Saturday, May 31, 2008

The tree


The BIG Tree on the vacant land behind our house- fell onto the roof of the house yesterday!! A very very very TALL tree, by the way.

It fell on the manggis tree (the one heavy with fruits) and MPAJ are now on my roof cutting the tree down.

I was still at the office at 8 pm (waiting for HRH Hubby) when the kids called to tell him.

Naine was having a bath, the maid was cleaning the fan, Johan was playing , Dahlia was in her room, and Sophia was watching TV. ALHAMDULILLAH none of them were hurt. Although the roof bocor lah.

Kecian.....the manggis tree tu baaaaaaaaaaru lah I pasang angan-angan nak rasa buah dia....Last year buah kena "pau" dengan contractor...this year a tree pulaak fell on it. Sigh. Tadi Dahlia and I watched MPAJ cut the branches and I said "the tree is crying" and Dahlia said "yah that's why it's wet" (that was dew actually)

Early in the morning the owner of the land (and half of the neighbourhood and the man I hear is chieflyresponsible for selling land behind the zoo to developers) came to look at the damage. His land maahhh. And there are a LOT more trees just waiting to fall. The contractor told me I should complain and get him to cut the trees down.

But you know, I LIKE the trees. Make me forget that we are actually so CLOSE to the city . Open the window and you see the "jungle" - real tak? Hehehhe...And! They were there first. And if I were the landowner I would say - hey too bad lah you go and build house there why lah. Next time you build far away lah.

But I do take the point- next time some one could get hurt ..kan.

So we'll see lah. Now Mom is here, ordering the contractors about and asking them to spare the manggis tree's life... Mom, mom, I truly do not know what I would do if you are not here to help me you know...

Ok today v busy...still got work to do though...byeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Wise Kiddoes

Nadine is almost as tall as me.

She is fast becoming my No 1 critic and beauty consultant

Last night we went to Giant- which basically means, we all went and sat in the car watching Horton and the Who while Daddy went in to Giant. He usually does not let us come with him as it means being vulnerable to the kids' "requests". Anyway I of course slept the entire time he was at Giant and I think I must have rubbed my eyes or looked rough as my daughter Nadine commented "Mummy, your make up is so messy lah!"..

And when we went home I went STRAIGHT to bed and she said to me strictly - "MUMMY, you MUST remove your make up !"

Sigh....isn't it supposed to be the other way round?

This morning my daughter no 3 Sophia, woke up very early so that she can play games on the internet. She was watching me preen before the mirror, and fussing with my hair- I just cut my hair - BLardie expensive haircut ok - over a hundred bucks just for a hair CUT! IF you add hair, I pahamlah! Ni take off - about 7 inches pulak tu. Hisshhhh..Sorry....I have never paid that much for anything to do with my hair before - but it is nice and it is worth it and it was done in Pavillion one lunch time (last Friday)- my colleague got huge seksay curls while I got a Victoria Beckham kind of bob. I really really like it and as I was trying to form my stubborn hair into the bob shape, Sophia said "Mummy, bila nak pakai tudung?(when are you putting on the headscarf?) and I said "Nanti, nanti mummy balik haji mummy pakai ok" and she said "no, its just sometimes my friends ask me" . Sigh..I told her, "Tell your friends, your mom will wear the tudung verrrrrrrrrrrrry soon, ok.."

Anyway dengar je I nak pergi Haji my kids semua said"Nak IKUUUTTT"' !

Except Dahlia, who , alarmed, said "But I thought we were going to Goldcoast???"

So now I have to seriously watch what I say and do as there are these little policekids around...:-)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Trip


Got 2 more days accommodation - Magic Mountain Resort

Its not exactly Surfer*sPar*ad*ise but it will do- looks big enough.

Car- we booked both with A*V*I*S and a local company- the difference is AUD200 can u believe it.

Insurance- not sorted out yet. Can I get AAM coverage tak when I'm there?

"Hello..? Hello, saya Puan SOMSOM dari Kolumpor....tu AAM ke?? Haaa, keta saya nih..break down lah!!! You boleh hantar tow truck tak?? Haaa- Kat mana?? Errr nama tempat dia Boh-gang-gar ...Kalau you lalu Pacific Highway, lepas 3 batu, you kena turn kiri lah, I tunggu betol betol depan sign post ok? Haaa..yalah yalah- Bogangar..australia! Why? Problem ah?"

Can tak?

Hee hee hee!

Ada lagi apa yang I lupa tak??

Oh yes. who is going to feed the cats ??? And , how are we going to the airport??

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


For days the kids have been nagging us to take them to the dentists. If you listen to them its been for MONTHS that they have been asking us to pleassee take them to the dentist.

Strange, when I was young, I was terrified of dentists. No power on earth could have made me go willingly. I've done it, slapped the dentist, hid in huge drains at the dentist, refused to come out of the car (yeah I remember I was in the car alone and I was 6- what lah you daddy, you should not have allowed me in the car alone) , ran around the dental clinic -anything but to go see the Dr. And here you have my kids, surrendering themselves.

So thinking that we might as well go before we get plagued (hahah get it) by problems in GC, we took the entire troop over to the dental clinic. So far we have not had to visit local dentists as they get seen by the UKM dentists (as part of the students' clinical kids quota) but occassionally we do take them private (as in when its urgent) - and BOY do dentists make loads of moolah eh. Anyway, Dahlia got a tampal and cuci, Sara cuci (her gigi that is loose can "wait" the dentist said. Wait? Wait for what??) Nadine got an extraction, Johan a cleaning and a stern reminder to BRUSH your teeth (with a side look at the mummy) and Sophia got an extraction of a very very wiggly tooth. Everyone crowded around the dentist when she was doing work on any child. The father was outside, sleeping. None of the kids made a sound, and they virtually scrambled to be first. WHOSE CHILDREN ARE YOU?????

And no , the dentist told me, they don't do sedation. (I asked as I am still that girl who ran around the clinic and hid in drains) heh heh

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What I did this weekend ....

The good thing abt having a blog is you can ramble on and on abt the most mundane thing and no one is going to tell you to shut up...hahahaha...

Anyway what was I doing before distraction sets in and I turn to this blog??

