Happy Birthday Husband!!



May we have another FORTYONE years of you to share our gloriously happy life with .

(which, if you stop smoking which you have told me you've done months ago but which your daughters keep telling me you are STILL doing, belakang pokok, may be a do-able thing!- heh heh sorry nagging pulak)

Anyway we all love you to bits, thank you for being a lovely person, husband, son in law, son and general souding board to me!

So, sure ke you taknak I beli you anything?? New sunnies? New shoes? New wallet? New lingerie ? (eh , your present gak tu what heh heh heh) . How about I send you roses at your hospital ? (At least you'll take them home..and I get flowers in the house ...heh heh heh!!)

Having a little dinner for family - have to run out of office like bat out of hell at 6 sharp. The next day got to go to Johor for meeting. The day after that, work, the day after THAT- AVillion! Woohooo! Mom and dad wants me to take the kiddoes. I feel very torn. Hmmm?? To take or not to take???


MrsNordin said…
Happy Birthday, Jab!!!

This doctor shares the same birth date as my little boy, ok? I do hope my boy will become a doctor like him. And charming, too.. :) (that's a compliment for the wife!)
Jab says thanks J- mana dia nak tinggalkan comment kat this blog.

Anyway semalam thanks ye, for having us. Hope you had a good time.

We enjoyed ourselves.
mumsie said…
Happy Birthday fellow Taurean!! May you have many more, Jab!
Shila...bila nak get together2 ni???
Madam Tai Tai said…
Happy Birthday, Jab!

Shila & BJ, nampaknya ramai le Taureans di antara those close to us, ya. (MrN pun Taurean gak kan?)

Chepul's 41st birthday is coming up in 13 days. So I guess he is also included in 'charming' category walaupun tak jadik doctor, ek?

As for the lomantic geddaway..GO sans children!! Enjoy the precious 'us' time once in a while without the guilt.
wanshana said…
Happy Birthday to MR Jab (since he's a SURGEON, and technically not a 'DR' Doctor - Hehehe)

Fellow Taurean - good traits and qualities, I'm sure...Hahaha! My birthday coming soon, too :)
MRSHUSiN said…
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MRSHUSiN said…
happy birthday cikpe!!!! semoga panjang umur + murah rezeki!
wahhhhh.... 41 already is it?
he doesnt look it, though!
what's ur secret epi?

hehehehe.... kak long, epi dah kembang semangkuk belum? :)

p/s: sorry, i deleted comment kat atas tu... typo error... heheh...
MrsNordin said…

Thanks for the Elmo book. He likes it! Kept on turning the pages, as if he understood.

How do you know he likes Elmo? He loves everything Elmo. We even have a book on the puppeteer, Kevin Clash, "My Life As a Red Furry Monster" and he reads it everyday. Macam faham je..

Thanks again!

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