Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Story of the Ball

Invitation to a Ball

One morning after I sent Johan to school, Hubby suddenly asked me if I wanted to go to a Ball. To be precise, the Ox*ford Camb*ridge B*oat R*ace Gala Ball. He said his good friend Ms DY invited us and let's go , as a birthday celebration kekononlah. The fact that later Ms DY said it was gratis lagi lah kena pergikan! The Ball was held on the 12th April, at the Carcosa Seri Negara. Forgot that there was Carcossa and then there was Seri Negara. - the invite is HERE.

Thank you to Ms DY- my husband's ox*bridge batch. (she actually went to Ox*ford)

Nothing to Wear and No Fairy GodMother in Sight.

So dapat invitation to the Ball tapi what to do dah tak ingat. What happens at a Ball ah? Lupa nak baca Tatler lah. Last time we went to anything resembling a ball, was ages ago- kat Notts kot!. Ada gown gown kan? Or baju shiny shiny? And girls always do their hair up kan? And wear fancy jewelry? (or was that the Rafflesia launch I'm thinking of?) So we all pun terus pergi beli kain dari Euromoda, shiny shiny lacy thing konon nak buat top. Mak oit harga.

Kena hantar tailor la.

Tapi you know lah kan..from the date of the invite to the actual ball, loads of things happened and I forgot my panic, till the v last minute. Why are you not surprised, I hear you say.


Terlupa nak hantar tailor the kain. Bukan Lupa, tapi tak sempat..On Thursday before the Ball my husband tanya- nak I hantar tailor tak? Yelah tu, 2 days to go, hantar tailor amende. Karang kain elok jadi rosak. Baik Takyah. Pakai je lah apa yang ada. I have this kebaya thingy yang ada sequin that could pass kot...

Unfortunately dah tak muat....so have to go shopping lah (yay!) - Unfortunately TU pun tak sempat!! Sia sia je duduk depan Pavillion. On Friday , panic. Thanks to My Fairy Godmother, (thanks MrsN!) , last2 pakai this lovely dress yang panjang dan menutup perut dan menutup aurat (except for the bare arms) which I covered (takut orang terperanjat how fat my arms are) with a lovely shawl.

Hair?? Coming from MakB's birthday do for Mak Z- Happy Birthday Mak Z!! Still menawan and rupawan! - we terus pergi salon... The salon pi put in loads of curls in my hair . I ingat soft curls tapi last- last jadi Shirley Temple you! I think they panicked when my husband showed up next to me and kept asking - dah pukul 7 ni, tak siap lagi ke??? I combed my hair supaya tak curly na.

Makeup- of course tak sempat - just bernasib baik tak make up dalam kereta seperti biasa. Husband panicked sekejap sebab terlupa macam mana pakai bowtie. But he sorted it out in the end. Of course.

Arriving at the Ball

Next time nak sewa kereta lah..tak sama lah impact nye datang bawak Serena..nak suruh Valet parking pun macam kesian. Karang valet tu nampak all the CD berterabur and sweet wrappers and my eyeliner. So husband went to park- jauh gaklah. It was raining. He came back holding a bright flourescent green umbrella. Bantai lah..

Up we both went on the red carpeted stairs to the marquee. We were told to tell the registration counter that we were with the Ds. We repeated that confidently but we had no clue who they were except they were DY's friends. . But we managed to find our seats, and found DY. Who looked ravishing, of course. And her husband Z, who looked rather dashing. And we sat in boygirl sequence. the table was for DY's friends. There was the headmaster of an international school, an insurance adjuster, a specialist insurance broker whose new nephew I hope will one day marry one of my daughters (provided the nephew does not mind older women lah), and their wives...All dressed up and looking very Oxf*ord Ca*mbridge. Swear to myself that I will send my children to Oxford OR cambridge walaupun buat course cooking or sewing or even gardening! The prestige that comes with it wahhh last years after the actual degree.


We ate tiny tiny portions of food which looked very nice and actually WAS very nice but sorry DY, a bit tak kenyang lah...balik cari roti. There was a puff pastry mushroom and chicken pie in cream broth served with asparagus and salad (it sounds more than it actually was), followed by a rich tomato soup , The main dish was poached fresh cod on a bed of lunyai spinach (i'm sure the proper description is not lunyai) . Before I could figure out which fork to use (selalu tau, but today macam tak confident- keliling mat saleh oik) - my husband had finished the fish! It was that tiny. Hahahahah. Tapi sedap lah .