Looking for apartments in Gold Coast- to find one, easy. To find one that would take 7 people - Impossible. I am still trawling the net. As in WOTIF. Wot if we don't get any place? If they say "The room caters for a maximum of 2 adults, and a maximum of 4 children but cannot exceed 6 guests in total"- what happens if I bring 5 kids? Hubby tells me to not risk it. I called this hotel - VibeHotel and they actually suggested that I take THREE SEPARATE HOTEL rooms. One for me and my husband, and 2 for the kids, where they can be split 2 and 3. Are they stupid? Did they not get the ages of the children?? Jo and Dahlia on their own?? Hissshhh ozzies...!!! Love the country but...

Anyway can't believe another weekend is over. Where did it go ah? What did we do today ya? Morning we lazed around ie no maid so please do not dirty the kitchen with such stuff as breakfast lah, I did make sure the kids are fed and bathed, we are not THAT helpless, we did survive years in the UK with not a single domestic assistant (although there was only Nadine and Sara and Sophia then).


Kids went to Colours of Malaysia last night. Parents took them to brother's house, Brother and wife took them to Putrajaya for the show. Thanks! Where were we?? We went to a wedding (another one) at PWTC. Nice, very Malaysiana, with the food being served by young boys in Malay regalia, and a local Kuala Selangor band wearing yellow costumes and tudungsaji lookalikes hats (Kumpulan Bali-Bali) - very festive and very nice. We sat next to Datuk A*ziz Glen*eagles (Medical Director of PCMC please) and I am completely won over he is so nice and so gentle and can I have another baby so that he can deliver it? His equally gorgeous wife is equally nice. They must think we are there in their league as they recommended that we buy a RM2.2 m house - bargain, dahlink- got pool and everythang. Eh..reality check. I can't be trawling the net for the cheap cheap bargain accommodation in GC and think abt a RM2.2 m house- - maybe whenyou declare the hospital OPEN , Datuk...tak kena lah kan??

Mum said, go home straight after wedding, we can send your kids back. Hubby said - no lah, missing the kids , so off we went to my brother's place in the goodooks (he llives in Bukit Jalil):-) and waited for our kids to come back.


Actually we had to go to TaeKwondo tournament this morning, Sophia was already dressed. She was taking part it seems. However we had to wait for Dad to come back from where else, the hospital. he was on call at both places. He came back at half past ten - the thing started at 8. Sophia said she didnt want to go lah. And she did not seem too cut up abt it. Nadine was the one who said she had to go as teacher said must go. If the teacher said...must do or else arm will fall off.


Went to a wedding lunch time. Nearbyonly...However, Hubby forgot where. So we stopped at 2 places before we found the right one. One place even told us - this is an engagement lah.Hmph at least you could have invited us in for a drink! All the way Dahlia and Sara was fighting abt who gets to sit in the middle. At one point I told them to sit on the floor of the car. Can tak if not fight?? They have this system- if the car stops for more than 3 mins you have to change seats- the ones at the back has to go to the front- the middle seats are the fought over ones. It is a good system - good for giving mum and dad headaches.


Today..after wedding went to visit DadofFive and family- realised that the house next to his (which is ours) has become a jungle- sorry ah, DOF - we will sort this out. Thanks for feeding us and sorry for overstaying. And Hajar is so gorgeous I want to eat her cheeks. Kids found some curlers from old house. Now everyone of the girls arein curlers. Hahahahahahah...My kids are soo big now.

What!!! Its 1.20 am and hubby is still not back from GH?? How to go to sleep?He's my bantal what.

Ok - bye bye.....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Personal Data Protection

ARSA NEXUS is organising a Seminar on Personal Data Protection. Only 50 places are available. Any readers who might be interested? I'm on the commitee.

Understanding your business requirements

Friday, 6 June 2008
Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The reliance on accurate personal data has become an everyday fact and necessity to various forms of transactions. Data protection compliance soon will be an essential legal requirement for all organizations. It is best to know the law sooner rather than later. Organizations and all staff who works with personal data should be made aware of the law and its requirements. This invaluable and practical seminar examines core concepts of data protection compliance. This introductory level session will provide a thorough grounding in the fundamental requirements of data protection.

By attending this seminar you will understand:
• Why data protection is essential and crucial to your interests
• The international data protection instruments
• The common features of data protection law
• Data protection principles your organization must observe
• How data protection law applies to your organization
• What can and cannot be done with customers and staff information
• The rights of individuals, such as customers and staff, in respect of data held by your organization
• The criminal offences your organization should avoid
• The restrictions on transferring data abroad
• The enforcement mechanisms

· DR. MOIRA PATERSON – Assoc. Prof. of Faculty of Law, Monash University, Australia & member of the Advisory Committee to the Australian Law Reform Commission in relation to its review of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)
· PROF. ABU BAKAR MUNIR – Prof. of Law, University of Malaya and Advisor to the Government of Malaysia on Data Protection Laws
· LT. COL. HUSIN JAZRI – CEO, CyberSecurity Malaysia
· ZAID HAMZAH – Senior Vice President, Legal and Regulatory, Telekom Malaysia Berhad
· DATUK DR. ABDUL RAMAN SAAD – Managing Partner, ARSA-LAWYERS (Abdul Raman Saad & Associates)

· Implementing the Data Protection Laws: Australia Experiences – Dr. Moira Paterson
· Data Protection Law: You Will Be Here Soon – Prof. Abu Bakar Munir
· Preventive Strategy Against Data Breaches – Lt. Col. Husin Jazri
· Personal Data Protection Issues in the Convergence Sector (IT, Tele-communication and Broadcasting) – Zaid Hamzah
· Data Protection Compliance as a Strategic Issue – Datuk Dr. Abdul Raman Saad

For more information visit our website at

Saturday ramblings.

Hi..another weekend rolls by...

My kids are all upstairs. The father is taking a nap. Saturday afternoon kan...Usually the father is a whirlwind of energy outside but when he's at home he's about as energetic as a very kenyang ular. Heh heh luv ya dahlink! Ya lah, home is where you can unwind right. His latest obsession is downloading books from some very illegal and I am sure, completely virus infested, site.So, if not reading his book, or sleeping, he'd be in front of the pc. Or answering the phone. I am curious to see what life would be like in Oz when we are on hols. And there is no pc.

