Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday ramblings.

Hi..another weekend rolls by...

My kids are all upstairs. The father is taking a nap. Saturday afternoon kan...Usually the father is a whirlwind of energy outside but when he's at home he's about as energetic as a very kenyang ular. Heh heh luv ya dahlink! Ya lah, home is where you can unwind right. His latest obsession is downloading books from some very illegal and I am sure, completely virus infested, site.So, if not reading his book, or sleeping, he'd be in front of the pc. Or answering the phone. I am curious to see what life would be like in Oz when we are on hols. And there is no pc.

Mind you , we started the day rather early. Last week, I offered the maid a 'break' this weekend. However, that was before she had to go back last Monday for some medical check up. So she came back late on Tuesday. So to me, she's had her weekend off lah, so to speak. [She goes back to her "agent"'s house where she can meet up with other "helpers". (as in, help send you to an early grave) ]


It seems she still thought that she could go back this weekend, and has persuaded my officemate's maid (whom she is very close to) to go back too. She never confirmed with me pun. Buat plan sendiri. So last night I go on the attack mode lah. I said DONT DO THAT AGAIN!!! Going on cuti is not a right its a privelege and don't take me for granted!!. Hisssshhhhhhh!!! However I told myself over and over again that (a) without maids, I seriously cannot keep this house tidy and myself looking halfway presentable at the same time and (b) she has not gone back since March. Have to close one eye..right?? Grrrrrrrrr. She is so not going back till AUGUST.

Ok ok- so this morning we sent the maid to my officemate's house. The agent was going to get both of them frm my office mate's house. I'm going to insist that she comes back early tomorrow.

We dropped daddy at PCMC this morning first. He had a patient !! Yay!! Eh tolong lah support Dr ni....And then sent the maid. Then went to Bata because Johan left his shoes at home and has no shoes- got Jo a pair of sneakers . Went to Mc D. Went to fetch Dad from PCMC. Hung around for about an hour (although he said "I'm coming now") . Bought Nadine some incredibly expensive cream for her cold sore on her nose called Zofirax. Came home.

Back at home- we went up. Lepak. Kids blogged. Yes, my kids blog. !! Their cousins too. And their friends. What do you think? Should I let them? I am keeping a very close eye on any readers.

At one point Jo came up . I asked him to "bambam" with me. He said is there any reward? I said "big hug lah". And he said "oh, I was expecting some sort of money." Heh?????

I really don't know how to end this rambling no-point post.Feeling like no-point day. It's so nice to be home. And hubby prefers it when there is no maid at home.

A puzzle??

Oh yeah, saw some really funny sms on his hp just now. Was not checking but it beeped and I picked it up and I saw what.. it was from his colleague and he asked for my husband's passport number so he can confirm the booking.

Are you going anywhere my dear??? Earlier he had told me he was being asked to go to Bangkok for a conference, but on the same day we land from GC. So he said, he malas. Then this sms! When I asked him what the sms meant, he said "I don't know" and he deleted the sms! I told him..." i am a very good finder-outer you know....heh heh heh..." He laughed. Bet you anything , that he will indeed go off to the conference. I said tell me lah, what is this. I can oso go. hahahahahha..(Hmm maybe that's why he's being very dodgy). He is more into the hospital "guys" than he is with either the uni "guys" or the MCKK "guys" .

Husbands..just when u think you got them all figured out, eh.

ok to go trawl the net for the 2 days accommodation in Oz.


Anonymous said...

cannot help but laugh at all your entries laa!! keep on writing!!!

-a very regular, regular

me love me curls :) said...

what no report on your new gorgeous POSH do??? :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi anon

Thanks for the moral support- !!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ok ok me love me curls...

And they are gorgeous, and well worth the wait....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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