Thursday, May 01, 2008

Reminiscing - His version

Alamak....panjang berjela nye reminiscing ni...!! takda part part - main tulliiiiiissss je.. kejap kejap prequel, sequel and campur aduk. Takpalah kalau you all boring, boleh bloghop..ok?

Anyways....When I read again the syoksendiri posts so far..yalah macam "forward" sangat kan, 2 weeks je dah want commitment heh heh. Well, I memang hate uncertainty and by then dah bergoncang lah pokokpokok kat Nottingham tu ... My flatmates and his housemates pun seboklah speculated. My flatmates said , he is just being friendly, lah..his housemates said, he kept playing Jeffrey Osbourne's "On the Wings of Love" everyday so must have something lor. Ada yang kata 50% he liked me lah, ada yang 70% lah...


It's so hard to get him to tell me the his version- the truth, I mean- as to how it all started. Semalam I tanya dia, he said "hmmmmm?" or "haaaa??" Boring betul!!!

Whenever I asked him, "so, when did you start liking me then?" he'd say"the first time I saw you". I pernah gak tanya, fishing for compliments -"Why me of all people?" I know my Supremely tall and Leggy Flatmate liked him and he knew it too, so why me lah. I mean let's be frank here, I was not tall, nor was I leggy. I was ...funny. Heh heh.

Jawapan dia- "Cause you're gorgeous"..or something equally tak boleh percaya.!! heh heh.

I mean this guy was so lepak and did not act like he had ANY feelings towards ANY pompuan. If he did like me as soon as he saw me darilah dulu, why didn't he make a move sooner? He said he was waiting for his housemates to leave - they left for London to do their Bar. And also waiting for my auntie cousin and her very strict husband Abang E*al , to leave for Malaysia for good . Oho, ada strategy ye??? What if I dah ada boyfriend dah masa tu??? S*lm*n, this mamat from Coventry, had a soft spot for me, I think. Bukan nak perasan ler but when I went to Coventry for their Malaysian night, and later I saw the video taken by the official photographer, ie him, it was basically a movie of Shila at Coventry Malaysian night, heh heh, so macam mana I tak perasan.(entah entah aku ni totally terperasan).

Another mamat had sent me a huge bouquet of roses - (and they call him Matbunga) -believe me, my first and only bouquet of that many roses to- this -date. (tapi er..tu je lah) and that US guy was still writing to me (hmmph perasan betol dia tu) - my point was, if you had liked me from the first year, how come you tak approach??I COULD have fallen for someone else, you know....

So his version is, he liked me from the first year. He was at the coffeeevening when KakNo*on pulled him and said "hey I nak introduce you to someone!" and he said I tanya dia "you orang mana? " and he said "Orang johor" and he SWEARS I said "Oh ye ke, orang johor kerek kerek kan??" Hahahaha and he said- "patah hati I" he heh. Yelah, mulut takda lesen nye at that time.

Anyway ok lah he liked me tapi lepak dulu. Ada strategy pelan-pelan. "Nothing I do is rushed" he said today. THAT, I believe, Har har.

In the second year, before I left for home and before the tshirt incident, we organised our famous Sore*Emas (or SoreA*ss as they call it due to the outbreak of severe diarrhoea after that) which , according to him, he used the opportunity to "get close to me". Get close to me hamende, I was in charge of asking him to be the pengantin lelaki for the SuperLeggy and SuperTall Flatmate of mine who was the pengantin pompuan ! I jadi her makandam, with this mamat called Me*r (remember him, Mumsie? heh heh heh!!) . My husband bersanding for the SoreEmas.I think we had a dance or something later? (see,tak ingat). But by now I was certainly talking to him more often. I pakai black midi dress yang shiny shiny sikit I, think. Catalog mari je...

Apparently, kata dia, after the event the guys discussed the girls and who looked nice that night. Oh itu kerja korang ye. And when they asked him, who did you think looked nice , he said, "er, Shila didn't look too bad" . And this was as good as an announcement in the papers to his absolutely dumbstruck friends. Heh heh heh. .

So that was his hint lah to his friends. That was their last year together before his friends left for London. By the start of summer, I went home, and they all knew what husband was planning. Which was to ask me out.

Sementara tu I ni blur lah pi borak dengan dia dgn selambanye, tak langsung pick up any "gatal" vibes from him. heh heh!! I tell you mamat ni slow and steady bebenar sampai I tak perasan. If tunggu dia I think we would be dating for- hmm, 2 years?- before he tells me whats going on. heh heh.

So apa lagi you ingat then, Hubby?

He said that he planned to ask me out that night at his house but wondered how to go about it. So as I was sitting kat bawah (wondering bila dia ni nak turun bawah ni?) he was upstairs changing from work clothes and planning. Last last he brought down the paper and pretended to flip through slowly.. and of course I took the bait kan as you have read earlier.

And when he found out that I bought the tickets, he knew I liked him too. (hey!!! I really could have liked the musical very much you know)

CIS! I should have made him work harder. No wonder lahhhhh I liked him then..Courtship dah setahun rupanye.

Ok ok I will drill him abt what he remembers about the vacuum cleaner incident....


Madam Tai Tai said...

What has a vacuum cleaner got to do with your percintaan ni??

You have dropped 2 BIG hints already about the vacuum cleaner ni..tapi tak cerita-cerita lagi.

The next posting is about the vacuum cleaner incident, ok. Tak larat la with the suspense..dah tua!

And Happy May Day!

wanshana said...

I agree with Madam Tai Tai!

I dok tunggu cerita vacuum cleaner you dari hari tu lagi tau?!!!

But, this entry really makes me warm inside...

Jenuh jugak bercinta dengan somebody yang "nothing I do is rushed" ni, ya?

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...