Mind you , we started the day rather early. Last week, I offered the maid a 'break' this weekend. However, that was before she had to go back last Monday for some medical check up. So she came back late on Tuesday. So to me, she's had her weekend off lah, so to speak. [She goes back to her "agent"'s house where she can meet up with other "helpers". (as in, help send you to an early grave) ]


It seems she still thought that she could go back this weekend, and has persuaded my officemate's maid (whom she is very close to) to go back too. She never confirmed with me pun. Buat plan sendiri. So last night I go on the attack mode lah. I said DONT DO THAT AGAIN!!! Going on cuti is not a right its a privelege and don't take me for granted!!. Hisssshhhhhhh!!! However I told myself over and over again that (a) without maids, I seriously cannot keep this house tidy and myself looking halfway presentable at the same time and (b) she has not gone back since March. Have to close one eye..right?? Grrrrrrrrr. She is so not going back till AUGUST.

Ok ok- so this morning we sent the maid to my officemate's house. The agent was going to get both of them frm my office mate's house. I'm going to insist that she comes back early tomorrow.

We dropped daddy at PCMC this morning first. He had a patient !! Yay!! Eh tolong lah support Dr ni....And then sent the maid. Then went to Bata because Johan left his shoes at home and has no shoes- got Jo a pair of sneakers . Went to Mc D. Went to fetch Dad from PCMC. Hung around for about an hour (although he said "I'm coming now") . Bought Nadine some incredibly expensive cream for her cold sore on her nose called Zofirax. Came home.

Back at home- we went up. Lepak. Kids blogged. Yes, my kids blog. !! Their cousins too. And their friends. What do you think? Should I let them? I am keeping a very close eye on any readers.

At one point Jo came up . I asked him to "bambam" with me. He said is there any reward? I said "big hug lah". And he said "oh, I was expecting some sort of money." Heh?????

I really don't know how to end this rambling no-point post.Feeling like no-point day. It's so nice to be home. And hubby prefers it when there is no maid at home.

A puzzle??

Oh yeah, saw some really funny sms on his hp just now. Was not checking but it beeped and I picked it up and I saw what.. it was from his colleague and he asked for my husband's passport number so he can confirm the booking.

Are you going anywhere my dear??? Earlier he had told me he was being asked to go to Bangkok for a conference, but on the same day we land from GC. So he said, he malas. Then this sms! When I asked him what the sms meant, he said "I don't know" and he deleted the sms! I told him..." i am a very good finder-outer you know....heh heh heh..." He laughed. Bet you anything , that he will indeed go off to the conference. I said tell me lah, what is this. I can oso go. hahahahahha..(Hmm maybe that's why he's being very dodgy). He is more into the hospital "guys" than he is with either the uni "guys" or the MCKK "guys" .

Husbands..just when u think you got them all figured out, eh.

ok to go trawl the net for the 2 days accommodation in Oz.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I am so lenguh today. Yesterday too. Slept like a log. Went home WITHOUT my laptop. amazing .
Went to Pavi yesterday looking for a haircut. With my friend. She requested for a room to cut hair in and preferably, done by a female stylist. One hairdresser has the room but female stylist went home, and the other one, has a room AND female stylist, but then, room is VIP room and you have to spend RM500 to be there. Given that it was nearly 8, I think it's very unlikely that they were going to get any customer spending that much money or needing that much hair treatment so they should have taken our money and given us our blooming haircut!!!!

Anyways the end had coffee at the Loaf. And went home to be met with long lists of presents to buy for the teachers. This time includes "singing card" and "kain". What teachers and what presents ??Today is last day of school, so it seems they are celebrating teachers day again. ?

Ok lah so off we went this morning present buying - plus spare pressies that we allready have in the house. Sorry lah ok next Teachers' Day mummy will be a bit more organised.

The lasagna went well. Yes, once you are back Madam Tai Tai must make you one.

Johan tak leh tidur last night and this morning cannot wake up for school so today PONTENG. And I am happy to report that he is reading well now. And he loves to read. Alhamdulillah.

Ok ok...bye bye...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A day at the Bank

Wow what a day!!

Attended a forum where the chair was the Governor of the Bank Negara....she is so beautiful. And she spoke so eloquently...The issue was allowing foreign lawfirms to practise in Malaysia in respect of the International Islamic Finance. We have a national agenda, she says and the opportunity is, like , so massively huge. There is NO time now , get on the train and we have only 12 mnths to be the first at the finishing line. Opposite her is the Dragon lady of the Barcouncil (eeyucks she made so many press statements in the past which I totally disagree with and purports to represent the view of the Bar) , who says- yah but we don't want any matsalleh firm to come in and totally like, ignore us, ok, that would be totally uncool.

Ok ok I'll quit writing like its "Totally Spies". Anyway they started at different positions but towards the end, you know that Governor's charm and humility and just total breathless elegance and eloquence have won everyone over, By the end of her speech, half the room was willing to give her whatever she wants.

After the forum we went outside and Tan Sri Zeti waited at the door for us to salam. And we asked for a picture. And she is ok with it! Eeee so jakun.

ANyway the forum went well.

And I get to meet Zeti heheheheh.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Class Parties

Just as we recover from the mad dash for gifts for Teachers Day, we are now having to think about-


Husband has been reminded that he needs to bake at LEAST 5 sets of lasagna- for five classes. The party is this Thursday. Pizza je cannot ke??

My daughters must like this school. Sophia especially. Her list of gifts for her teachers included "Baju kurung" and "baju melayu". Hahahahhaha- forGET it , girl. The usual cards and pens etc will do nicely.

I got an SMS from the teachers today reminding me to bring food for the Class Party.

So no guesses where we'll be tonight- the local supermarket....!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

NotQuiteGold Coast

You know I was telling you that we were going to Gol*dco*ast, Que*ensla*nd? Well, there's been a bit of adjustment. Thanks to the accomodation that we got (using Auntie A's free RCI nights-thanks, Auntie) we are now spending 5 ns in ....wait for it......BOGA*NGAR..!!!!!

Not Queensland but NEW SOU*TH WA*LES.!!!

Punyalah nak save duit..we're staying in a different STATE!!!

Don't get me wrong. I just find it funny. But the resort, Tam*arindSan*ds Resort, is apparently one of the best resorts under RCI. RCI is an international timesharing thing, that is linked with the local timesharing companies, ie, Berjaya Vacation etc . The members of these local timesharing companies can "deposit" one week of their free holiday nights anywhere local, into RCI and exchange it with one week of free holiday nights in any of the international resorts, say England, Australia, etc etc. So my auntie has one week of RCI nights that was going to expire and she very kindly offered it to us. Neither she nor us held much hope of getting a room as RCI apartments were very fully booked very quickly. Imagine our surprise when I got a call from the RCI sales person telling me he has 2 weeks worth of free accommodation , 2 bedroom apartment. However, when I told him the ages of my children and he realised that we have FIVE , he said I can't stay in the 2 bedroom apartments, and he offered the one remaining three bedroom apartment available, in Tamarind Sands. He said the rules over there are pretty strict and their guests have been turned away and not been allowed to check in, for failing to declare a toddler.

