Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Uncle T and Auntie M

We just attended a surprise 40th year anniversary dinner for Uncle Teji and Auntie Mary,one couple whom we have known since the Uni days, and who I personally have known since I was 10. He was my dentist then and we were neighbours at Sg Besi Camp . Auntie Mary is chinese, and Uncle T is a Sikh. They have 5 daughters. Uncle Teji was a good but no TLC kind of dentist- he won't be bothered by your whimpers as he was an ARMY dentist. He did my wisdom tooth ok . I remember the day VERY well. Imagine my surprise when , at one of the Notts society coffee thingy, we bumped into them, Uncle Tejinder without his turban and now going by a different surname! Anyway the girls had grown into lovely women by that time, the closest to us were So*NIA and M*el. With her flowing long hair and her soft nature, Son quickly became the hit with the (allready limited in number) boys in Notts!

Anyways now, M*el is married to a Canadian and settled there with their 2 kids, and the other 4 daughters are there in the UK with Uncle T and Auntie M. They settled in the UK around the time I went into final year. I remember that they loved having ppl over and we were always at their place eating!!

We kept in touch all this time, on and off . They were stunned to hear that we went on to have five kids, and we were saddened to hear that Auntie M got braincancer. Happily that was 5 years ago and while frail, she is better . Although if you know her, its sad to see such a vibrant woman that frail.

Anyway Mel and Son had been organising this reunion for their parents from Toronto and from London. They flew back to KL just for that. Uncle T and Auntie M came back a few weeks ago - I think they are looking to settle back home lah, in their golden years. The dinner was held at LakeClub- about 40 ppl. Didn't know any of the Uncle although the booking was under Uncle Kadir (of Kadir Andri??) It was impromptu speech giving by all the old RMC friends. not necessarily flattering (ye lah, all the secrets when they were mere boys) but then honest. They loved him that was for sure.

Thanks Mel and Son for having us, and come back again.

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