My Wise Kiddoes

Nadine is almost as tall as me.

She is fast becoming my No 1 critic and beauty consultant

Last night we went to Giant- which basically means, we all went and sat in the car watching Horton and the Who while Daddy went in to Giant. He usually does not let us come with him as it means being vulnerable to the kids' "requests". Anyway I of course slept the entire time he was at Giant and I think I must have rubbed my eyes or looked rough as my daughter Nadine commented "Mummy, your make up is so messy lah!"..

And when we went home I went STRAIGHT to bed and she said to me strictly - "MUMMY, you MUST remove your make up !"

Sigh....isn't it supposed to be the other way round?

This morning my daughter no 3 Sophia, woke up very early so that she can play games on the internet. She was watching me preen before the mirror, and fussing with my hair- I just cut my hair - BLardie expensive haircut ok - over a hundred bucks just for a hair CUT! IF you add hair, I pahamlah! Ni take off - about 7 inches pulak tu. Hisshhhh..Sorry....I have never paid that much for anything to do with my hair before - but it is nice and it is worth it and it was done in Pavillion one lunch time (last Friday)- my colleague got huge seksay curls while I got a Victoria Beckham kind of bob. I really really like it and as I was trying to form my stubborn hair into the bob shape, Sophia said "Mummy, bila nak pakai tudung?(when are you putting on the headscarf?) and I said "Nanti, nanti mummy balik haji mummy pakai ok" and she said "no, its just sometimes my friends ask me" . Sigh..I told her, "Tell your friends, your mom will wear the tudung verrrrrrrrrrrrry soon, ok.."

Anyway dengar je I nak pergi Haji my kids semua said"Nak IKUUUTTT"' !

Except Dahlia, who , alarmed, said "But I thought we were going to Goldcoast???"

So now I have to seriously watch what I say and do as there are these little policekids around...:-)


Anonymous said…
errr... is sophia going to police me as well for not donning the tudung? arggghhh takut....

fulltime mom
Heh heh heh...and you hajah some more she sure tak paham one hahahaha
Madam Tai Tai said…
SW, wow..rambut ala-ala Victoria Beckham! This is a must see.. Tak leh post gambar with the rambut mahal kat blog ke?

Did you go to Cut Above kat Pavillion ke? Usually haircut by senior stylist at Cut Above salons is around RM110. Dah naik harga ke?

Kat Dhaka ni, senior ke junior ke haircut is only about RM25-30. Colour is around RM200 (at a very very mahal place la..the cheapest would be around RM80 at the normal salons). Treatment (using imported cream) is RM50 and hot oil head massage RM25 (paling best!!).

But I still miss going to Cut Above Bangsar and have my hair washed by Janet. Best betul dia picit2 kepala, bahu and tangan. Bliss..bliss..
MrsNordin said…
Funny what your kids said! Pandai ya dia orang remind you about pakai tudung! I just hope they know the true meaning of covering up. Not because "my teacher said so", or "my friends said so". Nanti jadi macam anak kawan I, lari dari rumah sebab parents paksa pegi sekolah agama and pakai tudung labuh! You wear it when you're ready, dear.

(I just hope my comment will not trigger a long trail like what happened in my blog hari tu!)
aida yurani said…
kaklong : sorry... tak sempat jumpa you last nite. I went out you belum balik, i came back for amy's car tp you dah kuar balik. Hehehe. Your kids are amazing. Yesterday, si Dahlia comel sangat pakai telekung and pray maghrib.

yes... naidne dah jadi anak dara.
cepat sungguh they grow up.

next time tell His Royal Highness aka HRH Epi that the day I fecth you, I fecth you lah.... bukan selalu pun... kan dah kena tunggu lama. If not we could have join the kids at KLCC. hehehehe
Madam Tai Tai- yalah abt RM118 ok lah tu for LaMode Coiffeur or some funny name like that. I can't see any Cut Above here. In KLPlaza maybe.

Ya..I have to learn abt pampering self. The haircuts that I used to go to cost RM12 and took 5 mins. Now graduating to a RM118 haircut.Husband shaking head.
MrsN- heh heh ..its a heated subject eh? Yah..dont want another Li*naJ*oy..nangis karang....
Aida- thanks for entertaining the kids semalam..yah nadines shopping list includes stuff like deodorant, cleanser pantiliners etc etc.
Anonymous said…
Shila, postlah gambar. We must pamper ourselves, we deserve it and it's for them gak. Z never asked me how much I spent on myself but I think he has an idea and I think that's why he hasn't encouraged me to stop working. Have a good holiday in Gold Coast!

MrsNordin said…
A Cut Above is in Parkson. I saw it that day. La Mode tu pun ok jugak. Tapi.. RM118 for a hair cut, mahal lah. Maybe because it's at Pavillion.

Post lah gambar!
wanshana said…

Another "bring-on-the-smile/grin" entry from you.

Hmmmm...pressure is mounting ke about donning the tudong? I agree with BJ, do it when you're ready, dear.

Last but not least HAVE FUN DOWN UNDER!!! (And I mean "AUSTRALIA", okay?! Hahahaha!)
in said…
Dahlia's funny! hehehehe...

My seksay curls dah almost straight again... kena con!!!!
Hi Jah!

Yalah. i ni budak baru belajar dalam kes pampering self ni hahahah...yalah tak leh stop working...need more gaji boss!
Hi BJ- yalah i tengah tunggu ada orang upload to the pc....
Hi shana!

Thanks !

Tudung- mesti buat...heheheheh
Hi In

but you have that memory of it being seksay! That's worth every penny!!

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