Anyway. seeing that it's so close to go and the rates are truly cheap I took it lah.- All I have to do is pay the "Exchange Fee and Guest Fee" of about RM1000 and that would get me accommodation till the Friday 6th. I've done my homework and for a three bedroom apartment anywhere near Surfer's Paradise, expect to pay upward of AUD140 per night , if under W*otif. (w* fantastic site for cheeeeeeeeeeeap hotels)

It is a BIT far though. It is 22km away from the AIRPORT which is already like half an hour away from Surfers. It's in an area called Cabarita Beach, it is sandwiched between a lake and the beach, and it's "rustic" (read, nothing going on).You can also see the Hinterlands (ie hutan lagi!)

I think it might be fun. Sure, we won't stay right in the smack of the tourist area, but maybe this way we can get to see the locals - or have a taste of local flava. And anyway there are 2 more nights that we have not got accommodation, we can always stay in GC then (in fact that's what I am trying to book now)- so all is not lost.

I'm getting mini shocks after mini shocks at how much you need to put aside for the sake of enjoying goldcoast. There's the themeparks which cost about AUD600 plus for the family - and that's only 2 parks. And of course the car, with the optional items like exclusion etc, is AUD850. Hmm maybe can ask for bonus early ?? Heh heh heh.

So I've done the accommodation (except the Surfer's Paradise one) , booked the car, and Aida said the visa's sorted (thanks Aida) .We have to go sort out international driving licenses and change money- anyone know any good and kind money changer? It's RM3 per AUD 1 now.

Hubby thinks we should do this: Day 1 - arrive malam so no point but to go to the goondooks - er great resort - and check in. Day 2- go to Cabarita Beach. Day 3- Park 1. Day 4- Park 2. Day 5- Australia Zoo (that is 4 hours away from Goldcoast, mind you) and Day 6 and 7- lepakking at Surfer's. Day 8 - check out and fly off.

Thinking of driving over to the airport. And parking there. Will cost us RM255 . Which will be cheaper than the taxifares, actually- both ways will also set us back about RM100- if can muat one car. Which I doubt so, unless I can bribe the pakcik drebar teksi tu.

In the meantime, work has to go on...and I will try not to keep googling "Goldcoast" at work, ok...heh heh heh...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Morning!

The guys at the office must be wondering why I am suddenly coming in one full hour early. Well the answer is...its exam time again in UPM (Med school) and my driver is the invigilator and exam runner whose absence, if you hear him talk, would cripple the exam and lead to no exams being conducted ever again! I'm irritated because he is also not well. He swallows his words as it hurts to speak normally. Now, it's not that I am not sympathetic but it's been 6 days and he has refused to see a GP. He thinks its just viral . To me, the master of throat infections , having grown up with my friend the tonsilitis, you must at least get your throat seen to by aNOTHEr doctor. He's refusing . And also taknak makan ubat. He keeps telling me, he's fine. GERAMMMMM.

Quite apart from that, kids are having exams too. I've said to them, that how they perform affect what theme park we will go in GoldCoast in 16 more days. Mak datuk, pejam celik pejam celik its only 2 weeks plus to go. I have not made any preparation aside from clicking on the pc when the offer came out. Cousin Aida has sorted the visa out (thanks cousin Aida) and now have to go "selaras" kan the passports at the AirAsia office. Also has to get some light jumpers (given them all away) and sort out the accommodation , and car. Do we really need a car?? Jalan je tak boleh ke....??

Anyways. Kids dah start arguing over who sits by the window in the plane! Sara reminded Sophia that she is afraid of heights therefore cannot sit by the window. Sophia said, if she does not look out, she's ok. Dalam kapalterbang, tak takut. Then I asked them to choose a buddy. Itu pun gaduh gak. Dahlia wants to be buddies with Nadine and not Sara. Johan wants to be mummy's buddy. Daddy can be buddies with the bags. Hahaha. Nadine wants to be buddies with the window seat. Funnyler tu.

Yes you can tell my kids are very "peghak" (or jakun). In the end, I told them where you sit is also decided by how you performed in the exams.

But hor, how they perform in this school is totally different from the old govt school. If they get any questions wrong, the teacher pass them back the papers and get them to do it again, and then remark. Surprise Surprise, they'd get the answer right the 2nd time. Cheating? Or giving them 2nd chance? On theone hand, glad that they are learning , on the other hand , how do you assess the child?

Hai...husband was moaning that he was "Dying...." (everytime he falls the slightest bit sick he'll moan that he's dying.)...I said not before you give me RM1 m to bring up your kids, Mister!! And he said, not enough RM1m..nak hantar belajar lagi, nak kawin kan anak lagi....nak kawin kan mummy dia lagi, I said, hoping to get a reaction- nope, nada. No reaction. Whatsoever. Heh heh heh. So totally confident that mummy will probably be mourning his passing and stay single forever....

And he's right!

Can we not talk about this depressing thing early in the morning????? to you later....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kids...growing up too fast.

Got home last night , to find kids reciting their Quran. Sat with them, and

1. Ustaz is darn strict.
2. Sophia has a LOT of tricks. From asking many many questions to wanting to go toilet lah etc
3. I have a LOT to learn.

The Ustaz was drilling them on the rules of reading the Quran and chiding them on how they read, and asking them things like "what rule is that? Remember? Under the rule of blabla, you can only do that to so and so letters". Which I am very very ashamed to put down here (but hey, put down gak) that I had NO IDEA what he was on about!!! (Some idea, but not all, their lessons are so menyeluruh and comprehensive) Ok time to sit down with the Ustaz and belajar tajwid formally. My sekolah lah mubaligh Kristian tapi takkan nak terus menerus tak tahu kot??

Before the Ustaz got it in his head to say "Tanya Mummy tu- !" I hurriedly left. Har har har...

Boy sometimes I feel that these 5 ppl have been sent to me from up above, to regulate us. They now keep coming up with "if you sembahyang jemaah, pahala is gazillion more than if pray alone". My husband and I sometimes look at them and tell ourselves - hey, we've made these people!

