Sampai Bila?

You know, Im trying to upload this Youtube vid of Ayu singing Hanya Di Mercu and I really don't know how. I've clicked on upload video and its not happening. Ppl are doing so many changgih thing with their blog these days and I pat myself on the back for getting the clock on hahahahah. Anyway am listening to Ayu One in a Million ..and this is the link:

She is so good to listen to, although in this vid she cracks a bit. the lyrics is meaningful to all those out there waiting for things. Including waiting for your intended/other half to make a move . You want him to propose or make amove or suggest to introduce you to his parents or basically getoff his lazy a&rse and do something, but he is not or rather he is pretending not to realise this . YOU don't want to mention it as it is very malu-fying as a girl to act so desperate. So you get more angry and resentful and everytime you see him you either(a) nag him, or (b) pretend you don't care but snap at him all the time.

So here's my advice. feminist everywhere will lynch me probably. You will definitely disagree with me. But the alternative is to wait, and hangon, and at the same time tension. So, try this:

Push the issue, Get him to commit. Nag him. Abandon all pride. Be very business like. Ask him for timeline. Allow for Buffer Period. And contingency. Approach this like issue? Or rather , war?? Don't pretend you are happy with the way things are. And FOLLLOW UP! Pester him about where you are going with your future until you get a yes, or a no, or, in my case, an "of course" followed by total inactivity Hahahahahah. What is your objective here. Nak kawen ke or nak berkepiiiiitttt..Cukup 3 tahun tak kawin, nak continue lagi or not?

Sampai bila as Ayu said? Sampai Bila , or until when , are you going to hang on, di bawak kiri dan kanan as his girlfriend , seriously menurunkan saham you di market ...but no commitment?? Unless lah he seriously don't want you in which case, just walk off lah. (ehwah senang kata ek?) . You got to have a resolution, right??Can't just wait forever right....?

I'd love to hear some lovestory of our fellow bloggers- maybe I should create a tag of "How did you meet your partner"? and direct this to Wanshana and Mrs Hart and Izreen (I allready know that) Madam Tai Tai etc !!


Anonymous said…
Hi Shila! I fully agree with you..tapi tengoklah what age juga, kalau still schooling tu just go along jelah..For myself, lepas dah kerja I actually gave Z 2 choices, either set a date or ....Nasib baik ada jodoh. And yes, to me chemistry is important!

ms hart said…
ha ha ha....SW...don't think you'd want to know how I met my partner...aiyoyo....suffice to say, jejaka pemalu (konon!) memang kena ada 'pencabar'...haaaa...then only they get things going!!!! alaaahhh remember the good ole story of the hare and the tortoise?!! and at the end, you are so glad it's the tortoise who won....he he he....KONON!!!!
MrsNordin said…
Shila, no matter how much you nag or push the issue, timeline and what not, he'd still leave if he's not jodoh you. The fact that you have to give him a timeline says something already about the relationship ~ he's delaying it. Maybe he doesn't want to get married to you ~ you're not THE ONE, or he's just not ready yet. If it's the latter, ok, you can still wait. Kekadang tu, duit tak cukup lah etc... Tapi kalau bagi alasan yang macam dah nak termuntah bila dengar, baiklah kirim salam saja & say goodbye sebelum jiwa merana.

Dengan MrN dulu, kena push jugak. Little did I know, that time when I was cracking my brain trying to figure out why he was delaying it, he was "courting" someone else!

So, lesson learnt, everyone: If he's hesitant, there must be something else. Investigate!!!

Tapi kalau dah jodoh, berbagai aral melintang pun, akhirnya akan bersatu juga. That's my 2 cents worth this morning..
aida yurani said…
Errr..... kaklong, ini bukan indirectly untuk i ke??? Sat lagi I dapat email dari "orang tu" cakap dia makan cili masih rasa pedas sampai sekarang. (macam email hari tu... tp hr ni i tak makan cili, makan DONUT & ICE LATTE, patut lah) Hahahahaha. Hari ni I cuti, yeay, lalalala.

Bad result medical check-up, :(
Jah- Im sure Z yang kena tackle you tak?? ye lah, betul tu, kalau student takpa lah ....
MrsH- alaaaa..details details please hehehehe..ohooo kena ada pencabar ye?? Tapi at least menyahut cabaran so kira ok lah tu hehe!

What you say is very true- you can only push so far. I suppose at one time you have to take the hint...

No lah not only about you- but sometimes we do need to find a conclusion. In your case the mamat pun manja dan cannot let you go even tho no commitment so I tak tau le nak comment gano..

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