Good Morning!

The guys at the office must be wondering why I am suddenly coming in one full hour early. Well the answer is...its exam time again in UPM (Med school) and my driver is the invigilator and exam runner whose absence, if you hear him talk, would cripple the exam and lead to no exams being conducted ever again! I'm irritated because he is also not well. He swallows his words as it hurts to speak normally. Now, it's not that I am not sympathetic but it's been 6 days and he has refused to see a GP. He thinks its just viral . To me, the master of throat infections , having grown up with my friend the tonsilitis, you must at least get your throat seen to by aNOTHEr doctor. He's refusing . And also taknak makan ubat. He keeps telling me, he's fine. GERAMMMMM.

Quite apart from that, kids are having exams too. I've said to them, that how they perform affect what theme park we will go in GoldCoast in 16 more days. Mak datuk, pejam celik pejam celik its only 2 weeks plus to go. I have not made any preparation aside from clicking on the pc when the offer came out. Cousin Aida has sorted the visa out (thanks cousin Aida) and now have to go "selaras" kan the passports at the AirAsia office. Also has to get some light jumpers (given them all away) and sort out the accommodation , and car. Do we really need a car?? Jalan je tak boleh ke....??

Anyways. Kids dah start arguing over who sits by the window in the plane! Sara reminded Sophia that she is afraid of heights therefore cannot sit by the window. Sophia said, if she does not look out, she's ok. Dalam kapalterbang, tak takut. Then I asked them to choose a buddy. Itu pun gaduh gak. Dahlia wants to be buddies with Nadine and not Sara. Johan wants to be mummy's buddy. Daddy can be buddies with the bags. Hahaha. Nadine wants to be buddies with the window seat. Funnyler tu.

Yes you can tell my kids are very "peghak" (or jakun). In the end, I told them where you sit is also decided by how you performed in the exams.

But hor, how they perform in this school is totally different from the old govt school. If they get any questions wrong, the teacher pass them back the papers and get them to do it again, and then remark. Surprise Surprise, they'd get the answer right the 2nd time. Cheating? Or giving them 2nd chance? On theone hand, glad that they are learning , on the other hand , how do you assess the child?

Hai...husband was moaning that he was "Dying...." (everytime he falls the slightest bit sick he'll moan that he's dying.)...I said not before you give me RM1 m to bring up your kids, Mister!! And he said, not enough RM1m..nak hantar belajar lagi, nak kawin kan anak lagi....nak kawin kan mummy dia lagi, I said, hoping to get a reaction- nope, nada. No reaction. Whatsoever. Heh heh heh. So totally confident that mummy will probably be mourning his passing and stay single forever....

And he's right!

Can we not talk about this depressing thing early in the morning????? to you later....


Madam Tai Tai said…
Gud morning SW!

Your kids would enjoy the Goldcoast. Apasal dulu masa duduk lama kat Australia tak jalan2 ke sana?

Some suggestion with the car rental. Book thru Avis regional office (in Singapore if I'm not mistaken) and as soon as you reach the airport go straight to the Avis counter to collect your car. I think the rental rate is slightly lower if you pre-book.

It's better if you self-drive. Very easy - just follow the map and the road signs. Hope you are a good navigator!

Enjoy your holiday nanti!
aida yurani said…
aaaa..... mau itu passport fotocopy semua orang tau. Sudah ready, sila talipon, nanti saya dtg ambik, and hantar visa and collect pymnt. Hehehehe.

Uish, awalnya kaklong masuk opis hari ni?
Hi madamtaitai

Thanks for the tip!

Hi Aida

Ok tomorrow ok?
fifi said…
Shila, I dah txt Epi suruh pi makan antibiotics, hehe!
Yr doctor in the house takut makan ubat ke?

By the way, would u remarry??
wanshana said…
Kelakar la pulak - siap ada allocation untuk YOU kawin lagi, tu?!!! Hahahahaha!

But, I have to say I agree - RM1 million mana nak cukup maaaa!!!

Anyway, hope you won't do your usual last minute packing for your Gold Coast trip, dear. Nanti blood will go upstairs!

Have fun!
Fifi- thanks Fifi! Degil betul.....
Mamamia- hard to imagine anyone else who would get along with me to be honest! No, I'll probably be mourning forever....
Shana- yahlah, thanks for the reminder- tak habih habih last minit kan? I told the kids we have to be there at 6 am to check in- flying off at 10.

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