Can't imagine that Nadine was the omellion for us with the protruded belly button when she was a baby- and doctor warned us of the need to send her in for surgery for her umbilical hernia if the thing does not resolve itself before the age of 2- thankgoodness it did-

Can't imagine Sara, who truly popped out at the hospital a nanosecond after I went in and also had to be sent to hospital for suspected glueear- she had it I think. Sara, sara...

And Sophia- robustly healthy. Aside from the normal muntahbatuk cold etc. My enduring memory of her is at Adelaide airport, just arrived at dawn, lining up for customs, and she took off her seluar and walked around in pampers and also was chummy chummy with the huge alsatians there.....yikes.

Dahlia- the grumpy one. My god was this girl grumpy when she was a baby. Ashik maraaah je.

Johan- refused the bottle. Totally. As a 2 month old, and I had to go back to work, would rather drink from spoon than the teat. And also , broke his arm in Adelaide. Of all my kids so far- he's the one who did that.

I'm feeling really really breathless at the speed of their growth. Too darn fast lah!! With the work etc, feel like we are missing big chunks of it...before you know it they're all grown up

and still be lecturing their mummy and daddy abt tajwid? I hope not.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Report

They really should make weekends a 4 day affair. As I write I wish I can be on leave again today. It's been a mad weekend.

First, COUSIN SHEZ got married! Yay! The nikah was on Saturday morning, she looked gorgeous, of course,the dulang hantarans were gorgeous, the men sent things on huge deep trays surrounded by colourful roses and other flowers! We'd like to think they folllowed our style of hantaran..heh heh perasanssss....

Then, went to tahlil - came home and had a bath and then went off to girls only tahlil- and was late . Nasib baik tak duduk luar je. Arrived late but was also among the last to leave. Ok,WAS the last to leave. With Y, former neighbour, This tahlil was organised at Auntie S's house, I used to live in front of her house. Met a lot of veterans. One of them was Datuk Ainum the former AG. I truly wish that I know all of these distinguished ppl - so that instead of looking blur I can say- Oh , Datuk weren't you with Laura Ashley after you left the SC? Cheh wah...instead, Y and I asked each other- who the heck ??? Knowledge is Power! You are the first woman to be the AG, and these 2 chits did not recognise you! Kids nowadays...(is what I imagine her saying)

Sunday- Hubby got sick. Throat hurts. Hurts to swallow. Walks around slowly. Kesiannnnn bushuk. Makan taknak, apa taknak. Fed him bubur and sup. Supposed to go to futsal, tak jadi. Afternoon, with kids - trying to force them to study. I mean I sound like a broken record lah. It's not that I want them to study 247 but at least 20 mins? Sara siap mandikan kuching punyalah taknak belajar.

Oh yeah, they were v sick on Friday. We came home to find out that my sisin law had to take Sophia back early when the school called to say Sophia was sick. Sara was allready at home ponteng as she threw up in the morning. Happy to report that they are both well today.

Sunday night- Shez's wedding at the S*imeD*rby convention centre. Very the glam. A bit chaotic in the beginning - loads of ppl arriving and given table but then deciding to sit willy nilly. Biasa lar...

A bit kecoh abt where the Undang is supposed to be led to. I had been informed by CousinFaisal head honcho, that hubby and I were supposed to lead the undang from their VIP room, to the front of the pelamin for them to terus tepung tawar . Tapi, the Bride's uncle from mummy's side, plus my aunties terruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusss bawak them from VIP room to their table, and NOT to the allotted chairs in front of the pelamin. Hello, I don't know ok auntie and uncle- I was behind them. And anyway your brother led them what so don't lah marah I..

. Did you know that the Undang and my father are second cousins. The fathers were first cousins, the grandparents were brothers. We are royalty man! :-) Hubby balik awal sebab demam....

Ok now to wake the kiddies for school....byeee

Friday, May 09, 2008

Avillion with a Cold

Well, here I am , sitting at the Crow's Nest, facing the sea (behind these chalets). I'm stuffed- just had spanish omellete , the compulsory porridge, the cereal, the cheese (also must have) and the croissant. It is absolutely sinful when the folks in Myanmar are dying of hunger . I love my new Lenovo and the fact that it has 3 hours of battery....instead ofbefore when the laptop would just die the minute the power is off!

Still have that terrible cold, sniffing and coughing and sneezing. so much for romantic getaway eh?? Husband thinks I should just rest in the room but hey, not often I can blog looking at the sea right? So I bought the internet wifi connection for 2 hours. RM10 per hour. Husband has gone off to his morning talks. He's upset that his jacket, which was previously big on him, is now JUST NICE!!! heh heh.

We left the house yesterday at 3 pm, and got here in Avillion at abt 5. Jauh jugak ek?? We got a water chalet- I think they think we were bringing the kids as there was 2 twin beds and one huge day bed. I think the entire family may just be comfortable there!

The bathroom and shower area is rather big, and next to the shower area there is no wall, just a short rail, if you look over it, you can see the sea. Lovely lovely hot shower was perfect for the cold and the aching bones.

The room is rather small , but the thing I love abt it is the kelambu, as well as the balcony outside..although I can only see a bit of the sea.

Malam, we were taken to Admiral Cove for dinner. We got a bit lost, but got the chance to see PD- so "happening" at night! It's become commercial lah. There is this concert that's happening tonight so there were a lot of party lights, tents etc where we were heading. Some world famous clubbing DJ ("Tiesto?") was coming. After 4 times going back and forth in the car of the Drug rep country manager, we finally arrived.

Wah admiral cove is so posh, there were a couple of huge bungalows overlooking the marina ,complete with yachts etc. I used to watch "Lifestyle of the rich and famous" and they always have yachts - must have if want to look rich.

Dinner itself was nothing to shout out- nasi and lauk biasa. Dah habis pun by the time we got there.

After dinner we went to the local coffee house, and just "chilled" - there was an excellent Spanish group singing but 5 minutes into us sitting they took a break.....

The coffee place overlooks the pool so we watched some ppl swimming, hubby said eh that guy is swimming with his clothes on- and upon second look- no he's not, that's his tattoo and he's swimming NAKED!!!! And there were 3 more guys swimming naked!!! And when I told the waitress she said "Ni mesti orang Taiwan ni!"

And I was just thinking the pool looked nice..sumpah taknak mandi there..eeee...

Hmm I better check the office mail- ar do I have to??? Heh heh...

or should I go back to the room and mengular- as in sleep.