(OK hubby ada theatre at 9 so have to rush this post )

Then, ada speech by an Ox*ford Rep and a Ca*mbridge Rep. they are both lawyers. The Oxf*ord guy was a pain in the arse to be honest. He was trying to be funny in his put down of Cam*bridge but honestly he was just painful to hear. The Ca*mbridge guy, MR SOCKS from K*adir A*ndre (already I'm impressed although can I say that Andre was from MY University sniff! (tercabar gak ek?) ) was better much better - his put down of the Ox*ford lads were humorous and funny. And what to say, Ox*ford DID produce Sufiah Yusuf....

Background to the Ball

The Ball was held to celebrate the famous Oxf*ord Cam*bridge Boat Race that has been taking place for nearly 2 centuries in the UK. The Ox*bridge alumni of Malaysia has been having their own Boat Race since 2003 (I think) and for 2 years running, Oxford had been winning. DY rowed for Oxf*ord. They had their boatrace at Putrajaya (awat tak beritau) and it was sponsored by TM and Deloitte, so they had a race between Ox*ford and Cam*bridge , TM vs Del*oitte, and O*xford, Cam*bridge and Har*vard. Oxf*ord menang semua .They did look the better more organised team. What do I know, I've never rowed!

The Quiz

There was a quiz organised - each table had to complete a quiz, in 20 minutes. One part was to give answers to questions, which answers must contain the letters "OX" or "CAM". That was not too bad. The second part was to guess which film a particular picture is from - the pix would show the scene, with the heads removed. Rather clever editing of pics I was thinking. The ppl at my table were very good (that headmaster particularly) and we emerged the winner. The prize was 2 bottles of wine (it was that kind of Ball) .

So ada dancing sikit- of course lah my husband akan tarik I nye..Dia bab-bab joget ni, selalu I yang turn him down or tell him we have to go back lah sayang! Bukan apa...macam segan. Plus I can't dance. he can't either but he enjoys saja.hehehehe (takpa bagi chance....) . After a couple of songs we decided to take our leave. My earrings were killing me by then anyway.

All in all, had a good time. Must do it again, if invited. I love meeting new ppl anyways. It was fun !


thankfulme said...

You two looked ravishing and dashing jugak!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I enjoyed your funny post! You both looked good lah.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Wow..the belle of the ball and her man!

You looked really gorges, SW!

Glad you had a good time eventhough tak cukup makan.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thankful me- eh ye ke..(*malumalu kucings)- terimakasey....tu tak breathe tu.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thankful me- eh ye ke..(*malumalu kucings)- terimakasey....tu tak breathe tu.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Anon!

Thanks v much- you are too kind!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hey there Madam Taitai

Apakah activiti taitai harini? I love checking your blog -

Yah cantik tak dress I? Ada orang tanya tau! I said its bought from the UK long ago.

MrsNordin said...

You look LOVELY in that dress!! Should have taken a full picture so we all can see the full impact!

And the hair too ~ I like it!

(I thought so you'd go for that dress. It's so you!)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, and rambut, mana ada curly?

Fulltime mom

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsN...you know me soo well...Was there ever a doubt?? Mind you, Jab suka the other black dress...Sebab simple &elegant. I told him its a Ball and Im a woman and cannot be SIMPLE..heheheheh no offence..it was very lovely..

Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM- thanks!! Nampak tembammmmms a bit. Rambut tak curly sebab dah comb out the curls. I tell you they were TIGHT curls and my hair actually got shorter!:-)

Madam Tai Tai said...


Burgundy (hope it's the right color) truly suits your fair skin.

You were right to stick to that and not black.

Baju dari Laura Ashley ke?

wanshana said...

Wow...gorgeous!! Ni kena selalu gi posh dinner after this ni...Your knight in shining armour pun apa kurangnyer... Hehehe!

You both make a handsome couple :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Madam Tai Tai- ye lah kot!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Eh terimakasih, Wanshana! Belum tengok you guys dress up lagih ni! Dokter dokter ni takda ball ke hah yang kita boleh pergi? Best gak kan? Mintak the drug companies sponsor (as usual!) hahahaha!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...