Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Meeting


I'm now in Johor, Senai Airport ,waiting for my flight back. I thought it was 6 pm so I rushed (or rather, made Mr L rush, to send me here and once Im here its 6.40 so basically I arrived about one hour 40 mins away.

The meeting went well, I think, despite me being the sole speaker, in the presence of bosses. Hope I did not sound all over the place the way I felt.

Supposed to go yesterday but here is what happened.

Woke up at - 2.30 a.m. Looked at the documents.
4a.m- mandi. wake hubby. sembahyang ishak (heh heh)
5.00 - put make up
5.55- sembahyang subuh - hubby sakit perut (biasalar)
6.10 - left house
7.00- arrive at airport
7.01-7.05 - run like hell to check in.
7.06- told that - SORRY CANNOT CHECK IN. Must be at least half an hour before flight. Flight is at 7.25. Cry blood also won't be able to change the guy's mind. I can see the blardie plane from here lah!!! And I have no luggage lah!!! let me innnnnnnnn!!!!
7.10- call boss. Boss allready in Golden Lounge. Boss said, to change the flight to 10.50, and ask if can postpone the mtg
7.50- call hubby. Hubby suggest call cab to go - its RM300. Hubby turning back. to counsel panicky wife

8.00- hubby talked to local limo with wife- local limo wants RM400.

8.15- found out from Aida that AirAsia has just one flight to Johor and it goes off at 8.15 am.

9.00 change ticket time- found out my ticket is the cheapo one and its forfeited and I have to pay RM265. And this is on the day that MAS offers Zero fares

9.30 - safely checked in, and waiting for the 10.50 plane

9.45- having breakfast at the supremely mega expensive cafe - got call from client- sorry the meeting cannot be pushed another hour- The mamat cannot come- one measly the meeting is CANCELLED.

10.00 - called boss. Who is allready there. Boss said he will fly back, then.

11.00 - back to the ticket office- change ticket, Now cannot change simply.have to buy new ticket- new rule. My luck, it was effective YESTERDAY. shelled out another RM150 or something, ie the toy souvenir money for kids.

2.00 - arrived office. told everyone- confirmed that I am a ninny. Hey, No 1, I was there, I did not miss the flight, they were not letting me in- I think they sold the ticket off lah. No 2, that guy I was supposed to meet, with my boss, could have waited lah..instead of cancelling. So mean.. felt very bad that because of moi, Boss had to spend an entire day getting to know the airport well.

Today, I left the house at 5.20 a.m. Arrived in JB safely. Despite me being the sole speaker there- the client said the meeting went very well.

Tomorrow, have to work. But consolation- working from Avillion

Today, have to go talk to kids properly, Miss them and have not seen them properly for days.


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fifi said...

Shila, can emphatise with you dear, airport security in london airports bl**dy lembab, we missed our flight to seville too! URGH! Nasib baik ada flight early next morning, grrr!

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