For days the kids have been nagging us to take them to the dentists. If you listen to them its been for MONTHS that they have been asking us to pleassee take them to the dentist.

Strange, when I was young, I was terrified of dentists. No power on earth could have made me go willingly. I've done it, slapped the dentist, hid in huge drains at the dentist, refused to come out of the car (yeah I remember I was in the car alone and I was 6- what lah you daddy, you should not have allowed me in the car alone) , ran around the dental clinic -anything but to go see the Dr. And here you have my kids, surrendering themselves.

So thinking that we might as well go before we get plagued (hahah get it) by problems in GC, we took the entire troop over to the dental clinic. So far we have not had to visit local dentists as they get seen by the UKM dentists (as part of the students' clinical kids quota) but occassionally we do take them private (as in when its urgent) - and BOY do dentists make loads of moolah eh. Anyway, Dahlia got a tampal and cuci, Sara cuci (her gigi that is loose can "wait" the dentist said. Wait? Wait for what??) Nadine got an extraction, Johan a cleaning and a stern reminder to BRUSH your teeth (with a side look at the mummy) and Sophia got an extraction of a very very wiggly tooth. Everyone crowded around the dentist when she was doing work on any child. The father was outside, sleeping. None of the kids made a sound, and they virtually scrambled to be first. WHOSE CHILDREN ARE YOU?????

And no , the dentist told me, they don't do sedation. (I asked as I am still that girl who ran around the clinic and hid in drains) heh heh


Madam Tai Tai said…
Me no like dentists too!! teeth just went ngilu recalling the 'drilling' sound prior to menampal gigi...eee...
I knowwwwwwwwwwww!!!
Anonymous said…
I am actually one of the kid dentists that work at UKM, i'm glad we have done something right by the look of it:)!
Anonymous- you must have worked on my kids at one point...they've been going for at least 3 years! Yah..thank you very much for you/your colleagues' patience with them!

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