Hubby and I slept on different beds last night!! I understand why some matsallehs do that..takda orang share katil with you is nice jugak...and anyway at home I share with at least 3 ppl, Johan, dahlia and sometimes Sophia, so when I get the chance to sleep alone,w ahhhhhhhh macam best.

Ok..its getting hot. As soon as husband is back from his talks at 11ish I think I will ask to go to the beach lah. Takkan datang PD tak jejak laut kot..

see you..

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two Am Thoughts

Is this waking up at 2 thing going to be a normal thing then? I'm wide awake now. Have work to do, that's why I'm blogging. Heh.

Anyway now I have a cold. Courtesy of the co-attendee of the meeting. How fast cold germs flies. And tomorrow I'm ON LEAVE!!! Oh the injustice of it all.

Anyways ....Jojo did not go to school yesterday. Takut as Arab homework not done yet. I told him you are the strong one , Johan..He said , But I'm a cryer mummy! Eh? Did he hear it from somewhere??

Dahlia sold her crystal ball to Sara, a small one is 10 sen, a medium 20 sen and a large ball 30 sen- these are small crystal balls that apparently can grow once you put in water...She was "given" them by her friend, and she now sells to her family. When I asked , it came out that she was given the thingy, but had to give a dollar to her friend. Really Dahlia, that looks like its expensive! I'm sure Irene had asked you for RM5, right? "No lah mummy! Just 2 dollars only!!"

Aik?? 2 dollars pulak? Hubby sengeh. I do not know what to think abt this. Should I encourage this entrepreneur spirit? She is only 8. She is truly our daughter. Hubby said he sold stamps when he was at the MalayCollege and hey, I sold the pucuk gajus when I was in Melaka- to my school teachers. Who actually bargained with me, from Rm1 a packet to 50 sen. Come to think of it, maybe RM1 for a packet of daundaun I picked off the tree in front of my house was a bit steep. Hey I was just 10.

Sophia hid when I arrived back- at 9! She was under the table. She had been playing with the internet the entire time she was supposed to change into her pajamas. I had to bang the table before she scooted upstairs. Mere entreaties would not do it.

Nadine has fully gotten the hang of using her handphone. She just smsed me the list of things she wants me to buy. Plus the shopping list.

Hubby wanted to go last night but after having our dinner, he fell asleep in front of the telly. 9.30 is now the latest we can keep our eyes open. I fully expect him to be awake in a few minutes. We have to get our sleeping pattern correct lah. I read that sleep is the most important beauty tool.

Oh yes...


I hope you love your present and I hope your husband would drop a quiet word to mine about the kind of presents wives would love to that carries someone else's name, for example. Heh heh. Never main lah, I have his never tiring devotion to me and absolute willingness to send me, say, to the airport 2 days running before dawn...that's big love going on there, people. (but if you want to buy me anything sparkly or with initials, please feel free heh heh).

I have yet to buy HIM a present and no, my cancelled ticket costs cannot be chalked up as his present. Hmm...what ye?? Still no idea. got him perfume last time.

Ok lah will check in to do that work I was tellin you about

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Meeting


I'm now in Johor, Senai Airport ,waiting for my flight back. I thought it was 6 pm so I rushed (or rather, made Mr L rush, to send me here and once Im here its 6.40 so basically I arrived about one hour 40 mins away.

The meeting went well, I think, despite me being the sole speaker, in the presence of bosses. Hope I did not sound all over the place the way I felt.

Supposed to go yesterday but here is what happened.

Woke up at - 2.30 a.m. Looked at the documents.
4a.m- mandi. wake hubby. sembahyang ishak (heh heh)
5.00 - put make up
5.55- sembahyang subuh - hubby sakit perut (biasalar)
6.10 - left house
7.00- arrive at airport
7.01-7.05 - run like hell to check in.
7.06- told that - SORRY CANNOT CHECK IN. Must be at least half an hour before flight. Flight is at 7.25. Cry blood also won't be able to change the guy's mind. I can see the blardie plane from here lah!!! And I have no luggage lah!!! let me innnnnnnnn!!!!
7.10- call boss. Boss allready in Golden Lounge. Boss said, to change the flight to 10.50, and ask if can postpone the mtg
7.50- call hubby. Hubby suggest call cab to go - its RM300. Hubby turning back. to counsel panicky wife

8.00- hubby talked to local limo with wife- local limo wants RM400.

8.15- found out from Aida that AirAsia has just one flight to Johor and it goes off at 8.15 am.

9.00 change ticket time- found out my ticket is the cheapo one and its forfeited and I have to pay RM265. And this is on the day that MAS offers Zero fares

9.30 - safely checked in, and waiting for the 10.50 plane

9.45- having breakfast at the supremely mega expensive cafe - got call from client- sorry the meeting cannot be pushed another hour- The mamat cannot come- one measly the meeting is CANCELLED.

10.00 - called boss. Who is allready there. Boss said he will fly back, then.

11.00 - back to the ticket office- change ticket, Now cannot change simply.have to buy new ticket- new rule. My luck, it was effective YESTERDAY. shelled out another RM150 or something, ie the toy souvenir money for kids.

2.00 - arrived office. told everyone- confirmed that I am a ninny. Hey, No 1, I was there, I did not miss the flight, they were not letting me in- I think they sold the ticket off lah. No 2, that guy I was supposed to meet, with my boss, could have waited lah..instead of cancelling. So mean.. felt very bad that because of moi, Boss had to spend an entire day getting to know the airport well.

Today, I left the house at 5.20 a.m. Arrived in JB safely. Despite me being the sole speaker there- the client said the meeting went very well.

Tomorrow, have to work. But consolation- working from Avillion

Today, have to go talk to kids properly, Miss them and have not seen them properly for days.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Husband!!



May we have another FORTYONE years of you to share our gloriously happy life with .

(which, if you stop smoking which you have told me you've done months ago but which your daughters keep telling me you are STILL doing, belakang pokok, may be a do-able thing!- heh heh sorry nagging pulak)

Anyway we all love you to bits, thank you for being a lovely person, husband, son in law, son and general souding board to me!

So, sure ke you taknak I beli you anything?? New sunnies? New shoes? New wallet? New lingerie ? (eh , your present gak tu what heh heh heh) . How about I send you roses at your hospital ? (At least you'll take them home..and I get flowers in the house ...heh heh heh!!)

