Friday, May 02, 2008

Its MIDNIGHT........

It's midnight.. the house is silent , at last.

Hubby's just came back from - where else- HKL ler. And now mendengkur-ring at the sofa. Rupanye he is on call at both his darling hospitals....on the same night. He managed to stop by Pasarmalam for our supplies.

Kids have gone to sleep.


Nadine BARU naik about half an hour ago after I forced her- she was doing her essay on "faktor-faktor penagih dadah" (as in why do drug addicts get addicted to drugs??) . She has to do an (heh-eleh) 180 word essay. Her factors: Kurang didikan agama, pengaruh Barat. Darilah pagi sampai lah malam. (Macam mummy dia buat kerja je)

Feeling the effect of the sekolahugama training. My daughter Sophia tadi taknak pi swimming if tak pakai baju tutup aurat. I said that is very good Sophia but you are after all 9 and its not wajib on you yet , not like on your mummy ni. And don't forget prayers,ok. Tadi tanya I one of the tajwid rules yang I tak berapa familiar....I say, ada Class untuk adults tak kat Adni ni ha? And I am serious.

She was almost in tears as she has lost her form to enter into the TaeKwonDo events. I told her, to take one of the sisters' forms and PHOTOSTAT lah!!! Aiyaaa...tonight I have to (a) sellotape Dahlia's book yang pages dah come off, (b) jahit zip baju TKD Sophia and (c) think about how to multiply the form overnight. Mummy's work is never done.

I finally got to check their pencilcases (dulu selalu spot checks) - and terus I jadi Sargeant Mummy. Mana pensil ni??? Kenapa semua nye kontot?? Mana sharpeners??? Mana erasers?? Semua kelam kabut lah mencari . Apa, makan ke??

Last night Qiyam for Sara. Boy am I glad for my brother and wife, for they helped me send way I could have been in time to send her. What I need is FLEXITIME. She said she demam during Qiyam but when she came home, she got better. Yah, I know that demam, Sara.

She came back this morning with Daddy, who took her for breakfast at the posh French bakery in Ampang..wah bestlah, you. Semua orang jeles.

Sheepishly came to me, to tell me she has forgotten that she has not done a short piece of homework as to why some kanak kanak terkena racunan makanan. Aiyoo you know if I was 8 I would be totally flummoxed by the topics. But good training lah, read current events. At the pool tadi she showed that she can now swim properly. Every one was eager to show us what Adni taught them. Dahlia can swim, Sophia can also swim (although Sophia kicked up a heck of a lot more water than Dahlia)

Ok I went through his jawi with him. Not bad..He said he loves mummy but sometime mummy is verrrrrrrrrry fierce. He is drinking WEIGHTGAIN for the past week . Too skinny la. I had to go and lie down with him just now - he has to sleep with me next to him. Dahlia too. Bapak dia tak kesah mana mak dia tidor. Anak dia yang kecoh. Hahahahaha.

Sempat singgah rumah Auntie A, who wanted us to try on flower girls dresses for Sophia and Dahlia , for her daughter's wedding this October. Very nice and very posh for an unbelievable price. I want to go to Jakarta lah cam ni...semua murah. My other cousin is getting married next week. The 10th and the 11th.


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Anonymous said...

Ala..cakap dgn Jab tak payah malulah, I will only tell Z,M,F & B...He..he..just kidding..I promise I will NOT tease him whenever we meet. I like reading your blog cause some of the things that you write sounds familiar, make me feel that I'm not alone. I pun kengkadang nag my kids, asking things like do they eat their erasers??


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