Thursday, May 22, 2008

A day at the Bank

Wow what a day!!

Attended a forum where the chair was the Governor of the Bank Negara....she is so beautiful. And she spoke so eloquently...The issue was allowing foreign lawfirms to practise in Malaysia in respect of the International Islamic Finance. We have a national agenda, she says and the opportunity is, like , so massively huge. There is NO time now , get on the train and we have only 12 mnths to be the first at the finishing line. Opposite her is the Dragon lady of the Barcouncil (eeyucks she made so many press statements in the past which I totally disagree with and purports to represent the view of the Bar) , who says- yah but we don't want any matsalleh firm to come in and totally like, ignore us, ok, that would be totally uncool.

Ok ok I'll quit writing like its "Totally Spies". Anyway they started at different positions but towards the end, you know that Governor's charm and humility and just total breathless elegance and eloquence have won everyone over, By the end of her speech, half the room was willing to give her whatever she wants.

After the forum we went outside and Tan Sri Zeti waited at the door for us to salam. And we asked for a picture. And she is ok with it! Eeee so jakun.

ANyway the forum went well.

And I get to meet Zeti heheheheh.


in said...

And I just had to have my eyes closed in the photo!!! :(

aida yurani said...

So, how's the preparation for hadiah hari guru? Got all sorted out tak? If only I knew about it, I would have brought some stuff from home, dlm fridge pun byk giler chocolates smlm, baru noted, ada orang bagi, makan tak habis.
And thanks a lot for the present. Am wearing it today and look so lawa lah... Sigh.... mamat not around to see how lawa I am. Hehehehehe

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