Having a little dinner for family - have to run out of office like bat out of hell at 6 sharp. The next day got to go to Johor for meeting. The day after that, work, the day after THAT- AVillion! Woohooo! Mom and dad wants me to take the kiddoes. I feel very torn. Hmmm?? To take or not to take???

Happy Anniversary to Uncle T and Auntie M

We just attended a surprise 40th year anniversary dinner for Uncle Teji and Auntie Mary,one couple whom we have known since the Uni days, and who I personally have known since I was 10. He was my dentist then and we were neighbours at Sg Besi Camp . Auntie Mary is chinese, and Uncle T is a Sikh. They have 5 daughters. Uncle Teji was a good but no TLC kind of dentist- he won't be bothered by your whimpers as he was an ARMY dentist. He did my wisdom tooth ok . I remember the day VERY well. Imagine my surprise when , at one of the Notts society coffee thingy, we bumped into them, Uncle Tejinder without his turban and now going by a different surname! Anyway the girls had grown into lovely women by that time, the closest to us were So*NIA and M*el. With her flowing long hair and her soft nature, Son quickly became the hit with the (allready limited in number) boys in Notts!

Anyways now, M*el is married to a Canadian and settled there with their 2 kids, and the other 4 daughters are there in the UK with Uncle T and Auntie M. They settled in the UK around the time I went into final year. I remember that they loved having ppl over and we were always at their place eating!!

We kept in touch all this time, on and off . They were stunned to hear that we went on to have five kids, and we were saddened to hear that Auntie M got braincancer. Happily that was 5 years ago and while frail, she is better . Although if you know her, its sad to see such a vibrant woman that frail.

Anyway Mel and Son had been organising this reunion for their parents from Toronto and from London. They flew back to KL just for that. Uncle T and Auntie M came back a few weeks ago - I think they are looking to settle back home lah, in their golden years. The dinner was held at LakeClub- about 40 ppl. Didn't know any of the Uncle although the booking was under Uncle Kadir (of Kadir Andri??) It was impromptu speech giving by all the old RMC friends. not necessarily flattering (ye lah, all the secrets when they were mere boys) but then honest. They loved him that was for sure.

Thanks Mel and Son for having us, and come back again.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Ooops lupa.

Sorry sorry you should not encourage all this beranganing tau. heh heh. Husband kata dah sudah sudah tu.

MadamTaiTai - toksahler marah..takda cerita apa lah vakum cleaner tu..I wish I can say to you that he proposed to me while we went out shopping for vacuumcleaner? Or we used the vacuum somehow??(oooh what lah ye? Heh heh) Or that he realised he loved me when he saw how fantastic I was vacuuming ? Or ...ok ok ok..dah merapu.

Ok this is my recollection and I will stand by it, 'k. I say this as he tells me he remembers it differently. Jangan marah tau - cerita biasa nye!!)

After Baltimore diner dinner , he went off - He called me everynight. Ok a bit more romantic dari dulu, and a bit more mengada but still quite innocent kot by today's standards. Dalam sejuk2 I turun from our flat to the common pay phone thingy- outside! . Kesian orang yang jawab and kena panggil I. He came back on the Friday. I pun pi visit him kat rumah dia. Tak sabo lah katakan. Tungguje lah dia jumpa kita apasalahnye kan?? Taak, nak gak jumpa dia dulu. Hissshhhhh.

Sampai kat rumah, dia takda kat bawah- nak naik ke? Naik je! Tengok mamat ni tengah vacuum...."hi", dengan sipu sipu malu lah dah some minggu tak jumpa kan....(uwekkkkkss) . He cool je (biasaler)

I pun perch on his bed, watching him vacuum. Tu je lah!!! Lama gak lah, and throughout the time he was cleaning his room lah, etc lah, I tolong lah sikit sikit and I was prattling on and on, and somehow the subject went to how we felt abt each other. I was thinking about how I felt about him- wondering about how I felt about him, if truth be told, whether this was love or what- and suddenly my mouth said , without interference from my brain, obviously, "hmm ...shall I tell you I love you, then?" That was over the noise that old vacuum made. And he stopped what he was doing, and turned and said to me, "Ok then, I love you too!"

....Which is why he can say that I told him I loved him first! Of course the vacuum was switched off after that. (Oi, I budak baik lar...hahahahahaha.)

He said he remembered our confession earlier than that- haa? He said I went over and asked him "Kita ni macam mana ni? I sayang you tau"

And he replied, "I sayang you jugak"

And he said that made his day....

Eh Ye ke??? Mana satu you percaya.. Kalau dengar his version- Eh tak malu nye I niiiiiii...

(But- I got my man! hahahahahaha)

OK LAH- THE END.....:-)

Its MIDNIGHT........

It's midnight.. the house is silent , at last.

Hubby's just came back from - where else- HKL ler. And now mendengkur-ring at the sofa. Rupanye he is on call at both his darling hospitals....on the same night. He managed to stop by Pasarmalam for our supplies.

Kids have gone to sleep.


Nadine BARU naik about half an hour ago after I forced her- she was doing her essay on "faktor-faktor penagih dadah" (as in why do drug addicts get addicted to drugs??) . She has to do an (heh-eleh) 180 word essay. Her factors: Kurang didikan agama, pengaruh Barat. Darilah pagi sampai lah malam. (Macam mummy dia buat kerja je)

Feeling the effect of the sekolahugama training. My daughter Sophia tadi taknak pi swimming if tak pakai baju tutup aurat. I said that is very good Sophia but you are after all 9 and its not wajib on you yet , not like on your mummy ni. And don't forget prayers,ok. Tadi tanya I one of the tajwid rules yang I tak berapa familiar....I say, ada Class untuk adults tak kat Adni ni ha? And I am serious.

She was almost in tears as she has lost her form to enter into the TaeKwonDo events. I told her, to take one of the sisters' forms and PHOTOSTAT lah!!! Aiyaaa...tonight I have to (a) sellotape Dahlia's book yang pages dah come off, (b) jahit zip baju TKD Sophia and (c) think about how to multiply the form overnight. Mummy's work is never done.

I finally got to check their pencilcases (dulu selalu spot checks) - and terus I jadi Sargeant Mummy. Mana pensil ni??? Kenapa semua nye kontot?? Mana sharpeners??? Mana erasers?? Semua kelam kabut lah mencari . Apa, makan ke??

Last night Qiyam for Sara. Boy am I glad for my brother and wife, for they helped me send way I could have been in time to send her. What I need is FLEXITIME. She said she demam during Qiyam but when she came home, she got better. Yah, I know that demam, Sara.

