Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Class Parties

Just as we recover from the mad dash for gifts for Teachers Day, we are now having to think about-


Husband has been reminded that he needs to bake at LEAST 5 sets of lasagna- for five classes. The party is this Thursday. Pizza je cannot ke??

My daughters must like this school. Sophia especially. Her list of gifts for her teachers included "Baju kurung" and "baju melayu". Hahahahhaha- forGET it , girl. The usual cards and pens etc will do nicely.

I got an SMS from the teachers today reminding me to bring food for the Class Party.

So no guesses where we'll be tonight- the local supermarket....!

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Madam Tai Tai said...

Shila, nanti bila you invite me to your house for dinner I would like to request to have Jab's lasagna as part of the menu, ek?

Selalu sangat you mention mcm sedap aje...

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