Sunday, May 18, 2008

NotQuiteGold Coast

You know I was telling you that we were going to Gol*dco*ast, Que*ensla*nd? Well, there's been a bit of adjustment. Thanks to the accomodation that we got (using Auntie A's free RCI nights-thanks, Auntie) we are now spending 5 ns in ....wait for it......BOGA*NGAR..!!!!!

Not Queensland but NEW SOU*TH WA*LES.!!!

Punyalah nak save duit..we're staying in a different STATE!!!

Don't get me wrong. I just find it funny. But the resort, Tam*arindSan*ds Resort, is apparently one of the best resorts under RCI. RCI is an international timesharing thing, that is linked with the local timesharing companies, ie, Berjaya Vacation etc . The members of these local timesharing companies can "deposit" one week of their free holiday nights anywhere local, into RCI and exchange it with one week of free holiday nights in any of the international resorts, say England, Australia, etc etc. So my auntie has one week of RCI nights that was going to expire and she very kindly offered it to us. Neither she nor us held much hope of getting a room as RCI apartments were very fully booked very quickly. Imagine our surprise when I got a call from the RCI sales person telling me he has 2 weeks worth of free accommodation , 2 bedroom apartment. However, when I told him the ages of my children and he realised that we have FIVE , he said I can't stay in the 2 bedroom apartments, and he offered the one remaining three bedroom apartment available, in Tamarind Sands. He said the rules over there are pretty strict and their guests have been turned away and not been allowed to check in, for failing to declare a toddler.

Anyway. seeing that it's so close to go and the rates are truly cheap I took it lah.- All I have to do is pay the "Exchange Fee and Guest Fee" of about RM1000 and that would get me accommodation till the Friday 6th. I've done my homework and for a three bedroom apartment anywhere near Surfer's Paradise, expect to pay upward of AUD140 per night , if under W*otif. (w* fantastic site for cheeeeeeeeeeeap hotels)

It is a BIT far though. It is 22km away from the AIRPORT which is already like half an hour away from Surfers. It's in an area called Cabarita Beach, it is sandwiched between a lake and the beach, and it's "rustic" (read, nothing going on).You can also see the Hinterlands (ie hutan lagi!)

I think it might be fun. Sure, we won't stay right in the smack of the tourist area, but maybe this way we can get to see the locals - or have a taste of local flava. And anyway there are 2 more nights that we have not got accommodation, we can always stay in GC then (in fact that's what I am trying to book now)- so all is not lost.

I'm getting mini shocks after mini shocks at how much you need to put aside for the sake of enjoying goldcoast. There's the themeparks which cost about AUD600 plus for the family - and that's only 2 parks. And of course the car, with the optional items like exclusion etc, is AUD850. Hmm maybe can ask for bonus early ?? Heh heh heh.

So I've done the accommodation (except the Surfer's Paradise one) , booked the car, and Aida said the visa's sorted (thanks Aida) .We have to go sort out international driving licenses and change money- anyone know any good and kind money changer? It's RM3 per AUD 1 now.

Hubby thinks we should do this: Day 1 - arrive malam so no point but to go to the goondooks - er great resort - and check in. Day 2- go to Cabarita Beach. Day 3- Park 1. Day 4- Park 2. Day 5- Australia Zoo (that is 4 hours away from Goldcoast, mind you) and Day 6 and 7- lepakking at Surfer's. Day 8 - check out and fly off.

Thinking of driving over to the airport. And parking there. Will cost us RM255 . Which will be cheaper than the taxifares, actually- both ways will also set us back about RM100- if can muat one car. Which I doubt so, unless I can bribe the pakcik drebar teksi tu.

In the meantime, work has to go on...and I will try not to keep googling "Goldcoast" at work, ok...heh heh heh...


MrsNordin said...

What? It's in a different state altogether? Nevermind... make the best of what you have. I'm sure you all are gonna have a great time wherever you are!

p/s. Thanks for dinner at your house the other night. I loved it!

Madam Tai Tai said...

SW, don't fret too much over it. Duit boleh dicari dan diganti.

Just enjoy!

Anonymous said...

No need internationl driving license lah.... and the lady at the apartments is judy nelson.


MRSHUSiN said...

kakLong, check out this website. there's some packages u can choose for the theme parks. if u r interested la:

also, dont forget to catch the GCBazaar; it's GC's june sale season! i'll miss it tho, cos i'm going in october. :(

also, visit QDeck, the world's tallest residential tower with teh fastest elevators. heard tt the view from up there is awesome!

take loads of pics & have fun there!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Madam Tai Tai

Yalah, thats good advice. But hard not to fret....

Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM- no need? Are you sure?
Thanks for all your tips!

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsN! Thanks for sending me- I had a totally good time.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Izan- got bazaar?????? thanks!

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