ask Chepul tadi if he did pop the Question to me.

Seperti ku jangka kan dia juga tak remember.

But then he sweetly asked me soon after that, "Sayang, will you marry me?"

Aaaa...ah so manis gitu kan! Tapi dah 15 years too late. Hmm..

Awwww....that is so sweet..Better late than never they say!!

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