Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kids...growing up too fast.

Got home last night , to find kids reciting their Quran. Sat with them, and

1. Ustaz is darn strict.
2. Sophia has a LOT of tricks. From asking many many questions to wanting to go toilet lah etc
3. I have a LOT to learn.

The Ustaz was drilling them on the rules of reading the Quran and chiding them on how they read, and asking them things like "what rule is that? Remember? Under the rule of blabla, you can only do that to so and so letters". Which I am very very ashamed to put down here (but hey, put down gak) that I had NO IDEA what he was on about!!! (Some idea, but not all, their lessons are so menyeluruh and comprehensive) Ok time to sit down with the Ustaz and belajar tajwid formally. My sekolah lah mubaligh Kristian tapi takkan nak terus menerus tak tahu kot??

Before the Ustaz got it in his head to say "Tanya Mummy tu- !" I hurriedly left. Har har har...

Boy sometimes I feel that these 5 ppl have been sent to me from up above, to regulate us. They now keep coming up with "if you sembahyang jemaah, pahala is gazillion more than if pray alone". My husband and I sometimes look at them and tell ourselves - hey, we've made these people!

Can't imagine that Nadine was the omellion for us with the protruded belly button when she was a baby- and doctor warned us of the need to send her in for surgery for her umbilical hernia if the thing does not resolve itself before the age of 2- thankgoodness it did-

Can't imagine Sara, who truly popped out at the hospital a nanosecond after I went in and also had to be sent to hospital for suspected glueear- she had it I think. Sara, sara...

And Sophia- robustly healthy. Aside from the normal muntahbatuk cold etc. My enduring memory of her is at Adelaide airport, just arrived at dawn, lining up for customs, and she took off her seluar and walked around in pampers and also was chummy chummy with the huge alsatians there.....yikes.

Dahlia- the grumpy one. My god was this girl grumpy when she was a baby. Ashik maraaah je.

Johan- refused the bottle. Totally. As a 2 month old, and I had to go back to work, would rather drink from spoon than the teat. And also , broke his arm in Adelaide. Of all my kids so far- he's the one who did that.

I'm feeling really really breathless at the speed of their growth. Too darn fast lah!! With the work etc, feel like we are missing big chunks of it...before you know it they're all grown up

and still be lecturing their mummy and daddy abt tajwid? I hope not.

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MrsNordin said...

I know what you mean. I still remember you being pregnant with Johan, and now he's 5 already?! They do grow up fast!

Happy Mother's Day to the SuperMummy that you are!!

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