She came back this morning with Daddy, who took her for breakfast at the posh French bakery in Ampang..wah bestlah, you. Semua orang jeles.

Sheepishly came to me, to tell me she has forgotten that she has not done a short piece of homework as to why some kanak kanak terkena racunan makanan. Aiyoo you know if I was 8 I would be totally flummoxed by the topics. But good training lah, read current events. At the pool tadi she showed that she can now swim properly. Every one was eager to show us what Adni taught them. Dahlia can swim, Sophia can also swim (although Sophia kicked up a heck of a lot more water than Dahlia)

Ok I went through his jawi with him. Not bad..He said he loves mummy but sometime mummy is verrrrrrrrrry fierce. He is drinking WEIGHTGAIN for the past week . Too skinny la. I had to go and lie down with him just now - he has to sleep with me next to him. Dahlia too. Bapak dia tak kesah mana mak dia tidor. Anak dia yang kecoh. Hahahahaha.

Sempat singgah rumah Auntie A, who wanted us to try on flower girls dresses for Sophia and Dahlia , for her daughter's wedding this October. Very nice and very posh for an unbelievable price. I want to go to Jakarta lah cam ni...semua murah. My other cousin is getting married next week. The 10th and the 11th.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Reminiscing - His version

Alamak....panjang berjela nye reminiscing ni...!! takda part part - main tulliiiiiissss je.. kejap kejap prequel, sequel and campur aduk. Takpalah kalau you all boring, boleh bloghop..ok?

Anyways....When I read again the syoksendiri posts so far..yalah macam "forward" sangat kan, 2 weeks je dah want commitment heh heh. Well, I memang hate uncertainty and by then dah bergoncang lah pokokpokok kat Nottingham tu ... My flatmates and his housemates pun seboklah speculated. My flatmates said , he is just being friendly, lah..his housemates said, he kept playing Jeffrey Osbourne's "On the Wings of Love" everyday so must have something lor. Ada yang kata 50% he liked me lah, ada yang 70% lah...


It's so hard to get him to tell me the his version- the truth, I mean- as to how it all started. Semalam I tanya dia, he said "hmmmmm?" or "haaaa??" Boring betul!!!

Whenever I asked him, "so, when did you start liking me then?" he'd say"the first time I saw you". I pernah gak tanya, fishing for compliments -"Why me of all people?" I know my Supremely tall and Leggy Flatmate liked him and he knew it too, so why me lah. I mean let's be frank here, I was not tall, nor was I leggy. I was ...funny. Heh heh.

Jawapan dia- "Cause you're gorgeous"..or something equally tak boleh percaya.!! heh heh.

I mean this guy was so lepak and did not act like he had ANY feelings towards ANY pompuan. If he did like me as soon as he saw me darilah dulu, why didn't he make a move sooner? He said he was waiting for his housemates to leave - they left for London to do their Bar. And also waiting for my auntie cousin and her very strict husband Abang E*al , to leave for Malaysia for good . Oho, ada strategy ye??? What if I dah ada boyfriend dah masa tu??? S*lm*n, this mamat from Coventry, had a soft spot for me, I think. Bukan nak perasan ler but when I went to Coventry for their Malaysian night, and later I saw the video taken by the official photographer, ie him, it was basically a movie of Shila at Coventry Malaysian night, heh heh, so macam mana I tak perasan.(entah entah aku ni totally terperasan).

Another mamat had sent me a huge bouquet of roses - (and they call him Matbunga) -believe me, my first and only bouquet of that many roses to- this -date. (tapi er..tu je lah) and that US guy was still writing to me (hmmph perasan betol dia tu) - my point was, if you had liked me from the first year, how come you tak approach??I COULD have fallen for someone else, you know....

So his version is, he liked me from the first year. He was at the coffeeevening when KakNo*on pulled him and said "hey I nak introduce you to someone!" and he said I tanya dia "you orang mana? " and he said "Orang johor" and he SWEARS I said "Oh ye ke, orang johor kerek kerek kan??" Hahahaha and he said- "patah hati I" he heh. Yelah, mulut takda lesen nye at that time.

Anyway ok lah he liked me tapi lepak dulu. Ada strategy pelan-pelan. "Nothing I do is rushed" he said today. THAT, I believe, Har har.

In the second year, before I left for home and before the tshirt incident, we organised our famous Sore*Emas (or SoreA*ss as they call it due to the outbreak of severe diarrhoea after that) which , according to him, he used the opportunity to "get close to me". Get close to me hamende, I was in charge of asking him to be the pengantin lelaki for the SuperLeggy and SuperTall Flatmate of mine who was the pengantin pompuan ! I jadi her makandam, with this mamat called Me*r (remember him, Mumsie? heh heh heh!!) . My husband bersanding for the SoreEmas.I think we had a dance or something later? (see,tak ingat). But by now I was certainly talking to him more often. I pakai black midi dress yang shiny shiny sikit I, think. Catalog mari je...

Apparently, kata dia, after the event the guys discussed the girls and who looked nice that night. Oh itu kerja korang ye. And when they asked him, who did you think looked nice , he said, "er, Shila didn't look too bad" . And this was as good as an announcement in the papers to his absolutely dumbstruck friends. Heh heh heh. .

So that was his hint lah to his friends. That was their last year together before his friends left for London. By the start of summer, I went home, and they all knew what husband was planning. Which was to ask me out.

Sementara tu I ni blur lah pi borak dengan dia dgn selambanye, tak langsung pick up any "gatal" vibes from him. heh heh!! I tell you mamat ni slow and steady bebenar sampai I tak perasan. If tunggu dia I think we would be dating for- hmm, 2 years?- before he tells me whats going on. heh heh.

So apa lagi you ingat then, Hubby?

He said that he planned to ask me out that night at his house but wondered how to go about it. So as I was sitting kat bawah (wondering bila dia ni nak turun bawah ni?) he was upstairs changing from work clothes and planning. Last last he brought down the paper and pretended to flip through slowly.. and of course I took the bait kan as you have read earlier.

And when he found out that I bought the tickets, he knew I liked him too. (hey!!! I really could have liked the musical very much you know)

CIS! I should have made him work harder. No wonder lahhhhh I liked him then..Courtship dah setahun rupanye.

Ok ok I will drill him abt what he remembers about the vacuum cleaner incident....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...