Friday, May 09, 2008

Avillion with a Cold

Well, here I am , sitting at the Crow's Nest, facing the sea (behind these chalets). I'm stuffed- just had spanish omellete , the compulsory porridge, the cereal, the cheese (also must have) and the croissant. It is absolutely sinful when the folks in Myanmar are dying of hunger . I love my new Lenovo and the fact that it has 3 hours of battery....instead ofbefore when the laptop would just die the minute the power is off!

Still have that terrible cold, sniffing and coughing and sneezing. so much for romantic getaway eh?? Husband thinks I should just rest in the room but hey, not often I can blog looking at the sea right? So I bought the internet wifi connection for 2 hours. RM10 per hour. Husband has gone off to his morning talks. He's upset that his jacket, which was previously big on him, is now JUST NICE!!! heh heh.

We left the house yesterday at 3 pm, and got here in Avillion at abt 5. Jauh jugak ek?? We got a water chalet- I think they think we were bringing the kids as there was 2 twin beds and one huge day bed. I think the entire family may just be comfortable there!

The bathroom and shower area is rather big, and next to the shower area there is no wall, just a short rail, if you look over it, you can see the sea. Lovely lovely hot shower was perfect for the cold and the aching bones.

The room is rather small , but the thing I love abt it is the kelambu, as well as the balcony outside..although I can only see a bit of the sea.

Malam, we were taken to Admiral Cove for dinner. We got a bit lost, but got the chance to see PD- so "happening" at night! It's become commercial lah. There is this concert that's happening tonight so there were a lot of party lights, tents etc where we were heading. Some world famous clubbing DJ ("Tiesto?") was coming. After 4 times going back and forth in the car of the Drug rep country manager, we finally arrived.

Wah admiral cove is so posh, there were a couple of huge bungalows overlooking the marina ,complete with yachts etc. I used to watch "Lifestyle of the rich and famous" and they always have yachts - must have if want to look rich.

Dinner itself was nothing to shout out- nasi and lauk biasa. Dah habis pun by the time we got there.

After dinner we went to the local coffee house, and just "chilled" - there was an excellent Spanish group singing but 5 minutes into us sitting they took a break.....

The coffee place overlooks the pool so we watched some ppl swimming, hubby said eh that guy is swimming with his clothes on- and upon second look- no he's not, that's his tattoo and he's swimming NAKED!!!! And there were 3 more guys swimming naked!!! And when I told the waitress she said "Ni mesti orang Taiwan ni!"

And I was just thinking the pool looked nice..sumpah taknak mandi there..eeee...

Hmm I better check the office mail- ar do I have to??? Heh heh...

or should I go back to the room and mengular- as in sleep.

Hubby and I slept on different beds last night!! I understand why some matsallehs do that..takda orang share katil with you is nice jugak...and anyway at home I share with at least 3 ppl, Johan, dahlia and sometimes Sophia, so when I get the chance to sleep alone,w ahhhhhhhh macam best.

Ok..its getting hot. As soon as husband is back from his talks at 11ish I think I will ask to go to the beach lah. Takkan datang PD tak jejak laut kot..

see you..


ini said...

Totally naked????


wanshana said...

Get well that you guys could enjoy the honeymoon better! ;)

P/S :- Can join those Taiwanese in the pool what???!!! Hahaha!

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